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Publication Order of Anlon Cully Chronicles Books

Shadows of the Stone Benders (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Race for the Flash Stone (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Curse of the Painted Lady (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Priestess of Paracas (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of The Rorschach Explorer Missions Books

Publication Order of The Unity of Four Books

K. Patrick Donogue
K. Patrick Donoghue’s inspiration while writing about Anlon Cully is rooted in the long-standing interest he has in ancient civilizations. Especially, a series of still-unexplained archaeological finds that suggest there was at least one advanced society that thrived on Earth well before consensus views.

In a similar fashion, he takes an alternative/contrarian perspective toward the existence of extraterrestrial life, ancient aliens, and deep space exploration in his other series about the “Rorschach Explorer Missions”, his other series.

He worked for thirty years as a business executive, with a lot of it spent as a chief executive officer in the natural health field and as a publisher. After this long, he decided to explore a whole new avenue that allows him to stimulate his imagination and his intellect in a brand new way.

He lives in Washington, DC with his two sons and his wife.

Patrick’s debut novel, called “Shadows of the Stone Benders”, was released in the year 2016.

“Shadows of the Stone Benders” is the first novel in the “Anlon Cully” series and was released in the year 2016. Anlon Cully, a world renowned scientist, is swept unexpectedly into the thick of a suspenseful adventure when Devlin Wilson, his archaeologist uncle, dies under some suspicious circumstances.

Before his “accidental” fall off of a New Hampshire trail, he made the find of a lifetime: unearthing undeniable proof that the technologically advanced society was thriving on Earth a long time before archaeologists believed was possible. The key to this stunning evidence rests in a set of mysterious stones that was forged by this long forgotten race of ancient mariners. Instilled with some formidable powers to communicate, build, heal, and fight, the stones draw in some villainous thieves’ attention hell bent on this acquisition by any means necessary. This includes murder.

Aided by Pebbles McCarver (his friend) and Jennifer Stevens (a police detective), Anlon tracks some bewildering clues left behind by his uncle. This, in a dangerous chase to unravel the secrets of the stones before the killer strikes again and gets away with the priceless artifacts.

Patrick delivers a novel that hooks you from the start and keeps you reading until the very end. It is a well written novel with non stop action the entire way through. That said, it is also thought provoking that makes you wonder about the technological prowess of modern man.

“Race for the Flash Stone” is the second novel in the “Anlon Cully” series and was released in the year 2017. Anlon Cully searches for evidence for a long-forgotten civilization, a race of ancient mariners that possessed a sixth-sense now lost to the ages: the ability to detect and interact with the planet’s magnetic field.

With this special gift, the prehistoric civilization made stone tools with rather astonishing powers. Inexplicably, the advanced culture disappeared from history books. Until a set of their unique stones was found by Devlin Wilson, who was savagely murdered. He left behind the stones and a series of confounding clues. An old map, three cryptic journals, and a curious statue. Somehow, these clues are linked. How, though? This is what Anlon has to figure out.

Time’s not on his side, for others look to solve this same riddle, heartless fiends that crave the most fearsome of the magnetic stones: the Flash Stones. Forged to be a building tool, the Flash Stone is able to shape and cut rock with astounding precision. The Stone, in the wrong hands, however, can be wielded as a terrifying weapon. It is endowed with yet one more gift, a secret power that’s known only to those able to unravel the mystery.

Helped by Pebbles and Jennifer, he races to solve this mystery and locate the Flash Stone before it falls prey to savage villains following closely behind them.

“Curse of the Painted Lady” is the third novel in the “Anlon Cully” series and was released in the year 2018. The brutal death of a retired archaeologist, named Anabel Simpson, that lived in a tiny college town, rocked her neighbors and friends and even confounded the medical examiner. After all she was just a quiet lady known for the ornate garden she kept up, tales of her days exploring ancient ruins, and Holstein knick knacks. Little did they know, however, it was all a cover for a woman that had a horrible secret steeped in jealousy, treachery, and murder.

However, Anabel’s secret started unraveling just after Jennifer Stevens first arrived to the crime scene. Then came the bank robbery, followed by that armed intruder in Anlon’s home as well as the ransom demand for Pebbles’ safe return.

For Pebbles, Anlon, and Jennifer, the subsequent race to solve the mysteries hidden by Anabel’s carefully crafted persona is a dangerous journey with rapid-fire turns and twists. It is a chase that stirs up both new terrors and old, and leads to an epic showdown with one ancient tyrant, the discovery of a prehistoric and priceless treasure and the haunting truth about little, sweet Anabel.

“Priestess of Paracas” is the fourth novel in the “Anlon Cully” series and was released in the year 2019. We have all had them: haunting dreams about past lives. They feel so very real with the details so fine, you actually wake up wondering if they could be distant memories instead of subconscious trickery. They might be a little of each, in Pebbles’ case.

After her near-death experience, she’s tormented by some recurring visions that she cannot escape. A woman is running, filled with panic and fear, always looking back to look at a pursuer that never appears. Could they be deeply buried thoughts looking to get Pebbles’ conscious attention? Possibly a manifestation of emotions from her near-death experience? Or are they actually hidden links to the ancient mystery?

The path to find answers takes Jennifer, Pebbles, and Anlon on a hair-raising adventure over an ocean, through the mountains, and right into the heart of one jungle. Guiding them on the way, Pebbles has to face the demons that lurk in the shadows of her mind without losing any of her sanity in the process.

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