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K.C. Jones
KC Jones graduated from the University of Nevada—Las Vegas with a degree in film production. He returned to the Pacific Northwest to focus on a career in screenwriting, before he made the leap to novels.

When he is not writing, he enjoys cooking, playing board and video games, and
exploring the local wilderness, possibly getting lost in a haunted forest somewhere.

He lives with his wife in the soggy half of Washington State.

“Black Tide” was inspired by a true story, lacking the monsters and an apocalypse, obviously. KC and his spouse were staying on their favorite stretch of Oregon’s northern coast and decided to drive down onto this relatively empty stretch of beach in order to watch the sunset. While dusk was settling and it was time for them to leave, he found that he had misplaced his keys somewhere. They searched all over the place for them, never found them until years later when it came time for them to sell that pickup, jammed far underneath the seat cushions.

Luckily, unlike his characters in “Black Tide”, he carried a spare set. However on the way back to their hotel, he could not stop thinking about what if they did not? And there wasn’t anyone to give them a lift, and the tide began coming in, and things started emerging from the dunes. By the time they got back to their room, he was ready to begin writing the thing down on the hotel stationery.

“Black Tide” was a screenplay first before it was a novel. His prior attempts to become a screenwriter has carried over and continues to inform how he writes now as a novelist. If you are watching the movie version of the story play out in your mind while you read the book, then he feels it’s a double win for him, a former would-be screenwriter.

His favorite things about the horror genre are seeing characters respond to the unknown, the should-be-impossible, and the frightening. In every story people’s lives get upended to some degree, obviously, however horror tends to push things to their very limit and beyond, and it is exhilarating to follow along. Then throw some supernatural in and it is just the top for him.

Horror is an effective tool for peeling back the surface of the world and the people that live in it and take a hard and long look at what is underneath it, most often through the lens of the fantastic. Which he believes makes this genre such a fulfilling and uniquely fun experience, both to write and to read.

“Black Tide” is the first stand alone novel and was released in 2022. A character driven horror/science fiction blend, KC Jones’ debut novel is “The Mist” meets “A Quiet Place” with some absolutely pulse pounding moments.

It was just another day at the beach. And then the world ended.

Beth and Mike were strangers before the night of the meteor shower. It was chance that made them neighbors, a bottle of champagne brought them both together, and a shared need for human connection sparked off something more.

Following their desperate and drunken one-night stand, these two find that the astronomical event has left total widespread destruction in its wake. However the cosmic lightshow was a part of something far more horrifying and much bigger.

When this one lost car key leaves them stranded in a Jeep on an empty stretch of Oregon coast and some inhuman screams echo from the dunes, once the rising tide reaches for their car and unspeakable horrors close in all around them, these two self-destructive souls are forced to fight to survive through a nightmare of apocalyptic scale.

“Black Tide” was a 2022 Bram Stoker Award finalist.

Be sure to have your popcorn handy for this cinematic pedal to the metal, fast paced piece of storytelling that had readers gasping at certain points. It also reads a lot like a summer blockbuster at times.

This novel reeled readers in right from the first page, as it’s a beautifully written interpretation of the phrase ‘human car crash’. Then he starts dripping little moments of hope into his storyline before he tears them away with some brutal consequences, creating this emotional roller coaster. There’s a surprising event toward the end reels you in for the big finale and readers are glad they picked this one up in the end.

KC Jones delivers a snark-filled romp of a post apocalyptic novel that is brimming with shocking left turns and relatable characters, and it makes for a gasp for your breath and peek through your fingers horror, and readers loved every page of it. The characters are perfectly crafted, making their nightmare scenario that much more frightening and seemingly possible, which made readers hold their breath for them each and every time they would turn the page. It unfolds like a film, a horrifying nightmare come to life, a realistic and intense portrayal of an alien invasion. The action-oriented and blisteringly fast paced plot is authentically rendered, just beware that not everyone makes it out alive.

This is a wickedly fun, gut-shot punch of a story with some whip-smart dialogue and breathtakingly tense action sequences. There is masses of menacing monsters, mayhem, pulsing parasitic vines, all of which making for a pretty gnarly day spent at the beach. KC delivers a debut novel that is fast paced, with a consuming plot, excellent writing, and relatable characters.

Despite a small setting, the novel feels very huge because of the chilling and existentially cosmic threat that these creatures pose to our lead characters. His storytelling riffs on kaiju films and Lovecraftian monsters, and he proves that the supernatural does not have to be ghostly in nature.

The novel is the ultimate walk of shame right to the end of the world, and is equal parts acerbic character study and cataclysmic thrill ride.

If this is any indication of the sort of horror that Jones will bring to the table, readers hope he gives us more mayhem very soon.

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