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Publication Order of Darby Christopher Books

A Walk Through A Window (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Facing Fire (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Eagle Glen Books

Seeds of Time (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Secret of Light (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shades of Red (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of ExLibris Adventure Books

Eighty Days to Elsewhere (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
An Accidental Odyssey (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Ms. Zephyr's Notebook (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
Finding Fraser (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

K.C. Dyer is an American author of young adult and romantic comedy books for teens and adults. She is the author of Eighty Days to Elsewhere, a story of a young woman who’s so desperate to save her family bookstore to an extend she joins a race around the world. If you’ve watched the Amazing Race or Around the World in 80 Days, then it’s highly recommended you read K.C. Dyer’s books.
Dyer is also the author of an international bestseller novel, Finding Fraser.
She has spoken to thousands of readers across the US, Canada, Asia, and Europe.

Eighty Days to Elsewhere
K.C Dyer’s novel Eighty Days to Elsewhere is a fascinating romp around the world that reads like a blend of the Jules Verne favorite Around the World in 80 Days, Eat Pray Love, and The Amazing Race TV show.

The story introduces us to Ramona, aka Romy, a young woman living in New York City working with her uncle in his local bookstore. Even though Ramona wishes to be a photographer and is fond of traveling, she decides to stay close to her uncle’s bookstore.

Unfortunately, when a not-so-good landlord arrives- the new owner of the building- and significantly increases rent and threatens to evict Romy and her uncle, Romy is ready to do whatever it takes to save their bookstore.

She applies for a new job at a local company known as ExLibris Expeditions, whose sole mission is to make new adventures for their clients based on the scenes from their favorite books.

Such trips involve a great deal of research and include actual travel to all the destinations considered to figure out transportation, scenes to see, and so forth.

When Ramona applies for the job, as part of the application process, she’s required to do some legwork on a trip that revolves around the World route in 80 Days. But there’s a catch; Romy is given less than 80 days to complete the journey since the client has a shorter timeline. She is also not allowed to use commercial airlines since such type of transport never existed when the novel was written, and lastly, she will be competing with other applicants. The first person to successfully finish the trip will win the job and win a $10,000 bonus.

The first book in the ExLibris Adventure series by K.C. Dyer is a fantastic read. Here are several reasons why you should consider reading this book series.
First of all, Eighty Days to Elsewhere is a story of epic adventures. We follow Ramona on her actual journey worldwide, which is perfect for readers who love traveling. Her trip takes us to Paris, London, Singapore, Mumbai, and many other fascinating destinations. Even though Romy doesn’t stop at any destination for long, you will enjoy learning one or two things about all the places she visits.

Additionally, we also follow her on a psychological journey. She’s grieving the death of her parents that holding her from unleashing her full potential in life. Her trip gives her a chance to live again, learn and also grow as a person. The Romy who arrives back in New York City after the journey is definitely not the same again.

Along her journey, Romy also has a share of her own misadventures, and you’ll also get a chance to experience them as a reader as you travel alongside Romy across the world.

K.C. Dyer fascinatingly tackles series topics. It’s not all fun and merry on Romy’s trip. Along the way, the author handles some thought-provoking issues that play an essential role in Romy’s growth journey.

Our main characters get a chance to learn about our somali refugees’, her own privilege, she encounters racism on another level, encounters whale hunters, and Greenpeace. Such encounters are an eye-opener for Romy.

There are some show-stealers along the way, including the sassy Somali teen- Sumaya. When Ramona meets her, Sumaya has lost her two parents and finds her aunt, who emigrated years earlier.

Sumaya isn’t just a supporting character; she is a force of nature and determined that no one and nothing will stop her. She also wants to be a comedian when she grows up, and not only does she steal the spotlight in some scenes, but she also joins Romy on her adventures across the world.
The author also includes themes of romance that will leave your heart-melting and yearning for more. However, the romance in the story is sort of slow burn and takes a backseat to our heroine’s psychological journey. However, it’s nice to watch Ramona finally drop her guard and allow someone to enter her life.

A Walk Through a Window
A Walk Through a Window is the first book in the Darby Christopher series by K.C. Dyer. Imagine you were given a chance to walk through a window and back to the past- would you take such a chance?

Well, the first book in this series is the narrative of Darby, a young girl who is forced to spend her summertime with her grandparents she does not know and in a place that she feels like she can never belong.

But when a strange boy across the streets extends his hand, it’s more than friendship that he offers. The two find a magical stone window frame that can transport them back in time to the center stage of the dramatics of our past. They are transported to the coffin ships of the Irish potato famine, the Underground Railroad, and the Inuit as they wandered into North America.

Over the course of the never-ending summer break, Darby is forced to question the very own part of her life. As tragedy looms, the magic walk across the magical window offers our heroine a new insight into the people she’s always taken for granted- and that changes her forever her view of Canada.
The first book in the Darby Christopher series by K.C. Dyer is a fantastic historical fiction book for young adults and a highly recommended read.

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