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The Glorious East Wind (1989)Description / Buy at Amazon
Evil Never Sleeps (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
Who Has Buried the Dead (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

KGE “Chuck” Konkel is the only Canadian police officer who has authored best sellers through mainstream publishers. He has written two thrillers which are contextually accurate and literally engaging.

The Glorious East Wind, which was published by Random House Canada/ McGraw Hill US) tells the tale of a Royal Hong Police inspector confronting the changing reality of Hong Kong as the lease winds down and the British confront the return of the Pearl of the Orient to China.

Evil Never Sleeps, published by Harper Collins, his second novel, tales the tale of a Mexican federale/police officer who is banished to a backwater town in the State of Sonora because he is too honest and valiantly confronts the evil perpetrated by the powerful families which run Mexico as their personal fiefdom.

In both his novels, there is an undercurrent of greed and a serpentine quest for the power- be it political might or financial wealth- that might accrue to the ultimate victor. In both novels the hero endures a pyrrhic victory and tragically discovers that truth and honour have no place in the politics of nations and their elites.

Konkel has actively policed on three continents; serving with the Royal Hong Police, working actively with Europol and its member states against Russian organized crime and the current issue of car smuggling rings originating in Canada which function as criminal intermediaries for highly sophisticated transnational syndicates.

For more than a decade Konkel was a regular book reviewer with both the Globe and Mail and Thomson chain of newspapers. He was also a monthly contributor to Esprit De Corps- Canada’s military magazine with a particular interest in World War Two in what became a detailed analysis of the human condition in the face of that brutal conflict.

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