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Kaitlyn Sage Patterson is an American author that writes speculative Young Adult, Fantasy and Science fiction. Patterson is most commonly associated with ‘The Diminished’, a 2018 release.

+The Story

Kaitlyn Sage Patterson has been reading for as long as she can remember. Growing up outside the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Patterson almost always had her nose buried in a book.

That constant consumption of literature made her a bit of a dreamer, so much so that she had a tendency to stare off into space as she dreamed up new worlds, stories, and plot threads.

It came as little surprise when the author officially declared her intention to pursue a publishing career. Though, Kaitlyn Sage Patterson’s journey to success was not without its obstacles.

By the time the author got her M.F.A and moved to South Korea to teach English, she had already begun to craft the foundation for ‘The Diminished’, her debut novel which was eventually published by HarlequinTeen in 2018.

Patterson has a husband and rescue dogs that consume a lot of her attention. Though, she always finds the time to go to the barn to ride and train dressage horses.

+Literary Career

Kaitlyn Sage Patterson got her M.F.A in poetry. This was after she studied creative writing in college. For all intent and purpose, the author had everything she needed to pursue a successful career in publishing.

However, Patterson meandered for a while. She kept putting off her dreams of writing fiction. And it wasn’t until she started living and working in South Korea that things fell into place.

Patterson had already written her first novel by this point in time. But she knew it wasn’t very good. Her friends told her as much. However, that wasn’t her only problem. Even after she completed her first manuscript, Patterson found that she did not know what to do with it.

She wasn’t even sure how she would go about making money as a writer. All those factors came together to discourage Patterson from pursuing her dreams.

But she never gave up. Rather, she began to study the business of publishing and the process of making money in the arena. The experience was highly educational. Not only did she come to terms with the fact that her first novel wasn’t very good, she also realized that it wasn’t all that marketable.

With the understanding that she didn’t know very much about the publishing industry and with a thirst to learn as much as she could about the field, Kaitlyn Sage Patterson took another crack at the writing process.

She produced a second manuscript. She did this even as she immersed herself in the publishing industry and garnered a keen understanding of everything there was to know about the agents, editors and the market.

By the time ‘The Diminished’ was completed, Patterson had all the tools she needed to get her debut novel to her readers. The author admits that she still made plenty of mistakes along the way.

For instance, Patterson believes that she submitted the manuscript for ‘The Diminished’ too soon; before she had properly refined it. As a result, she accrued a discouraging number of rejections.

Things might have continued to spiral for Patterson and she might have even given up on her publishing dreams as a whole if it wasn’t for one kind agent who, besides rejecting her manuscript, sat down with Patterson and helped her understand what she was doing wrong.

The author took this advice to heart. In the end, Patterson went back to one of the first agents to reject her, a gentleman called Brent Taylor with whom she eventually signed. It still took a litany of revisions before ‘The Diminished’ was finally ready for publication.

But by 2016, the author and Taylor had secured a deal with HarlequinTeen who proceeded to publish Patterson’s debut novel in 2018.

Kaitlyn Sage Patterson credits her college studies for preparing her for the rigors of publishing. Her time pursuing her MFA, in particular, taught her how to seek out and contend with criticism.

She learned to approach the writing process with patience and precision and her efforts paid off in the long run.

Patterson does a lot of research for her novels. This is especially true for stories with strong science concepts. Though, Patterson isn’t always looking to deliver complete accuracy. The author’s goal is to ensure that her novels have a sense of plausibility.

Like most authors, Patterson does suffer from writer’s block. On many an occasion, the author gets discouraged. She begins to doubt her own worth as a writer and that leads her to wonder whether she has the capacity to produce the ambitious stories in her mind.

Patterson usually resolves this issue by leaning on her friends. They always encourage her to keep writing regardless of how terrible she thinks her work might be.

The author has learned to focus on simply getting her first draft completed. If she can get the first draft written, she is confident in her ability to revise and refine it until she has a workable manuscript.

+The Diminished
The Diminished takes readers to a world where most people are born with a twin. These twins are actually two halves that, together, form one whole. The death of one twin is typically fatal for the other who eventually finds the world too unbearable to face on their own.

Some individuals have been known to survive in the wake of their twin’s death. But they suffer under the weight of a violent grief that eventually destroys them and the people they know.

Singleborn, people who come into the world without twins, are a rarity with only a few manifesting in any given generation.

Because of their unique status, these singleborn are given the right to rule. Bo Trousillion comes from a royal line. He knows that destiny has chosen him to rule, eventually rising to replace his aunt, the Queen. However, Bo doesn’t believe he can live up to the expectations of others.

Vi Abernathy lost her twin sister. She died in infancy. Vi was eventually cast off by her family. After a life spent in the care of the anchorites of the temple, Vi is determined to escape and find freedom and peace.

A dangerous secret will bring Bo and Vi together.

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