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If We Were Us (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Summer of Broken Rules (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
What Happens After Midnight (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Maybe Meant to Be (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

K.L Walther is a young adult author born and brought up in the hills of Bucks County, Pennsylvania. While growing up, she was surrounded by her books, dogs, and her family.

She spent most of her childhood traveling the northeastern seaboard to play ice hockey. After completing high school in New Jersey, Walther went to the University of Virginia, where she got a B.A. in English. You can find her lying on the beach reading a book or cheering the New York Rangers when not writing.

The Summer of Broken Rules

Meridith’s family is holding their yearly game of assassin at Martha’s Vineyard during the summer. They saw that as a great opportunity to commemorate her Claire’s legacy and join the world again.
She has a big family; they are close and have amazing ideas for spending the summer. However, when she allies with a handsome groomsman, she risks losing her heart and the game.

Meredith has been paying a visit to the Martha’s Vineyard each summer for a long. However, its now two years since she came after the death of her sister, Claire. She knows it will be emotional and overwhelming since the extended family will attend her cousin’s wedding.

To add more pain, Meredith’s longtime boyfriend dumped her two weeks to the wedding, leaving her with no one to go on a date with. Lucky for her, she gets a good distraction since her family still holds their tradition of playing the assassin game each summer. This year is special because the game will take place during the festive week.

Her target turns out to be a charming and handsome groomsman. Now more than ever, she is determined not to be distracted by allowing herself to get into another relationship. However, as days turn into weeks, she cannot stop feeling attracted to him, which might cost her the game and her heart.

Sarah and her fiancé Michael instruct that everyone who came to their wedding will play the assassin game as the family tradition that the late Claire loved and always dominated. Meredith is so much into it as she is determined to become the winner in her sister’s honor.

However, when she meets Wit, everything changes as his magnet takes up all her attention. The two ally to help each other win the game but the more time Meredith spends with him, the fast she falls into his charm. Will Meredith decide about her happiness to change her thought about Claire?

There are many new people to meet and hang out with. However, at first, she’s reluctant to socialize as she feels lonely without her sister’s presence. When she meets the grooms step brother under some funny circumstances, they bond fast.

The characters have great chemistry to keep the readers hooked to the end. Walther allows the reader to follow the main character as she deals with the loss of her sister. The Assassin game brings the whole family together as they still mourn the loss of their daughter as they suffer from unsettled issues.

The author does a great job of balancing the happiness, fun, and functional family with the sadness and grief in their hearts. The novel has the reader wondering whether once true love knocks on one’s door, should one risk everything just to follow their heart?

The Summer of Broken Rules is a beach-settling story of teens’ self-discovery and family reconnections. Walther does a good job of balancing the charming scenes with the emotional and somber moments. The book is easy to read and entertaining.

Some laugh-out-loud scenes will keep the reader hooked. It’s also emotional and relatable, especially about the traumatic events. Anyone looking for a great Summer novel, look no further.
The author throws the right amount of romance to give the reader a break from the sad moments in the story. If contemporary romance is your kind of genre, The Summer of Broken Rules is your type of book.
Walther uses hilarious family shenanigans to lighten up the mood of the reader. She shows the importance of a family using the Fox family and their traditions. Despite the grief, the novel gives you a chance to have fresh air for the summer days of extreme family fun.

If We Were Us

It’s a story about four kids in a boarding high school. They include twin brothers, a childhood friend, and a new student who takes their life differently. All children at Bexley School thinks that Sage and Charlie are perfect together. It’s only a matter of time before they realize they are in love with totally different people.
When Luke Morrisey joins the Bexley, his presence makes some things unstable. Luke and Charlie are attracted to each other from the time they first meet, giving Sage a chance to spend time with Nick, Charlie’s twin brother.

However, the problem is that Charlie fears what other people will say about him once he accepts to be more than friends with Luke. Sage is also afraid that things between him and Nick might move too quickly than he expected.

The duo has no option but to depend on each other and longtime friendship to figure things out with those they love. The characters are well connected with how they deeply care for each other. They have different phases, thinking, evolutions, and ways of seeing things.

Sage respects the space and the personal lives of their friends. She’s so supportive, but she also has her own ambitions and ground. Charlie is like most young gay boys who are afraid of coming out of the closet, and all he went through, the fear and insecurities were realistic.

Luke is a good guy with a lot of shades in his personality, as he can be the shy new guy and be smart, cocky, and funny at the same time. Nick was misleading; if he had known things firsthand, he would have acted differently.

The doubts, the angst, the struggles, the right decisions, the wrong decisions, the fears, and the coming together and falling apart are all realistic and relatable. The struggles are about loyalty, friendship, expectations, love, identity, and friendships.

The story is narrated from two alternating points of view, Charlie’s and Sage’s.

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