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Kaki Warner is one of the noteworthy authors from The United States, who is well known for writing romance books. She has won numerous awards throughout the course of her writing career for her successful romance novels. Author Warner used to reside in the Pacific Northwest previously and stayed there for a long time. Currently, she lives near the eastern slopes of the Cascade Mountains in the Washington State. Author Warner actually spent her days of growing up in the Southwest. She completed her graduation from the Texas University and feels proud to have done so. While growing up, she used to spend most of her time writing her books and developing the characters of her stories. Whatever spare time she used to get from her writing work, she used to use them to indulge in horse riding and in exploring the expansive view of the scenic beauty of Texas. Eventually, Warner went on to become a prominent author of historical romance books. She drew inspiration for the setting of the plots of her books from the wide open spaces in the historic territory of New Mexico. Author Warner is happily married and has a couple of grown up children. When her children grew old enough to start going to college, she and her husband named Joe, decided to move out of the urban region and get settled in the cabin located on the hilltop region of the Methow Valley. She loves to enjoy the scenic views of the hills from there and gain inspiration to develop the plots of her romance stories. As of now, she gets an ample amount of time to focus on her writing career and also try her hand at different types of other activities. During her free time, author Warner mostly like to indulge herself in hiking, gardening, reading, and cherishing the scenic view of the Methow Valley from her hilltop cabin.

Warner is also fond of pets. She has a hound dog, whom she takes with her wherever she goes. One of the best known novel series written by author Warner is titled as the ‘Runaway Bride’ series. It is comprised of a total of 3 books, which were released between the years 2011 and 2012. The series is mainly set in Colorado, United States, and features a different set of the primary characters in each book. Author Warner has received a nomination for the RITA Award in the category of Best Historical Romance in the year 2012 for one of the books of this series. At the beginning of the series, author Warner has shown the story of 4 runaway brides, who end up in West. One of them is Edwina Ladoux, who hoped that she will be able to lead a happy and satisfied life by becoming a mail order bride. But, when she reaches Breakheart, Colorado, and meets with Declan Brodie and all 4 of his children, she gets the feeling that she has made a big mistake. Luckily for her, Declan agrees to have a 3 month courtship duration with her, in which they could find out how to get their proxy marriage annulled. But, as the days pass, they develop feelings for each other and come closer. Their thoughts of annulment get changed into the hope of a real marriage. However, just when things seem to ease out a little bit, the first wife of Declan returns suddenly and destroys all their hopes. The successful start to this romance series enabled author Warner to write a couple of more books as part of the series. She gained success in the next books as well.

One of the popular books written in the series by Kaki Warner is entitled ‘Colorado Dawn’. This book was released by Berkley in 2012. Author Warner has described the main characters in this book as Maddie Wallace and Angus Wallace. At the start of the book, it is depicted that Maddie Wallace decides to leave her husband, a Cavalry Officer in Scotland, because he visited her only once and sent just 3 letters during the 6 year duration of their marriage. A London periodical gives her an assignment to take photographs of the West from the perspective of a woman, which she happily accepts. Maddie begins her sail from England with the determination of building a new life for herself independently. When her husband, Angus Wallace, returns home because of an early retirement due to an injury, he finds that his wife has gone forever. Even his other family members get decimated because of fever. Angus sets himself on a mission to find his beloved wife and heirs. The search for his wife takes Angus across half of a continent and an ocean. Finally, he ends up tracking down Maddie in Heartbreak Creek in Colorado. But, he is about to the face the biggest challenge of his life and that is to convince the headstrong Maddie Wallace to return back to their home. In the middle of statehood struggles, railroad disputes, and claim jumping, the announcement of Angus becoming an earl comes out. Now, Maddie and Angus must decide whether they want to spend their lives in the Colorado mountains or in the London ballrooms, between desire and duty.

The next book to be published by Berkely in the series is known as ‘Bride of the High Country’. It features the lead characters as Margaret Hamilton and Doyle Kerrigan. The story opens by showing that Margaret escapes as a rich Manhattan widow’s ward from the slums of Ireland in Five Points. She knows that the only thing that could secure her future is marriage. Doyle Kerrigan is introduced as a railroad mogul, who is need of a capable wife. And Margaret seems to be a perfect match for him. On the occasion of their wedding reception, Margaret learns about a shocking revelation which forces her to flee from the marriage. She decides to give a new start to her life and therefore heads for West with a different identity. Margaret takes a halt at a dying town in Colorado with the purpose of reconnecting with her beloved friends so as to find a replacement for her lost family, and a house to live. But, a couple of men from her past seem to be trailing her. One of them seeks truth, while the other seeks vengeance. When both of them arrive in the town, Margaret Hamilton is forced to choose between the man who has started to develop feelings in her heart and the town that she has decided to reconnect to, with love.

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