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K.C. Archer is a pseudonym that is most commonly associated with ‘The School of Psychics’, a 2018 release. Archer has an affinity for young adult fantasy novels that do not necessarily fit within the young adult genre.

K.C. Archer has been commended for her imaginative fantastical plots that are surprisingly grounded in reality. The author does not have a particularly strong online presence.

Though, Archer’s efforts to bring ‘School of Psychics’ to the CW as a television show alongside the likes of Paul Sciarrotta, Jason Egenberg, and Dan Jinks is likely to change all that.

+School of Psychics

Teddy Cannon is a twenty-something woman with more trouble than she can handle. Teddy would like to think that life has been unfair to her. Yet she has survived because she is such a bright, resourceful young woman.

Teddy never gave much thought to her ability to tell when people are lying. It made trusting people immensely difficult. But it also kept her safe when it counted the most. So she simply accepted the gift as an innate talent. It never occurred to her that she might be psychic.

Teddy’s life changes when a series of bad decisions find her cornered with a heap of trouble in every direction, only for a stranger to swoop in last minute and save her. The stranger in question reveals to Teddy the truth about her powers.

Not only is the young woman psychic but her abilities have earned her a place at a special government-run institution off the coast of San Francisco. There she will join other students like her as they train to hone powers, master special SWAT tactics and transform into effective operatives capable of surviving the harsh realities of the world.

Those students that survive their rigorous training can expect to venture out and participate in missions to safeguard the United States and the World.

With few choices left to her, Teddy accepts the invitation and begins her training. Along the way, she makes new friends, this including Lucas who can start and control fire, Julian who can speak to animals, and Molly who has the capacity to manipulate the emotional state of other people.

Teddy wants to feel at home. She wants to feel like she belongs, and the close bonds she creates along the way help her do just that. However, just as she begins to let her guard down, things go wrong. It isn’t just the missing students that have Teddy on edge.

Something shady is going on at her school and she must question her loyalties to her teachers, classmates, friends and even her family if she is to get to the bottom of things.

School of Psychics is supposed to be the first book in a series about an impulsive, self-congratulatory young woman trying to find out where she belongs.

Teddy is the standout of this title. Many of the praises and complaints that surround the novel start and end with her. Some people love her while others can barely stand her.

When she is first introduced, Teddy is a loser. She doesn’t just have a low opinion of herself. The trials she has suffered during the twenty-something years she has spent on earth have left her beaten and battered.

And Teddy will admit that some of her failures were the result of her own actions. A born misfit, the young woman’s one chance at making it disappeared when she was kicked out of Stanford.

She was eventually forced to move back in with her adoptive parents. Teddy eventually turns to gambling to earn a living, an arena in which she is actually talented. However, things in the heroine’s life have yet to improve.

In fact, if anything, Teddy’s life has only gotten worse. She got herself banned from every Casino on the Vegas Strip. Teddy knows when people are lying to her. The talent allows her to read people better than most.

The power eventually got her branded as a cheat, a fact that was further exacerbated by the heroine’s penchant for not talking ‘NO’ for an answer and seeking a challenge wherever she can find it.

Things take a turn for the bizarre when the protagonist meets Clint Corbett. Clint, a retired cop, finds her outside a Casino. Teddy intended to infiltrate the establishment using a clever disguise.

She was driven to take the risk because she had stolen and lost her parents’ retirement fund. She sought to win enough money in one go to not only return her parent’s money but to also get the Russian Mobster hunting her off her back.

Everything goes wrong just as Teddy is approaching her financial goal. She is forced to flee the Casino broke, with security tailing her. Teddy initially approaches Clint with skepticism despite the fact that he leaps into action just in time to save her from her pursuers.

She is still skeptical of him when he invites her to join the Whitfield Institute for Law Enforcement Training and Development. From Clint Teddy learns that her gambling talents are a manifestation of her psychic gifts.

Teddy realizes that with Clint’s help, she can start over. Going to Whitfield doesn’t just mean honing her mental abilities and resuming her education. It doesn’t even simply mean escaping her problems.

Clint promises to clear her debts and resolve the issue with her parent’s retirement fund. It is a testament to Teddy’s character than even with such an incredible offer, she hesitates.

Though common sense eventually wins through and Teddy runs off to a school that isn’t quite what it seems. There she learns that there is more to her abilities than meets the eye.

As her psychic gift grows, Teddy leaves her friends and instructors astounded. Suddenly the powers that be at Whitfield are quite eager to train and refine Teddy’s power.

As tends to happen in such situations, just as things are starting to look rosy, Teddy is thrown into the deep end of a situation that forces her to put her powers to the test.

The School of Psychics is a blend between the X-Men and Harry Potter. The cast is a group of millennials who cannot steer clear of trouble.

The novel is technically marketed towards adults. And K.C. Archer makes an effort to avoid some of those more common YA tropes. However, most industry professionals have recommended the book for teenage readers, primarily because K.C. Archer’s characters, who are in their twenties, act like wayward adolescents.

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  1. Freda Nowatzke: 2 years ago

    Just want to say that I really enjoyed School for Psychics. One of the best books I’ve read.

  2. June C Miner: 2 years ago

    Read this in 2 days and not constantly.I’m in a book club had to finish this before I started on the one I’m supposed to read. The twists where great.


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