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Bleeding Earth (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Girl in a Bad Place (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Where She Fell (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lie to Me (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Kaitlin Ward
Author Kaitlin Ward grew up on a dairy farm in a small New Hampshire town. She studied animal science at Cornell University and is a co-founder of YA Highway, a well-known blog.

She has been writing books since she learned how to write, and has been reading them ever since she was three years old. Many of her earliest stories featured cows as protagonists.

Kaitlin left the state of New Hampshire for awhile in order to study animal science at Cornell University. Then she lived in Maine and Connecticut for a time. She enjoys living in New Hampshire for its foggy mornings and trees, which are her favorite sources of inspiration.

Kaitlin’s debut novel, called “Bleeding Earth”, was released in the year 2015. She writes young adult fiction.

“Bleeding Earth” is the first stand alone novel and was released in the year 2015. Between human nature and Mother Nature, disasters are simply inevitable.

Lea was in a cemetery when the earth just began bleeding. Within only twenty-four hours, the blood hit the international news. All around the world, blood started oozing out of the ground, even in water, and through concrete. Then the earth began growing bones and hair.

Lea wishes she could just ignore the blood. She wishes she was able to spend time with Aracely, her new girlfriend, in public, if only Aracely wasn’t so scared of her dad. Lea wants nothing more than to be a regular teen once more, however the blood makes her a prisoner in her own home. Fear for her own social life becomes fear for her sanity. Lea is going to have to save herself as well as her girlfriend however she can.

Lea and Aracely are likable characters, and together, they make for a cute couple. Readers found humans’ reaction to the bleeding the earth was doing to be scary yet highly realistic. Kaitlin does a fantastic job here of making you feel what it’s like for each of the characters and their desperation. Her writing here doesn’t sugarcoat anything, and she is able to enthrall her readers with her gory, dark, and horrifying prose.

“Girl in a Bad Place” is the second stand alone novel and was released in the year 2017. Cara and Mailee take care of each other. Cara is the stage manager, and Mailee is the star of all the high school plays. Cara has enough organizational skills for both of them, while Mailee is unable to keep her life together.

The girls get invited to visit the Haven, which is a commune in the mountains close to their suburban Montana homes, and it seems like an adventure. Until Cara begins spending every waking minute at the place. Mailee believes it is creepy, just like a cult. Cara decides she will be moving to the Haven for good, Mailee realizes that it is a bad idea. How far is she willing to go to save her best friend. From herself?

Readers found themselves getting hooked on Mailee’s narration, and her character is quite relatable. That being said, she is tough and much braver than she seems on first glance. This is a very suspenseful novel and keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole way through. Fans enjoyed the creepy vibe this novel is able to maintain from start to finish.

“Where She Fell” is the third stand alone novel and was released in the year 2018. Watch where you step.

Eliza knows all about the legends about the swamp located close to her house. That people have fell into sinkholes, never to be seen ever again, possibly falling to the center of the earth. Since she is an aspiring geologist, she realizes the last part of this is impossible. Her best friends drag her onto the uneven ground anyway, she knows she should be worried.

The earth opens up under her feet, there is zero time to even say I told ya so.

While she scrambles through one cave, which leads to others, Eliza finds that she is in an impossible world. It is a world where a tiny group of people survive underground, eating huge bugs, running from vicious creatures, and making their own subterranean society. Eliza is just grateful to be alive, however this is not her home. Is she willing to risk it all to get back up to the surface?

Eliza’s journal entries add a bit of humor and a sense of how strange the world is that she finds herself in as she muses about the friends she had above ground compared the ones she makes underground. She is also a relatable character, seeing as how she has been an outcast. Kaitlin’s vivid descriptions go a long way in helping the reader picture everything that is going on in the story.

“Lie to Me” is the fourth stand alone novel and was released in the year 2020. Ever since Amelia woke up in the hospital recovering from a fall she almost died from but doesn’t remember, she has been suspicious. Her family, friends, and doctors insist the whole thing was an accident, however Amelia is certain she recalls being pushed. Another girl is found closeby, one that fell, but did not survive.

Amelia’s fears feel real all of a sudden, and with Liam, her new boyfriend, to help her, she attempts investigating her horrific ordeal. What exactly is she looking, precisely? How can she tell just who is trustworthy, and who might be, has to be, lying to her?

The closer that Amelia gets to finding out the truth, the more horrifying her once safe and orderly world becomes.

Each of the characters in the novel are likable, whether or not they are good guys or bad guys. This is a fast moving and quick read that fans a good time with. Amelia is quite funny and likable and made for an interesting lead character. It was refreshing to see how she and her brother got along, something that isn’t always typical in these types of books.

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