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A Bullet Between Us (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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What Do You See? (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
What Do You Regret? (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
What Do You Want? (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

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K. Dosal is a contemporary romance new adult fiction writer and hopeless romantic that is best known for the “What Do You” series of novels.

Besides being a hopeless romantic, she loves to describe herself as a beach lover, music lover, poker player, and kitchen dancer that is always looking forward to seeing where her mind is going to take with her books.
She published “What Do You See” her debut novel in 2019 and has since then published several other works and series.

She currently makes her home on the Gulf Coast where she lives with her supportive and amazing husband and their two rambunctious boys.

When she is not reading or writing her novels, she can usually be found running with her sweet Doberman or going on boat rides with her family.

According to K. Dosal, writing is something that she always wanted to do. For the longest time, she dreamed of one day putting her stories on paper and giving life to the voice of the many characters that had been living in her head for years.
Everything started with a pen and spiral notebook combined with years of doubt. She had the usual nightmares that new authors have trying to get published.

In fact, it was not until she published her debut novel and it started doing very well that her anxiety went down and her confidence grew.

She has said that each work of her “What Do You Series” is intended to reach a different profile of a person.

K. Dosal is usually interested in making people see the beauty of their world, acknowledging that it is fine to not know what one wants and to not live with regret.

Just like how she writes about such themes, she does her best to live by those principles. She now lives her dream as she pens stories that push her out of her comfort zone.

K. Dosal’s novel “What Do You See” is the beautiful story of Claire and Jake. Clare once believed she had her life all panned out as she has friends, track, and college figured out.

The nineteen-year-old woman dreams of becoming an Olympian and since she was a top track star at college this was not all that implausible.

She has a Jeep and usually cruises along singing off-key while the radio blasts tunes. She also has her dorm which provides privacy from her noisy younger brothers.

Like many young people, she took what she had for granted until her life is upended and she turns into just one more lost soul.

Without the love of her friends, family, and a very charming soccer player she could just as well have lost herself. The funny thing is all she had to do to get out of her predicament was open her eyes.
On his part, Jake is a man that never really paid any attention to what was happening all around him. He had his grams, father, and soccer ball and could not have been happier with his life.

He always thought it stupid to get attached to people as they often walked away. But then he met Clare who is the woman of his dreams and she threatens to make him change his perspective.
It makes for a charming and emotionally driven story of finding love and hope when you least expect it.

It also asserts that it is critical to learn to deal with whatever life throws your way and let other people be strong for you when you cannot be strong yourself.

K. Dosal’s “What Do You Regret” is the story of Grace and Cole.
The latter has many regrets in his life and two of these haunt him every day of his life. He had once stolen Claire his sister’s future through a car accident he had been responsible for.

Another regret is Grace a girl he met when he was six and never knew was the love of his life. After spending years with her and not taking any action to pursue his interest he would become one of his biggest regrets.
While he believed he had left her in the past, it does seem that she is back with her shy smile, golden eyes, killer body, and slick blood-red hair.

Grace now attends the same university he does, lives in the same apartment, and has made friends with his siblings. It does seem fate has conspired to bring them together even if he is reluctant to act on it.

Grace had lived on an island for years and always had it preached how powerful the sea was and the hazards of the riptide. For Grace, her riptide was Cole and he was too much to fight so she moved away.

Moreover, her life had been destroyed by a sex tape and with her self-worth and reputation ruined she knew the only thing to do was leave and start afresh. After she was isolated by her family she left home and headed to college only to find Cole there.

“What Do You Want” by K. Dosal is the thrilling romance story of Liam and Vanessa. Liam has always been about friends, soccer, and family, particularly when Lucy abandoned him seven months ago.

He is now in his last year of college and besides soccer, he is not so sure what he wants. Things had become particularly spicy ever since he screwed his best friend Doc Martens.

Should he take the risk knowing he could lose his best friend? But if they just remain best friends he may miss out on what he believes is his soul mate.

As for Vanessa, she is always hiding under her books or laptops, hacking, bidding on digital currency, and getting lost in the current month’s reading.

She will basically do anything that would insulate her from interacting with someone who may become important in her life.

The last thing she was expecting was to find a best friend that is so good at chipping away at her walls. Vanessa never planned for a meeting with Liam as it just happened.

She knows what she wants but time is running out and once she graduates she may never see him again. She will have to make some difficult decisions which at the moment seems like flipping a coin.

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