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Publication Order of The Covenant Chronicles Books

No Gods, Only Daimons (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hammer of the Witches (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Prince of Shadows (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

Flashpoint: Titan (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Cheah’s dream was to become an astronaut, an inventor, and a magician. These were his childhood ambitions. As an adult, Cheah settled into writing books. Kai Wai Cheah is the pseudonym he uses as a Sci-Fi and fantasy writer. His real identity, Benjamin Cheah features in his self-published fiction books. Kai Wai Cheah was nominated by the science fiction /fantasy Hugo awards. He lives and works in Singapore. In this review, we shall look into two of his books; both nominated into different categories, the Hugo Awards and for Best Alternate History book in the 2017 Dragon Awards.

No Gods, Only Daimons #1 (The Covenant Chronicles Book)

Following the end of World War III, humanity finds herself merged with technology and magic in the struggle for universal influence between the western nation’s leadership. The growing supremacy of Persia and Musafiria break away the dominance of western powers, now reduced to weaker countries as the former uses magic to achieve their overall advantage. Paranormal creatures from other worlds receive a call to volunteer as ammunition and bombs by the superiors from rival militia groups. The most lethal of these war factions include the elite suppliers for the archrival program.

The military requires both trained and untrained individuals to join the war, the Nemesis program, which holds the famous secret blade of the Security Agency and the Hesperian National Intelligence. It’s the most coveted deadly weapon, almost a mythical weapon, regardless of the liberties bestowed upon Nemesis leaders, no one is allowed to communicate with archdemons. A clear obstacle for Luke Landon frustrates him when he learns of a grisly murder of a renowned scientist. Is it time to take revenge or stand back and strategize for the inevitable faceoff?

This is the first edition of The Covenant Chronicles, a gripping new mystical Sci-fi series from Cheah. It elucidates urban fantasy with a blend of magical operative spy works. No deities involved. It’s a fast-paced modern read packed with blazing gun wars and explosives raging all over the place. It also reveals in part, a glimpse of technology combined magic powers in a futuristic world where chaos holds the reins of power. The underworld that holds all the economic control engages all kinds of paranormal outfits in spying on the enemies’ plans.

Luke Landon is the protagonist of the overall paramilitary team entrusted with trailing and recording the enemies’ activities for the U.S. government. When Landon’s sets off to attack Persian gods entranced in demonic rituals, his prospects take an entirely fresh path as the archangel manages to summon the other demons in the underworld. However, the events following the holistic summons come as a complete surprise. The mage hands over mystic powers to Landon in secret as he condemns all his comrades.Landon now holds supernatural powers to control the world. But his mission is yet to be revealed. He does not understand his role very well, except that he is invincible. Apparently, it is a crime in Hesperia to

commit his life to a demon, and Landon’s life of chaos has only just begun. After extenuating the looming war meted out against Hesperia by a terrorist faction, Landon has aligned his forces to work for the daimon archangel Al-Hakem and the Hesperian government to capture the power behind the attempted attack and further contain future attacks from them. The characters contained in this novel are mindboggling, involving and exhausting! Cheah has a knack to intricately detail the back-story so that readers catch up fast and stay on course. Very well, put. The plot is tight, with engaging tactical wars and the use of magic to solve problems was, well, lame, but entertaining all the same.

I cannot fathom war influenced by magic, I compare it to the Game of Thrones where magic helps in part, besides a few paranormal underworld activities, everything works just fine. Cheah convincingly wrote a spellbinding book, heavily relied on the use of magic powers and natural creatures to fight battles. The author validly lays out his plot, with spies and stratagem on wars, this one deserves an award.

Overall, you will enjoy the action-packed book. It’s well put, exciting, and full of suspense and you guessed it, magic! Abracadabra! But on a serious note, fusing technology with extreme magic was a winner for me. Although the thought of an idea of what Lucifer appears to be is spooky, I did not like that. Don’t expect any romance; foul language is sprinkled here and there with anionic names and devilish words all over. Great content flow and supporting characters fit in perfectly to build a solid narrative of the future, promising more magic-technology wars and superpowers.

Flashpoint: Titan

This book takes you back in time, the evolution of sailing and naval ships, battles, and life in outer space and more chaos. Flashpoint presents Sailing in space, near Saturn. The war Commanders tasked with orders from mother-earth embarks on a journey a long way from home. Complications set in soon after moving further away into the galaxy world. The commanders cannot communicate with their superiors back home. Alone and distant, they are forced to formulate plans as the looming war approaches and hope for the best. It’s dangerous for everyone as there’s little time to consult. Otherwise, they may all die soon if their plans fail.

Cheah releases yet another technology narrative on the war in the future. He describes the plot from a scientific and physics background, edging out the characters into a mix of divinity and human traits. The book packs well with sufficient action, a tight science fiction plot that holds a creative war narrative. The author is obviously knowledgeable in this genre of writing, blending the plot between US control of Titan and the resources produced for the world. Another emerging superpower tries to gain control of the energy resources and military prowess. China wants it all too. Japan wants in on the action too and produces new lethal weapons to engage in war anytime.

If for nothing else, I will credit the entertainment this book provides. In the real world, war is inevitable, and so is the rush to hold or control the most valuable resources found on earth. Racism is a common stain, I wish we could sweep it away, but Cheah sarcastically reminds us that it’s inevitable and he’s not afraid to point it in this book. He also understands that in war, there’s no fairness at all. Political ambitions favor the most abrasive soldiers and commanders. Overall, it’s a fantastic read when you overlook all the other minor issues.

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