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K.A. Tucker is a Canadian author that writes romance, both contemporary and suspense.

K.A. Tucker was born in Ontario. That is also where she grew up, though she finally left, settling down in Toronto with her husband and children. Writing came into the author’s life at a very young age.

She was only six-years-old when she penned her first novel. Back then, she had an obsession with princesses and she couldn’t write enough stories about them. Her librarian at the time was kind enough to help her get her first book published.

Though, surprisingly enough, the author’s passion for writing faded soon after. Like many authors, K.A. Tucker got busy with life. She went to school, finished college, got a job and finally got married.

She was 31 years of age when she finally decided to give writing another go. The author was a stay-at-home mom at the time and she had already given birth to her second child.

Tucker eventually went back to work. She tried to keep the writing spark going by self-publishing the books she wrote. She did this while pursuing a full-time career. Along with the complexities that raising children added to the equation, it quickly became obvious to Tucker that juggling her career, her family and her writing might not be the smartest approach to managing her life.

Fortunately for her, K.A. Tucker’s work attracted the attention of an agent who connected her to a publisher. Before long, she had a publishing deal on her hands. The development gave her no option but to abandon her career.

Her book deal was such that she realized she would not have the time to fulfill her duties as a career woman whilst also meeting her obligations to her publisher, not to mention giving her family the attention they required.

So she gave up on the corporate world and took to writing fulltime. The author started out in the contemporary romance genre. And for a while, it seemed like her talents in that field would keep her there.

But then, to the surprise of some of her fans, K.A. Tucker branched out into the suspense genre. This transformation was most stark in the ‘Burying Water’ series which still had romance but also delved into the criminal and police procedural aspects.

For Tucker, the alteration in genres was not completely unexpected. Tucker had always had an attraction to suspenseful plots. It just took her a while to realize that she could combine romance with suspense.

Tucker imputes the success she has enjoyed as a writer of romance and suspense to her varied reading habits. The author has read everything from romance to high fantasy and psychological thrillers.

And Tucker always encourages her fans who are aspiring writers to do the same because she believes that every author can learn something of significance from every genre of literature.

According to K.A. Tucker, the books she has read over the years, even the ones that she doesn’t particularly like, have significantly impacted the various aspects of her writing style, from the word choices to the description style and the characterization.

Tucker believes that even though she started out in romance, her publishing future is likely to take root in other genres; though, the author believes that romance will always be a part of any book she chooses to write.

As a result, Tucker wouldn’t describe herself as a romance writer. Rather, she believes that she is a storyteller that produces stories with an edge. And while those stories might sometimes lean towards romance, they are just as likely to manifest elements of other genres.

When it comes to inspiration, K.A Tucker depends on the news to keep her creative juices flowing. Some of the author’s best ideas come from the stories she encounters on the websites of brands like the New York Post.

She is normally drawn to the strangest stories they have to offer. The right story will do wonders for the Tucker’s writing process, especially since the author doesn’t do much plotting or outlining.

For that reason, Tucker will sometimes struggle to finish her manuscripts. As a pantser, because she doesn’t always know what she’s about to write before she writes it, she knows that there is no guarantee that she will finish the stories she starts.

The author looks at every project she undertakes as an opportunity to grow. She admits that she sometimes experiences envy when she reads the works of an author she considers to be superior. The encounter makes her feel inadequate as an author.

This might also explain why the author always avoids reading negative reviews of her books. Tucker does not like the idea of having her confidence in the stories she’s telling being challenged and weakened.

+Ten Tiny Breaths
A drunk driving accident almost destroyed Kacey Cleary’s life. That was four years ago, and Kacey has been working hard since then to keep her life together if only for the sake of her little sister Livie.

It is for that reason that Kacey sticks around even with her aunt Darla’s disapproving comments over Kacey’s poor lifestyle choices, not to mention her uncle’s penchant for losing Kacey and Livie’s college fund to gambling.

It isn’t until Uncle Raymond goes too far and invades Livie’s bed one random night that Kacey finally decides to pack her belongings. She buys two bus tickets and attempts to start their lives over in an apartment complex in Miami.

There she must grow accustomed to her grumpy landlord and a perverted neighbor, not to mention the attractive Trent Emerson who has somehow wormed his way into her heart.

+One Tiny Lie
When their parents die, Livie finds a way to keep her life together. This is despite her older sister Kacey’s destructive tendencies. Livie’s maturity gets them both through the difficult times.

No one knows why Livie is such a rock. They do not know that the little girl is still hanging onto her father’s last words. When Livie starts her classes at Princeton, she is determined to keep her mind focused on her studies.

But then things quickly go wrong. She is drawn into the party lifestyle of a gorgeous athlete whose charm she cannot resist.

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