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Publication Order of K2 Team Books

The K2 Special Services series is a popular military and romance fiction series written by the award winning American writer named Sandra Owens. This series is comprised of 5 books in total, which were released between the years 2014 and 2016. Each book in the series consists of a different set of central characters, which have military backgrounds. The male and female leads of each book share a romantic relationship with each other, which goes through several ups and downs as the stories progress further. This successful romance series is also known by the name K2 Team, in some places of its publication. Author Owens received a lot of praises for her contribution to the series. She received numerous appreciations from all over the world for the beautiful description of the stories. Owens was particularly lauded for the development of characters that flow very well with the books’ stories. The readers from all over the world were very pleased with Sandra Owens’ style of writing. They are so impressed by her writing that they are waiting patiently for the publication of the next book of the series. Author Owens is currently working on its plot and is expected to release it very soon in the days to come.

The K2 Team series starts off with the debut novel entitled ‘Crazy For Her’. This book was released in the year 2014 by the Montlake Romance publication. Sandra Owens has introduced the main characters in the story of this book as Evan Prescott, Dani Prescott, and Logan Kincaid. At the start of the book, it is depicted that Logan Kincaid and Evan Prescott were very good friends when they used to work together as Navy SEALS. But, during an operation, Evan Prescott died unexpectedly and Logan Kincaid was present when he breathed his last. While Evan Prescott’s was dying, Logan promised him that he is going to take care of his wife, Dani Prescott. Logan knew that Dani was very beautiful and had developed a soft corner for her in his heart. He knew that if he came in front of her, he won’t be able to control himself and express his love to her. But, he does not wish the things to turn up like this in Dani Prescott’s life and in his too. Actually, Logan Kincaid feels torn between the honor of his promise to Evan Prescott and his increasing secret love for the wife of his dead comrade. Therefore, he does not show up in the life of Dani Prescott for the first two years after Evan’s death.

When nothing seems to be going right in her life, Dani Prescott decides to approach Logan for some help as she knew that he would help her out being the best friend of her dead husband. And as soon as Logan learns that Dani has called out for him, he rushes to be at her side. Logan Kincaid shows the determination to keep her safe and fight against all odds, with the same fierceness with which he fights to bury his own desires. Later. Logan Kincaid comes to know that a man is claiming to be the husband of Dani Prescott and is stalking her and her little daughter. Because of the continuous stalking Dani has started to feel like being imprisoned in her own country home. In the past, Logan has successfully overcome a number of enemies, who were more dangerous than this one, with the help of his expertise in high-risk security and elite level military training. He knows that he will defeat this new enemy also when he encounters him, but what worries to be a real challenge is the burning temptation in his heart that poses as a threat to him whenever he is near Dani Prescott. Logan prays that he finds a way to end this dilemma in his life and be able to express her how much he loves him.

Another very popular book written by Owens as a part of the romance series is called as ‘Lost In Her’. It was released by the Montlake Romance publishers in 2016. The central characters of this novel include Ryan O’Connor and Charlene Morgan. At the beginning of this story, author Owens has shown that a year has passed since the death of Ryan O’Connor’s wife. He was carrying out his SEAL medic duties in Afghanistan when he heard that his beloved wife was killed at the time of a robbery in his house. Upon receiving this shocking news, Ryan took leave and returned to his home to bury his wife. He took some time to overcome his grief and then joined his Navy brothers again in the Special Services of K2 Team. On the other hand, Charlene Morgan is shown as working as a stunt pilot. She is commonly referred to as Charlie by her close ones. After going through a really bad breakup, she is not able to find happiness in anything else except doing stunts in the high skies. When she finds some troubles in her plane, Charlene Morgan learns that someone has played mischief with her with a sabotage work. Nothing being able to do anything about it only adds to the worries of Charlene Morgan. The only thing that she can do is try to forget her worries. While visiting a local bar, Charlie runs into Ryan O’Connor, who has also come there to try and get over with the sadness and worries of his life. Just as they meet each other, they develop an instant chemistry which keeps getting intense with each passing moment. After their passionate outing, both of them think of it as nothing more than a one night stand. However, they find it difficult to forget the memory of the passionate kiss that they exchanged. Ryan becomes so desperate to meet Charlie again that he shows up at her flight school. With this, their romance goes to an even higher level. However, the road to their romantic relationship goes through a few turbulence filled with lies, danger, and secrets. This makes both Charlie and Ryan wonder their passionate relationship last for a longer duration or it’s just a matter of time before they will be thrust back into their lives full of worries and miseries. As the novel approaches towards the climax, Ryan O’Connor and Charlie are shown triumphing in keeping their love alive by fighting all the odds.

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