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K.J. Howe is a Canadian author best known for her role as the executive Director of Thrillerfest in New York City.


Howe was born in Toronto, Canada. However, you cannot truly call her Canadian because she moved around a lot. Howe’s eclectic early years saw her enjoy the privilege of a nomadic lifestyle, receiving the opportunity to visit new places in Europe, Africa, and even the Middle East, not to mention the Caribbean.

Of course, life wasn’t always so rosy. Because she had to move around so much, Howe lacked the sort of stability that many children enjoy. She was always the new kid in school, and that didn’t always elicit great confidence and self-esteem, though the opportunity to travel and adventure definitely made for a wonderful childhood.

For Howe, books were always her shelter, a place she could run to whenever she needed stability and comfort. This was especially true whenever she was abroad. She read every book she could find, this giving her insight into the different cultures of the world and the literary preferences of different people.

And because she spent so much time reading, Howe was eventually encouraged to create her own stories.

As far as education is concerned, K.J. Howe’s resume includes schools like Salzburg International and Neuchatel Junior College. She also attended Albert College. Her college years found her at the University of Toronto where she earned a degree in Business.

For the most part, Howe had everything one might need to succeed in the job market, and she definitely saw notable success, climbing through the corporate world and catching a glimpse of significant financial achievement in the years to come.

However, the corporate arena wasn’t the sort of place where Howe thrived. Her early years had created in her an unquenchable thirst for travel and adventure. She also loved telling stories more than anything.

As such, she took steps to tweak her career options by going to Seton Hill University and acquiring a Masters in Writing Popular Fiction. For Howe, there was no better way to make a living than writing. Books had given her such comfort as a child. As such, she wanted to return the favor.

K.J. Howe saw herself creating the sorts of fictional words that others could disappear into and find peace, decompressing from their difficult lives. For Howe, books have always been a stress reliever, and writing has always provided catharsis, availing a means through which her emotions can be expressed.

Howe’s passion for writing always shines through when she speaks about her process and the joy she feels when her characters come to life on the page. Of course, finding success as a writer is no easy task, and there were no easy shortcuts for Howe.

Though, her road to the mountaintop as a writer was fairly visible for all to see from an early point, especially whenever she would win writing awards like the Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery and Suspense.

Even with her Masters, Howe had to pursue other forms of employment in order to make a living, working as a writer in the fields of medicine, health, and fitness and using each opportunity afforded her to hone her skills.

One of Howe’s big breaks includes her involvement with the International Thriller Writers organization. The organization named Howe the Executive Director of a conference held every year in New York City called ThrillerFest. It is through Thrillerfest that Howe’s star really began to shine, her renown spreading amongst fans of specific genres of entertainment.

Becoming a fiction author was no easy task. Howe will be the first to tell you about the effort she had to inject into research for her debut novel, speaking to every notable party within the world of kidnapping and negotiations she could find, from former hostages to negotiators.

The result of her efforts is ‘The Freedom Broker’, her debut novel for which she has been commended by fans of her particular genre.

Howe endeavors to encourage aspiring writers to persevere. She likes to remind everyone that overnight successes in publishing are a very rare sight, and most writers only survive today by slowly but surely building up a following with each book until their star finally shines.

As far as Howe is concerned, any aspiring writer worth their salt must love their craft. That is the only way they will keep writing and pushing out one book after another until their hard work finally pays off.

K.J. Howe does more than simply write and supervise ThrillerFest. The author is also a fan of tennis, a sport she avidly plays. Additionally, Howe loves to swim and cycle. Having traveled so frequently as a child, Howe still loves to travel and adventure.

In fact, those two things tend to top her list of priorities. Whether it is zip lining in the jungles of Costa Rica or swimming with sharks in South Africa or even studying modern combat in the United States, Adventure is a part of Howe’s life, and it is a part she will never surrender.

+The Freedom Broker

Thea Paris is a unique individual. She is counted among a group of 25 elites, professionals with the ability to safely return kidnapped hostages home. She understands every aspect of her job, from carrying out undercover operations to performing international negotiations.

And in every case, the objective is to safely get the hostage home. Thea’s choice of career was almost destined.

Her family’s wealth meant that kidnap was an ever-present threat. When her brother was kidnapped and eventually returned, Thea decided that she would work to ensure that others didn’t suffer the same anguish and trauma as her family.

When Thea’s father is taken, she finds her restraint and abilities tested. She will stop at nothing to bring him back alive.

Published in 2017, K.J. Howe’s book has been compared to the likes of Jack Reacher and Jason Bourne, especially her protagonist. Howe loves thrillers and this story definitely endeavors to thrill, succeeding more than it fails.

As the first book in a series, the book definitely sets the pace for what readers can expect, delivering an intense story even while providing insight into the world of kidnappings and negotiations.

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