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K.L. Slater is a bestselling British author of suspense, mystery, and thriller novels. She has sold millions of copies of her bestselling psychological crime thrillers in different parts of the world. Slater’s books are available in the form of standalone novels. The Sphere publication and Grand Central Publishing have obtained the rights of publishing Slater’s novels in paperback formats in the UK and the USA respectively. Slater started out by sending her work to several literary agents and continued doing it for many years. After collecting an enormous number of rejection slips throughout those years, Slater decided to go back to the University of Nottingham Trent and study Creative Writing at the age of forty. Now, she holds an MA in the subject and completed her graduation in 2012.

Just before her graduation, Slater succeeded in finding a literary agent to represent her. The agent also helped her obtain her first book deal at around the same time. Slater still remembers the day she signed her book deal as a fairy tale. And what followed next was a dream come true for her. All her books became major successes and topped many bestseller lists in the country as well as abroad. Now, she has established herself as a prominent author of the thriller/suspense genre and works full-time. She lives with her daughter, a couple of stepsons, and her husband, and divides her time between her homes in Yorkshire and Nottingham. Today, Slater is represented at the Darley Anderson agency by a literary agent named Camilla Bolton. She has book contracts from Grand Central, Bookouture, Audible, and Sphere.

In addition to writing, Slater also works as a part-time teacher. She teaches creative writing to children as well as adults in the academics and inner-city schools of Nottingham. Author Slater says that it was her decision to join the university in her forties for a creative writing course that gave her the confidence to pursue her dream of becoming an author. During the 5 years that she studied at the university, she also had a job that helped her to keep things going financially. The master’s course provided her the much-required space and time to try her hand at writing different genres of stories. It also increased her belief and confidence in writing. The first psychological thriller written by Slater, Safe With Me, took form when she was working on her dissertation during her English & Creative Writing degree at university in 2010.

Slater claims that the creepy voice of her main character Anna came to her mind strong and insistent. She felt as if Anna wanted to tell her story through her and would not go away without seeing her story taking form. Slater feels she did the right thing by listening to Anna’s voice as it turned out to be the best decision of her life. Anna’s story not only helped her to get her dissertation approved, but also provided her the much-needed success at the start of her writing career. Slater became published for the first time by writing young adult fiction for the Macmillan publication under her original name Kim Slater. Her award-winning young adult debut novel, Smart, was started as a short story during her MA in 2012. Author Slater is quite satisfied with the amount of success she has received in her career so far and hopes to achieve more in the years to come. She is grateful for all the genuine reviews and comments given by prominent critics, readers, and fellow writers for her books. Slater is currently working on a new psychological thriller novel and is expected to release it in the coming days.

A popular book written by author K.L. Slater is entitled ‘Safe With Me’. It was released by the Bookouture publication in 2016. The central characters featured in this novel include Anna, Carla, Liam, and a few others. Initially, it is depicted that Anna lives a life of solitary existence. She takes solace in routine and order. The only friend she has in her life is a lonely old lady living next door. Anna does not allow people to come too close to her as she thinks that they will cause more damage than good and then move out. One day, Anna sees a terrible road accident and the woman involved in the accident turns out to be Carla, who had ruined her life 13 years ago. Now that she has found the women, Anna thinks of taking her revenge, but she needs to be careful about executing her plans. First, she decides to get well acquainted with Liam, the woman who was injured in the unfortunate accident.

Anna follows the police investigation carefully and keeps a tight watch on Carla’s activities from a distance. As the obsession of Anna with Carla begins to escalate, several secrets of her own start unraveling. A time comes when Anna is forced to wonder is Carla is as dangerous as she appears to be or does she need to be careful about someone far closer to her home. Overall, this novel is a gripping and compelling psychological thriller and is perfect for the fans of engaging thriller stories.

Another mind-blowing book penned by Slater is known as ‘Liar’. It was published in 2017 by the Bookouture publication. Slater has mentioned the primary characters in this novel as Ben, Judi, Amber, and several others. The novel opens by showing that Ben lives the life of a single father and tries to do his best to bring up his children all alone. His devoted and caring mother Judi provides him a helping hand whenever needed. Ben and Judi know that life is not easy, but then manage to live each day as it comes as their family is the most important thing for them. Later, Ben comes across Amber. She seems to be the perfect match for him, but his mother seems to have a different opinion. Judi sees something in Amber that bothers her.

Ben is not able to understand why his mother doesn’t like the beautiful Amber. It is only revealed later that Amber intends to be close to Ben and his kids and does not want Judi seen around them even for a single moment. Judi begins to investigate about the personal life of Amber to find out what she is up to and save her family if she intends to any harm to them. The deeper she digs, the more secrets are revealed. Judi fears that if she doesn’t stop Amber and reveal her real face in time, it would destroy her happy family forever.

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