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Reckless Souls (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Damaged Souls (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Vicious Souls (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fearless Souls (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Heartless Souls (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Falling Shadows (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Dangerous As Sin(2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

About K.C. Kean

A British author, K.C. Kean is well-known for writing paranormal romance novels that manage to really draw her many readers in. Pushing the format forwards in new and interesting directions, she really manages to speak to readers in a direct and straightforward style. Her writing is in-depth and engaging, while also being engaging and compelling in equal measure, making for highly inventive stories. She has so much to say as an author, and her fiction is testament to this, with its entertaining and enjoyably paced overall tone.

Turning to writing fiction with strong leading characters, she focuses on tantalizing relationships between multiple partners. Largely focusing on the reverse-harem genre, her books are really in a league of their own when it comes to exemplifying the best of the RH subgenre. Showing plenty of wit and imagination upon the page, her stories are extremely inventive and creative in their approach to the genre. Really making it her own, she has truly established her own style and tone, saying precisely what it is that she wants to say.

Over the course of her career Kean has also published a number of books with iconic characters well, many of which have truly made an impression. Many of these characters stand out from the page, leaving a powerful impact upon the reader long after they have put the book down. Giving readers what they want, Lean really understands the genre that she’s working within, whilst also offering something different at the same time. There is a lot more still to come yet as well, with further books planned for the future, as she will carry on writing for quite some time to come.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up in Manchester where she was born and raised, K.C. Kean would grow up with a keen fascination for the written word. Over time this would develop, as she would be a voracious reader, largely interested in the romance genre and what it had to offer. It would take some time to begin writing herself though, soon turning to writing fiction full-time during the COVID pandemic.

Focusing herself on developing her craft, she would fast find her voice and an audience, publishing numerous books for many happy readers. In turn this would lead to her becoming a highly sought after name throughout the publishing industry, as she’d become a household name for many far and wide. Currently living with her partner Michael and their two children, she continues to write to this present day, with more to follow.

Writing Career

Starting out her literary career back in 2020, K.C. Kean would publish her first novel titled ‘My Bloodline,’ which would also be the first in her ‘Featherstone Academy’ series. Other series she would write included ‘Allstars,’ ‘Emerson U,’ and ‘Saints Academy,’ just to name some of them, most of which were also romance. She would also publish a stand-alone romance novel titled ‘Burn to Ash,’ which came out in 2021 with a self-contained narrative.

Largely focusing on the New Adult demographic, Kean would primarily write about paranormal subject matter in her romance. In time this would see her establish her own style, as many of her series would garner a huge following of their own, with their highly iconic protagonists. Active on social-media as well, she regularly communicates with her fans, constantly keeping them updated as to what’s coming next.

Twisted Creek

First published in 2021 on the 14th of September, this would originally arrive on the Kindle publishing platform. Met by an already eagerly awaiting audience, the book would be the third in ‘The Allstars’ series of romance novels. Following on from the previous books, they’re centered around a set of relationship, largely being set within the reverse-harem subgenre.

Setting itself around Eden Grady, she is dealing with the death of her father, as she’s set to leave the town of Knight’s Creek behind. But she doesn’t want to leave Hunter, Xavier, and Tobias behind, as she’s reluctant to admit she may find it difficult to survive without them. Wanting to put the town behind her, she wants to make more of herself, but she wonders if she can really put those she cared about in the past. Will she be able to overcome this particular ordeal, where will her journey take her next, and will she find her way from the twisted creek?

Another excellent addition to the series, this really works on building up the characters, delivering a compelling story in the process. It’s characters all feel real, as if they come alive on the page, creating realistic voices for the readers to enjoy as the book progresses. The narrative is easy to follow, while it also paves the way for further books and spin-off titles as well, setting up more to come.

Watch Me Reign

Initially arriving on the 29th of April in 2022, this would come out through the ‘Amazon Digital Services’ outlet once again. Following on from the previous books in the series, this is the third and final ‘Emerson U’ novel, finishing off the series overall. The series itself would also be a spin-off from Kean’s other series ‘The Allstars,’ with many of the same characters returning.

Following the main character of Luella Carter, this sees her with her men as they all reside in Emerson Grove. With Jameson, Ezra, Leo, and Jagger, she aims to claim what’s hers after Robbie feels that he’s ultimately pulling her strings. Fighting against this, Lou-Lou aims to become the new boss of Emerson Grove and the university there, really coming into her own. Will she find her true path finally, can she fight for what’s hers, and what will happen to everyone as she says ‘watch me reign?’

As the final book in the series, this makes the most of what came before it, providing a fully satisfying and thrilling conclusion. Kean really pushes the premise to its fullest, giving all the characters a final send-off that’s exciting and engaging in equal measure. Easy to read yet difficult to put down, every single moment works, as it’s not just an excellent example of Kean’s writing, but of the genre as a whole.

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