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Publication Order of The Indranan War Books

Behind the Throne (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
After the Crown (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Beyond the Empire (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of The Farian War Books

There Before the Chaos (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Down Among the Dead (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Out Past the Stars (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of NeoG Books

A Pale Light in the Black (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hold Fast Through the Fire (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Ghosts of Trappist (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

As an author of science-fiction novels, the novelist K.B. Wagers has an enormous imagination, with a huge sense of scope and scale in their work. Bringing a real sense of heart to it too, they definitely manage to elevate it above everything else, as its characters are easy to relate to. This is something that scores of readers from across the world have also felt, as they have built a loyal following, with many eagerly awaiting each of their books.

Producing a number of long-running arcs in their work too, they keep their audience continually coming back for more. With numerous themes and ideas as well, they’re extremely adept in saying what it is that they want to say, all whilst remaining entertaining throughout. Not stopping any time in the near future, they will carry on for a long time to come, as their audience grows more and more every day.

Early and Personal Life:

Growing up on a farm in north-eastern Colorado in the United States, K.B. Wagers would spend a lot of time reading and writing as a child. Constantly looking to the world around them for inspiration, they would often escape into their rich and inventive fantasy worlds. This would come to define them and their career in the years to follow, allowing them to become an important and influential writer.

Later graduating from the university of Colorado with a degree in Russian Studies, they would go on to work on their own material. They would also receive a second degree black-belt in Shaolin Kung Fu too, as well as keeping physically fit through Tough Mudder competitions. This has been something that has gone back into their work, slowly feeding into it and inspiring it heavily in turn.

Being an active and direct individual they’ve managed to apply this approach to their work, creating a unique and interesting perspective in the process. Taking the fantasy genre in a new direction, their outlook differs from that of many other writers in the same genre and field. This has paved the way in finding them a whole new audience, with readers discovering their work from across the world.

Now living at the base of the Rocky Mountains with their partner, they continue to be active, reading and writing regularly. This has proven to be hugely successful, and will continue to be that way for a long time to come, as they maintain their profile both online and off. With a lot more planned for the future, they will carry on releasing stories and series, with more and more discovering their books all the time.

Writing Career:

Releasing their first novel in 2016, K.B. Wagers would publish ‘Behind the Throne’, which would also be the first in their ‘Indranan War’ series of novels. There would be three titles in this collection, with ‘After the Crown’ coming out in 2016 as well, along with ‘Beyond the Empire’ coming out in 2017. These would establish Wagers as a serious writer of science-fiction novels, showing the full scope and breadth of their imagination.

Later they would also release the ‘Farian War’ series too, starting out with ‘There Before the Chaos’ in 2018, and ‘Down Among the Dead’ in 2019. There would also be the novel ‘Out Past The Stars’ coming out in 2021, which would all further the career of Wagers as a whole. The ‘NeoG’ series would be another example of their career, with ‘A Pale Light in the Black’ coming out in 2020.

Represented by The Zack Company, with Andrew Zack as their agent, they’ve managed to make a name for themselves as a Young Adult author. This has seen them become hugely successful all across the world, with each subsequent release being eagerly anticipated. Coming from a long and rich tradition, they have managed to expand upon the genre of science-fiction, taking it in a new and exciting direction.

With an extremely visual and vivid style, they’ve managed to create an approach to the genre that is very much their own. Garnering the attention of both the general public and critics alike, they’ve reached an international audience from all over. This is expected to continue, as they maintain a strong public profile both online and off, as their writing career grows even further.

Beyond The Empire

First published in 2017 on the 14th of November, this would be the third title in the ongoing ‘Indranan War’ series of novels. Picking up from where the last left off, it manages to continue the story in an engaging and entertaining manner, much like the previous two. Giving readers what they’ve now come to expect from the series, it’s a fun and exciting instalment, taking the concept to a whole new level.

Dragged back to her home-planet, Hail Bristol has been forced to stop her gunrunning and fulfil her duties has the Empress there undertaking the throne. Struggling with this legacy, she must now wage a full all out war, fighting the powerful enemies before her that threaten the kingdom. She must also deal with the treason and turmoil in her own ranks if she ever hopes to defeat this new invasion underway. Will she be able to stop the enemy and return order once more? Can she fulfil her legacy with honour? What will happen beyond the empire?

Down Among The Dead

Connected to ‘The Indranan War’ series, ‘The Farian War’ collection would be a spin-off series of its own, featuring many of the same characters. This would be the second title in ‘The Farian War’ series, with Hail Bristol as its lead protagonist once again. Released through the ‘Orbit’ publishing label this time, this would initially come out on the 3rd of December in 2019.

Captured by the Shen, the Empress Hail Bristol plots her escape in order to continue leading her people and dealing with the military conflict at hand. Her captors, though, are engaged in a centuries long war with the Farians, as their feud threatens to topple over at any moment. It is now that Hail must make the decision she has been putting off for so long, which is which race to back in this war. Will it be the Farians or the Shen? Can she keep herself alive and escape from her confines? Who will find themselves buried down among the dead?

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