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K Bromberg is a USA Today and New York Times bestselling author. She writes contemporary novels that combine an emotional style with realism and heaps of sex appeal. Her favorite characters to write about are known to be strong, confident heroines and damaged heroes that can give her readers mixed emotions about whether to love or hate them.

With her books falling in between the genres of erotic and contemporary romance, K Bromberg is truly an exciting author to read. The mixture of explicit sex scenes with a detailed plot line has brought her more popularity that crosses genres. Her books follow the female character’s journey to find out who they are and become comfortable with their sexuality.

Early and Personal Life
K Bromberg lives in southern California and is a wife and mother of 3. She graduated from the University of California San Diego with a degree in political science.

In high school English class, she had a penchant for writing papers that were way longer than the requirement, and was a major stickler about grammar. She wrote a book right after college that gathered interest from some agents, but decided she did not want to rewrite it to fit someone else’s idea of what an acceptable book is.

She decided to write a book on a whim when her husband’s job required a lot of travel. Since then she has written the Driven series, a few standalone Driven novels, and a short story titled UnRaveled.

Driven is the first book in the Driven trilogy series by K Bromberg. The book follows the relationship between Colton Donavan and Rylee Thomas. They come from different facets of life, but a chance meeting begins an unbridled affair that may not be healthy for either one.

Rylee’s claustrophobia causes her to break down when she accidently locks herself in a closet, but is brought out of it when a stranger opens the door. The attraction is evident, but the stranger’s arrogance causes Rylee to be put off. She is surprised later that evening when she learns the man has paid $25 thousand for a date with her. The man is Colton Donavan, the wealthy entrepreneur and race car driver. He has contributed $1 million to build a new facility for Corporate Cares, the company Rylee works for, and he has pledged to raise the rest of the money needed. Corporate Cares runs a home for boys who have lost their parents called The House. Rylee is dedicated to taking care of the boys, so she must see Colton on a regular basis for work.

Later on, Rylee reveals that she is still haunted by a car crash that claimed her then-fiancé, Max and left her with serious injuries. Colton’s history involves being adopted when he was 8 by a film director, but his experiences before his wealthy new life have left him with some issues. During his relentless pursuit of Rylee, he is clear that his main objective is mind-blowing sex, and after he tires of her, she will be tossed aside like the rest of the women he has had in his life.

Colton’s attitude causes Rylee to be resistant, but her physical attraction towards him is irresistible, and she decides to take him up on his offer. She is truly given a life-changing experience, but after the romp, she notices a change in Colton’s attitude and leaves. They continue to work together and slowly reveal their pasts to each other, knowing that they cannot provide what each other truly needs. In the process of getting to know each other, Rylee begins to realize she is in love with Colton, and she hopes that they could have a future together. Colton begins to fall for her too, even though he believes that he is incapable of love.

Fueled picks up right were the last book, Driven, left off, but Rylee refuses to let Colton drive her away this time around. She keeps going back to give Colton exactly what he needs, and over time they realize how much they mean to each other. Rylee falls deeply in love with Colton, and she is unwavering in her quest to show Colton how much he means to her. Colton knows that Rylee will never let him go, and that makes him feel things he did not know he was capable of feeling.

Their relationship becomes the most important aspect of their lives, but they are volatile together, and it makes for an uneasy relationship. They are finally working things out in their relationship, but there are people that would see them break apart. Tawny is a relentless figure, always trying to steer Colton’s attention toward her, but the fighter underneath Rylee’s sweet, innocent exterior will not give up so easily.

Writing Career

K Bromberg found her love for writing in high school, where she would write essays that were much longer than the requirement, and developed a love for grammar and the written word. She continued her passion through college at UCSD where she majored in political science, which definitely involved quite a bit of writing.

She began to write Driven when her husband’s job required him to travel a lot, leaving her to find something to keep busy while he was gone. She had always believed she had a talent for writing and decided to try it out. She started writing every night after putting her kids to bed when she ensured that she is free and can write.

She was very secretive about her new hobby and had not shown anyone the book while she was writing it. She finally showed it to her mom right before the release of the book.

After Driven hit # 2 on the New York Times best seller list, K Bromberg’s belief that she was a talented writer was affirmed. She continued to write the rest of the series to much acclaim. Her works include the Driven Series as this helps one to go about this book(Driven, Fueled, Crashed, and Raced), the stand alone Driven novels (Slow Burn, Sweet Ache, Hard Beat, and Aced) and a short story titled UnRaveled.

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