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K. B. Spangler
K. B. Spangler lives with her two dogs and her husband in North Carolina. They live in a decaying that belonged to a dead poet.

She writes and is the artist for a web comic and writes novels and short stories. Her work is from the mystery, romance, and science fiction genres. All of her projects include themes such as civil liberties, privacy, the human experience, politics, and how all the lines between these blur.

“Digital Divide” is the first novel in the “Rachel Peng” series and was released in the year 2013. Rachel Peng’s old life in Criminal Investigation wasn’t ever easy, but she enjoyed it and misses it. Now that she is the first cyborg liaison to the Washington D.C. Metro Police, she is usually either bored to tears or has to fight off harassment from her colleagues.

When she and Detective Raul Santino, her partner, stumble into a murder case with links to Rachel and all the other cyborgs, she realizes that their many enemies aren’t going to allow them to quietly pick up all the pieces of their lives.

Spangler delivers a difficult to put down and enthralling read, and it shows off a very deep and well-built world without ever dumping too much backstory on you and the characters are well rounded and extremely likable. Fans enjoyed spending time in Rachel’s brain, and it is wove into the established story was seamless.

“Maker Space” is the second novel in the “Rachel Peng” series and was released in the year 2014. Political cover-ups, conspiracies, and acts of terrorism. Agent Rachel Peng, as one of the very first cyborgs being employed by the federal government, believed she had already lived through all of it. Then, without any warning, fourteen blocks of downtown D. C. are gone, having been blown away by some bombs that are unlike anything Rachel’s ever seen. The evidence is much more troubling, with each new clue suggesting their own people may be behind this attack.

Rachel and Detective Raul Santino may not believe that the Department of Homeland Security is responsible, however the rest of the country does. While tensions build and the city starts burning, Rachel discovers that none of her typical investigatory techniques apply here. And for the first time in her long career as a cop, locating the bad guys may not be nearly as important as finding out why they wanted the public to rise against their own government.

The story is filled with turns and twists to keep you wondering who the bad guys are, and the reveal is interesting since it is out of left field yet entirely spot on and sensible.

“State Machine” is the third novel in the “Rachel Peng” series and was released in the year 2015. Almost a year has gone by since the Office of Adaptive and Complementary Enhancement Technologies went public. Agent Rachel Peng has adjusted to her new life as the cyborg liaison to the Washington Metro Police. However for Peng and her team, murder is often just the start.

This time around, the corpse is found in the most unlikely of places. The race is on to recover one stolen piece of antiquity that is going to put Rachel and her team up against one of the most powerful political figures in the entire country.

This is a thought provoking and entertaining read, and is highly relevant read to today’s tech and legal problems. Spangler delivers a thoroughly inventive and funny read that makes readers look forward to reading more of her work.

“Greek Key” is the first novel in the “Hope Blackwell” series and was released in the year 2015. All Hope Blackwell wanted from her spring break was just a quiet Mediterranean vacation. Sand, local cuisine, sun, and hunting for Archimedes’ ghost in order to learn if he is the one tampering with the fabric of reality. When you are a psychic who specializes in communicating with the dead, traveling to Greece means that you will look legendary heroes right in the face. Monsters, too.

While Hope and her friends explore an ancient civilization’s lost ruins, she quickly learns that she’s attracted the attention of one of the most famous women in all of history. Helen of Troy is nothing at all like her stories, and she has got an issue that she believes Hope can solve. Hope’s not that sure about any of that. If righting a 2,500 year-old wrong was that easy, wouldn’t Helen been able to have found the time to do it by herself?

The first person perspective used in the novel does a fantastic job of letting you get to know Hope faster, and allows her to introduce important background information quickly.

“Spanish Mission” is the second novel in the “Hope Blackwell” series and was released in the year 2018. Hope Blackwell, the world’s second worst psychic, is sick and tired of dealing with the dead and the living. Between medical school wrangling the Founding Fathers’ ghosts, and dodging the paparazzi, she has got her own issues. That last attempt on her life left her a lot more shaken than she’s willing to admit. She packs up all her friends and heads off to Vegas for some high-octane escapism.

Their vacation is shortened once paranormal investigators turn up with a story about ghost ships in the nearby Sonoran Desert. Hope knows all too well that the dead are everywhere, even though a desert is an odd place to go looking for pirates. She goes along in order to ensure no one runs into trouble should they find a homicidal ghost or two.

Hope was not expecting any long dead Spanish nun, or the pack of vengeful chupacabras she brought with her. They are just the start, too. This desert is filled with ancient secrets, which means the psychics have to beware.

This is an often funny tale about ghosts, life, and things that defy comprehension of our natural world. It is another fast-paced and fun read that is heavy on action from Spangler.

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