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KD Edwards
Author KD Edwards has lived in Massachusetts, Colorado, Maine, Montana, New Hampshire, and Washington. The common theme up until he lived in North Carolina is all of the snow.

Writing is not a recent ambition for him, and he has wanted to be an author since he held the first book in his hands. He believes that he would have been a much different published novelist during his twenties as he is now. This is due to his absorbing all kinds of different ways of world-building and writing.

While he was still a national high school debater, he forgot Senator Edward Kennedy’s name, as he was introducing him, on CNN, in front of a town hall meeting.

KD has a television show that he watches in a constant loop. It started with Buffy, then Farscape, and then Arrow. His guiltiest of all pleasures is The Dukes of Hazzard, with Bo Duke being his first ever crush.

He grew up in Massachusetts and spent a ton of time in Cape Cod. He has taken the ferry out to Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard quite a few times. Nantucket is a lot further out, and KD fell in love the first time he visited. The idea of a giant island so far off of the coast, isolated and yet still connected to the States, was the fuel for quite a few ideas for stories.

He chose it for the setting of his “Tarot Sequence” novels because it was far enough way from America, and had enough of the landmass to rework it into a modern-day version of Atlantis.

KD has a fascination with lost continents, and was living in mortal fear for quite some time that a big-name writer would come up with their own sweeping Atlantis before he was good enough to get published. As a result, he had some back-up research on some other long-lost continents.

He wanted to take some lost land and turn it into a blank canvas that he would be able to populate with many different pantheons as well as monster tales. To make it better, he wanted to put it in the modern era with airplanes and smart phones. To him, the best SFF crosses multiple subgenres.

KD has always been interested in all of the major arcana, and, more specifically, how they are archetypes for the human condition. The Tower card is the one he has been obsessed with the longest, as it is the card of deception and spies, and is the one that always indicates something major during a reading.

He is unable if the incarnations he creates are true to the card at all times, but he has tried to make sure the theme of the story is reflected in the card somehow, or its reverse. All that said, he is still learning about tarot decks.

KD likes the mini-moments that Rune and Brand have with each other, and loves writing all of their dialogue. It does not feel to him like writing at all, but like the dialogue is actually inside his head.

Since he has a good job and is older, he can take chances with his writing. He promised himself that he would be true to own voices in trying to get published. He wanted to write a mainstream story, and wanted to do so with a main character that is gay.

One of KD’s interests is ruins. He loves websites that focus on abandoned human ruins and urban exploration. He likes seeing photos of them. There is so much disrepair and elegance; plenty of times there are so quite a few dramatic stories tied to all of their pasts.

Edwards has had mercifully short careers in interactive television, retail management, food service, corporate banking, and Bariatric furniture have all led him to an even shorter career in higher education.

His work is from the genres of urban fantasy and science fiction. His debut novel, called “The Last Sun” was released in the year 2018.

“The Last Sun” is the first novel in the “Tarot Sequence” series and was released in the year 2018. Rune Saint John (the final child of the fallen Sun Court) gets hired to look for Addam (Lady Judgment’s missing son) on New Atlantis (the island city the Atlanteans moved to after ordinary humans ruined their original home).

With Brand (his bodyguard and companion) he starts questioning Addam’s business contacts and relatives through the highest ranks of all the nobles in New Atlantis. While they investigate, they discover more than just a missing guy: there is a legendary creature that is linked to the secret of the massacre of Rune’s Court.

Through looking for Addam, will Rune be able to find the truth behind the death of his family as well as the torments in his past?

Readers enjoyed the banter that Rune and Brand have with each other, and they have such a fantastic bond as best friends. Brand has awesome one-liners that make the book that much better. There is an incredible world building and the action packed plot line. Fans of this cannot wait to jump into the next book and see where the series goes from here.

“The Hanged Man” is the second novel in the “Tarot Sequence” series and was released in the year 2019. The last member of a murdered House attempts to protect his ward from the forced marriage to a monster while he uncovers clues regarding his own past.

Rune Saint John is backed into a fight of political appetites and high court magic in a desperate bid to protect Max, his ward, from a forced alliance with the Hanged Man.

Rune’s resistance is going to take him to the dankest corners on the island, including a red light district that is made up of moored ghost ships, the floor of the ruling Convocation (where a gathering of Arcana is going to change John’s life forever) and a surreal skyscraper farm.

This book takes everything that was great about “The Last Sun” and takes it up a few notches, and readers had a tough time putting the novel down for very long, it was that good. It is just as compelling, and KD Edwards does a great job of making you care for all of the characters. You wind up caring for their physical well being, but their emotional well-being, too.

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