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How Rory Thorne Destroyed the Multiverse (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
How the Multiverse Got Its Revenge (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of The Weep Books

Nightwatch on the Hinterlands (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Nightwatch Over Windscar (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

K. Eason is a fantasy fiction author best known for writing the “Bones of God’s” series of novels. As a lecturer at the University of California Irvine, she is known for tackling topics such as the humanity of cyborgs, the zombie apocalypse and whether or not Beowulf is evil or good. She started writing as a child and says she was making up sagas for stuffed animals even before she could write. In fact, she was the winner of a short story contest when she was a fourth-grader. She refused to read her story at the ceremony as she was too nervous and they had to get someone else to do it. Her debut novel was “Enemy” the first of the “Bones of God’s” series was published in 2016. However, she had published short fiction in the likes of “Kaleidotrope,” “Crossed Genres,” “Cabinet des Fees” and “Jabberwocky 4.” In 2019, she published the first novel of the “Thorne Chronicles” titled “How Rory Thorne Destroyed the Multiverse” to almost universal acclaim. When she is not writing or teaching, she loves to pick up new skills that include, knitting, martial arts, yoga, and Viking shield and sword work.

Eason always includes social issues in her novels and has asserted that it is critical to include the seams of society in world-building. She includes aspects of who has the privilege and who does not and how that impacts their interactions and relationships. Her novels typically include people from different cultures and include the prejudices and imbalances found in any society. Even as she writes about magic and dragons senators and goddesses, there is a functioning culture underneath it all. In her research for the Bones of God’s series, Eason has said that she was thinking of outsiders and how people may find themselves in the outside by choice while other times they find themselves excluded by things outside their own control. This is how she was able to spin a story of Vikings and Romans into one narrative. In addition to including social issues she also does include aspects of the supernatural and fantasy such as dragons and magic since these are sometimes a better way to examine real-world issues from a different perspective.

She never did set out to do deliberate research for her novels as her “Bones of God’s” series is not a historical fantasy. However, Eason did draw her inspiration from various historical texts that she has read since she was a child. Some of the primary texts from which she drew inspiration included the likes of ”Masters of Rome” by Colleen McCollough for a feel of what it was to be Roman. She also got her culture and history lessons from Shelton, Adkins & Adkins, and her college Latin classes. Eason K. got her Viking inspiration from the likes of Beowulf, Simek and the Icelandic prose, poetry, and sagas. She got her inspiration for circumpolar shamanism from the likes of Anna-Leena Siikala, Juha Pentikainen, and the Kalevala. By combining these aspects, she weaves a pulse-pounding and gripping story of female and male relationships, trust, friendship, betrayal, and loyalty. She writes a creative and satisfying blend of animals, men women, fantastic and magical creatures as well as beings, gods, existing and created in a multilayered universe full of deception, adventure, and political intrigue. They are engrossing all-encompassing stories that capture imagination as they follow the human relationship dynamics of the characters.

“Enemy,” the first novel of the On the Bones of Gods series by K. Eason is set in the Illhari Republic. The novel tells the story of Snowdenaelikk, a half-caste smuggler and conjuror who is more interested in the silver she can obtain with her sharp wit and metal, than about the history of the republic. But when the local legion lays the blame for the burning down of a village on her, she is saved by an honorable outlander. She now finds herself tangled in an unwelcome partnership and politics. Her new partner is Veiko and they work with Dekklis a legion scout on a quest to expose a plot that threatens to put an end to the Republic. It seems the goddess that had long been presumed dead is back and wants revenge on the Republic. Dekklis is determined to do everything to save her homeland and Snow will not let him do it alone until she realizes that commitment to the mission would mean sacrificing the man she loved the most – Veiko. She needs to make the decision on whether it would be worth it damning the Republic to war and betraying her allies in order to save her partner.

“Outlaw” is Easons second novel that continues the story of Snow and her partners against the gods. Snow never intended to go back to Illharek until the Tal’Shik the once-forgotten goddess made a comeback at the head of an army and besieged Cardik. The only hope for the Republic is Veiko, Snow, and Dekklis a highborn scout. Together they need to find allies from the ganglands, the Academy Archives and the Senate. Once they get to the city they find a dire situation as there is an epidemic of disappearance of the nobility. There is also a prevalence of old heresies that indicate the effective infiltration of the city by Talshik’s godsworn. Snow knows she needs to do something fast when Veiko also goes missing. She negotiates a deal with some god to get the power she needs to stop the vindictive goddess. She has never been a good negotiator and what she has negotiated may turn out to be very costly.

K. Eason’s third novel “Ally” opens to Illharek teetering on the edge of war. The rival godsworn are battling in the Senate chambers and in the city streets. Meanwhile, the Taliri army is training in the forests and fields as it gets ready to attack. When a faction from the Taliri sends a message saying they will help to fight off the Tal’Shik, Dekklis sends Veiko and Snow to Cardik’s ruins in the north. According to the Taliri, Tal’Shik’s avatar is in the ruins and they need the help of Veiko and Snow to destroy her. Instead they find that Cardik is chock full with angry dead, duplicity and an unforeseen ally. In the meantime Dekklis has risen in the ranks to become a senator and he uses his influence in trying to maintain the peace in the city. He enlists the help of the Laughing God and his allies in the influential Academy who can control the Suburba. But when she escapes death by a whisker when she is targeted by an assassin sent by the godsworn, the Suburba degenerates into violence as the fragile peace is shattered. As Dekklis works on restoring order using the legion, Veiko and Snow put in place a plan to defeat Tal’Shik. But even as the rebel faction of the Taliri marches on Illharek, their friendship and alliance are starting to break down.

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