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KI Lynn is a new adult romance author best known for her very popular “Breach” series of romance novels. She made her publishing debut when she published “Breach” in 2013, which spawned the series by the same name. Lynn has said that she has lived her life with a passion for creative arts, which ranged from painting to music ceramics and then finally writing. Her characters had come as if from nowhere and camped in her head refusing to live and acting out their stories. But she would get distracted by the business of life and never got to writing until very late in life. Once she published her debut novel and it went on to become a bestseller, she became hooked into the art of storytelling.

Lynn has had one of the most unconventional beginnings to her writing career as she began writing and posting her stories online. She did not think much of her stories until her hard hitting writing style and diverse stories started garnering critical acclaim. She has said that she usually has a lot of ideas that come faster than she can put them down on paper and this means that no two characters or stories are ever the same. KI Lynn now has more than twenty novels to her name and has also been a contributing writer to the “Blackout” series.

KI Lynn’s “Breach” is the story of a successful employee and lawyer of Holloway and Holloway Delilah ‘Lila’ Palmer. At the opening of the series, there is an opening at her office and she is hoping that the person who fills it will be less of a jerk than the previous colleague. She is pleasantly surprised when she is introduced to the mysterious and dangerously attractive Nathan Thorne, who seems to have captivated the entire office. Both Nathan and Lila have scars and secrets from their pasts and they find solace in each other. However, since the company has a strict non fraternization rule, their affair has to be kept under wraps as they pretend to have contempt and disdain for each other. They are soon in a turbulent relationship as lust and ego clash with dark secrets and demons from the past. But the two find themselves having to deal with a need for each other that is almost spell-like while their hearts are invested and secrets are revealed. They spend their days battling determined exes and flirty coworkers while taunting and bantering with each other. Their nights are spent on sexual exploits that are always increasing in violence and intensity.

“Infraction” the second novel of the Breach series by KI Lynn is a work full of emotion and pleasurable delights. Delilah Palmer and Nathan Throne the leads are increasingly drawn to each other in an inescapable prison of lust and love. The story now follows their lives after a tragic event that threatens to tear them apart. The couple is struggling to fight the demons that have re emerged from their dark past and reconnect with each other, even as they have to deal with pain, heartache and hope that love can be found in the devastation. Trust needs to be cultivated for both Lila and Nate even as they have to make some difficult decisions in the midst of facing their deepest fears. They still hope that they will be able to forge a future together and overcome their turbulent pasts. The novel is full of suspense, drama, love and passion as it teases the possibility of Nate and Lila finally making something of their love against all odds.

KI Lynn’s “Reciprocity” is a novel full of drama pasion and dirty filthy sex in abundance. Lila and Nathan Thorne are starting to see some hope that their love may finally be on the right path after they did their best to make it work. But challenges are never too far when it comes to these too and if they are to find their perfect love, they will need to depend on each other. The novel takes its readers through the turbulent love story of the two protagonists as they try to find a way to keep their hold on their love. The last novel of the series is an undeniable blockbuster story that aptly conveys the roller coaster of a love story that is unlike any other. Both Nathan and Lila had never experienced love like this before they met each other but now it seems as if they could just have their happily ever after.

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