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KC Enders is an American author of contemporary chick-lit romance books popularly known for her Beekman Hills and Unbroken series. She is a New York Girl residing in the Midwest world. She loves drinking coffee bourbon, is an expert of remarkable words, and is married to the love of her life, her best friend. Enders is a mother of two grown men responsible in all life manners. She was a nominee for the Thorpe Men Award for Literary Excellence in 2021.

Legend has it that time is the healer of all wounds, but that seems like not the case in K.C. Enders’s book, Broken. It’s been almost six years, and Chloe Triplett has come to terms with her situation and is ready to move on. She has a new job, moved to a new town. However, saying that you are prepared to move on and doing it are two different things, and that’s the situation Chloe finds herself in. Even worse, what kind of a man would want to date a single mother with a dog?
Legend has it that pain is never permanent but just temporary, but the truth is, they have never buried someone they love to understand that pain is endless. Meet Miles Kent, whose career as a Navy seal is over and the ghosts from his past are back to haunt him and take him hostage, in the present. How can a man whom the country considered a hero admit he’s the one who needs help?

For Miles and Chloe, crashing into each other’s lives might be the best thing ever happening to them. But how can they take on the chance to love when they know the pain of loss too well? It will take a moody tween, a discerning dog, and a Superman to discover that Virginia is home for lovers. To better understand this novel, it’s highly recommended you read Enders’s Letter to Reader, as it will give you a better understanding of how this story came to be.
K.C. Enders’s main characters are people who’ve been through a lot. They are characters that we, as readers, can easily connect, understand, and be compassionate with. They know what pain feels like, which can transform and change a person’s life forever. They suffer from emotional pain/distress resulting from grief/loss and the actions of others.

For example, Chloe is dealing with a lot of emotional distress and hopes that being close to those she loves/loves will help improve things. On the other hand, Miles is in the right place at the right time. The author also introduces another character, a little boy experiencing so much emotional trauma, revealing to the readers that we not only need to dwell on our own pain but also have to examine how our actions can affect our children. K.C. Enders has put a lot of realism into crafting her story. This style helps move the narrative along as you eagerly wait to see where things are going. Part of this involves a character dealing with PTSD. This explanation is so natural that you will almost feel the anxiety drooling through the pages.

While Miles is the main character, Chloe is as well equally presented. She’s a woman in dire need of emotional support, and reading through her chapters, you can see her reaching out to the reader for some of that. On the other hand, Miles, a stronger character, does not need what the heroine needs.

While some might argue that emotional pain isn’t as bad as physical pain and can easily be overcome, it’s important to note that research has shown that the two share neurological similarities. Both physical and emotional pain has been linked to changes in the cingulate cortex and prefrontal cortex. Research has shown that rather than viewing physical and emotional pain as something entirely different, they should be considered a broader part of the pain continuum. While some types of pain are purely physical and others emotional, on many occasions, pain lies somewhere in the middle.

Overall, Broken has all of the feels. Even something as simple as the prologue will have you tearing up. The two main characters have been through unspeakable grief. The road to becoming a family isn’t an easy one, but it’s worthwhile. Chloe’s son adds an element of sarcasm. You will love how Miles establishes a solid relationship with the son. The story also deals with several heartbreaking issues that will trigger some emotions, but overall, it’s an absolute beauty, touching, romantic and immersive read.

Published in 2021, Sweet on You is an appropriately titled book; it’s a short and sweet narrative that triggers emotions and makes you smile. The female character is a brave and talented baker who truly knows how it feels to be burned. The male main character is a single father dealing with a greedy ex-girlfriend and his discomfort in the city. Living in the same apartment and floor of 425 Madison Avenue, their paths cross together thanks to a temperamental smoke alarm.

Meet Lyla; she relocated from Denver to New York and started her pastry shop. Raleigh arrives in New York for a short-term work assignment and makes it known to the whole world how miserable it is living in New York. But due to Lyla’s persistence, the two form a friendship bond, transforming into something more. But at the day’s end, Raleigh wants to return to Denver and see his young son, Matty.

You will enjoy reading this novel for several reasons. First, you will easily connect with the likeable Layla. She is always happy and positive even though she has some vulnerabilities, which is quite understandable. On the other hand, Raleigh is rude, but his son is sweet, curious, intelligent, and a ray of sunshine, unlike his dad. You will also love K.C. Enders’s writing style as the novel is fast-paced, easy to read and has a depth of character development. Like all the books in425 Madison series, this novel can be read as a standalone.

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