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K.J. Nelson
K. J. Nelson is a Nashville based author that worked in corporate sales for ten years. He’s got a neverending love for telling stories and reading.

K. J. went searching for this story about this prisoner that went back in time and had the opportunity to relive his life. After he searched for hours, he realized that nobody had written what he believed was an obvious story line. That was when “Relive”, the first book of “The Journeyer” series, was conceived.

He had never thought of himself as a writer, but only a lover of stories. It’s his objective that he share his love of stories with his readers. He plans on writing several books a year for the rest of his life.

“Warlord” is the first in “The Crumbling” series and was released in 2021. Dangerous female lead: ✓. Advanced alien technology: ✓. World ending EMP blast: ✓.

Cameron is only concerned with keeping a steady supply of opiates in her system, besides, of course, where her next paycheck will be coming from.

Cameron rules her clan of survivors with her heavy trigger finger, having risen to the rank of Warlord after 99% of the world’s population a cloud of dust. If anybody questions her authority, they are dead. All she cares about is keeping her power. The world is nothing but a husk after all the aliens harvested every natural resource that the planet has.

It’s not easy to remain in control when enemy clans are always attacking and her own people try killing her on a weekly basis.

Cameron has got this desperate plan to raid one of their outposts for supplies and technology. Everything veers off track when she meets Drac inside of the outpost. She instantly hates the guy’s perfect face. Drac claims that he is not human, but a Neandraton. They are the ancient ancestral race of mankind. His people have destroyed Earth numerous times, robbing everything and taking it on back to Eden, their home world.

Cameron knows that Drac is the key for humanity’s survival. He has got knowledge of how to create all of the food that they could ever want. Can Cameron control the intense urge to murder him with a 9mm slug to his forehead just long enough to extract that useful information? Unlikely.

“Relive” is the first novel in “The Journeyer” series and was released in 2021. What happens when you fall in love with the girl that you murdered during your first life?

There is this secret order known as The Journeyers. They are this group of people that live their lives again and again. For the most part, they keep themselves to themselves and enjoy this special sort of immortality that they have. They have this vested interest in making sure that the timeline never changes all that much. Only issue is there’s somebody with knowledge from the future is making ripples, which are never good.

Gerald Holstrom is an inmate at Folsom Prison. He has served 47 years of his life sentence. He spends each and every day filled with such regret, attempting desperately to survive in a world filled with barbed wire and concrete. His regrets continue to flood his mind. He is constantly being plagued by visions of the crime that he committed when he was just 19. The blood that is on his hands weighs him down horribly.

His vision fades while the blood pools all around his dying body. He wishes he can see the sky without all the barbed wire blocking his vision. And he sees her face. Gerald dies, yet his life is not over. He is a Journeyer, and his past is not written. He has the chance to change things for the better. But it is not going to be all that easy.

Fans of the novel loved the ending, since there are so many different ways that this story can go from here, an excellent read. Everything in this novel made perfect sense: the technology, story, and aliens were all on point. The characters are developed sufficiently and the plot is interesting with some good twists in it. And once it makes a surprisingly interesting turn and made the story a whole different ball game, readers were unable to quit reading and finished it rather quickly. The book is great for anybody interested in reading a well told story.

This is also an interesting and different perspective of time traveling every time that you die. Like being able to reset your life back to some important turning point. It’s a very interesting and creative premise for sure. Fans of the book had a lot of fun from a fresh and new perspective

“Reload” is the second novel in “The Journeyer” series and was released in 2021. Thousands of years, millions of experiences. All of it gone, in just an instant. The Order has failed its mission. The timeline lies in shambles.

Gerald Holstrom is a Genous Repeatous, a Journeyer, a repeating immortal. He’s one of The Order’s founding members. They are this group of people responsible for maintaining the timeline in order for other Journeyers can live in relative obscurity and peace.

Only problem is, he cannot remember anything before his most recent life. After he woke up from a life sentence for murdering the woman he’s madly in love with, he learns that his memories have been stolen from him. Millions of experiences and thousands of years all gone.

He fights desperately to figure out how to reassemble the machine that was used to wipe his memory in his desperate effort to reverse the process. It is technology from the future, having been carried back through time in the minds of the Journeyers. His plan is to capture one such Journeyer and force the information out of them.

Gerald, with limited knowledge and resources, has to fight against some of the most powerful Journeyers if he’s going to have any chance of reloading any of memories and correcting this timeline. Is Gerald Holstrom going to be able to find himself again?

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