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Kalayna Price is one of the national bestselling authors from The United States, who likes to write her books based on the science fiction and fantasy genres. She is particularly well known for writing the novels of the Alex Craft series, for which she has been listed as a USA Today Bestselling novelist. A number of works by author Price have also been translated into multiple foreign languages throughout the world. Many of her books are available in countries likes Australia, UK, France, US, Russia, Germany, and Poland. Author Price says that she draws the ideas to write her stories from the things that happen around her in the real world. She also draws references from her studies about the ancient mythologies. Price even uses her obsession of classic folklore to develop her books and stories. The stories written by her include mystical elements related to fantasy along with some gritty horror, a little bit of humor, a romantic touch, and an intriguing mystery. Author Price is an active member of numerous writers’ associations, including RWA and SFWA. She enjoys the dance form of hula-hoop very much. Author Price says that she has been reading and dreaming for a very long time. At the age of 10, she got her hands on the bookcase of a fantasy fiction collection of her father, which boosted her imagination about fantasy stories even more. Initially, she was interested in mythical races, epic adventures, and the high fantasy creatures. But, as the time passed by, she got attracted towards the dark side of fantasy. And currently, she works to create her stories in this genre only.

Apart from the Alex Craft books, she has written another urban fantasy book series called Haven. This series follows the life story of the fictional character named Kita Nekai, who is depicted as a shapeshifter in the form of a kitten. She runs away from her responsibilities as well as her clan. The series progresses by showing that Kita Nekai becomes a vampire and gets entangled in a world filled with supernatural powers. The first novel series of author Price describes the story of the lead character named Alex Craft, who is shown as a magic eye working for hire. She is broke and has the ability to indulge in conversation with the dead ones. From the beginning itself, Alex Craft gets involved with a deadly killer, a sexy reaper, and a less interactive cop. She always gets indulged in dangerous situations which put her life on the line. Prior to the start of her writing career, author Price earned her BFA degree from the South Carolina University in the study of Studio Art. Along with writing novels, she takes out some time to contribute to a blog called Magical Worlds, which written by the agents, writers, and editors, for the writers. The Roc and Bell Bridge publications publish all the books of Price in the US. Whenever author Price gets some spare time from writing works, she likes to indulge herself in reading for her research as well as pleasure. She even likes to paint, click pictures of the scenic beauty of nature, and enjoy hula hoop. Price is of the opinion that the hula hoop is the most entertaining exercise form present on earth. She even tries the dance with fire.

The Alex Craft series written by Kalayna Price is comprised of a total of 5 books, which were released between the years 2010 and 2016. Its first book is titled as ‘Grave Witch’ and was published by Roc in 2010. Author Price has set the plot in Nekros City, United States. The book features the primary characters in the role of Falin Andrews and Alex Craft. At the start of the book, Alex Craft is introduced as a consultant and private investigator, working for the city police. She seems to have seen much more dark magic and is known to be a grave witch, which allows her to talk to the dead people. On most occasions, she does not like what they say to her. Alex does not seem to be prepared for the cases that come her way. The latest cases require her to investigate about a high profile killing. During the investigation, Alex gets attacked by a ‘shade’ that she had been raising and she does not think that it is possible. Later, someone tries to kill her, but she is saved by Death. He seems to like staying around her. In order to solve the murder case once and for all, Alex is needed to join a tough detective named Falin Andrews. He appears to have been hiding a secret for Alex, but she doesn’t care because she knows that Falin’s help is very important to come out of the entangled web paranormal and mortal politics and to catch a killer, who uses magic to kill his victims. Alex’s life and soul may also get lost if she is not able to catch him very soon. Her determination is what keeps her going until she becomes successful in tracking down the killer.

Another exciting book published in the series is entitled ‘Grave Dance’. It was released in 2011 by the Roc publishers. Once again, Alex Craft, Death, and Falin Andrews are shown as the main leads by author Price. The book opens by showing that Alex Craft spends a period of one month to recover from her fight against a vicious sorcerer. After recovering, she seems ready and fit to begin solving murder cases once again. Because of the disappearance of Falin Andrews, Alex’s love life seems to be in turmoil. What seems more shocking to her is that Death confesses with the ‘L’ to her. With all this going on in her life, Alex desperately wishes to get distracted with some investigative work. However, the latest that comes to her appears to be a highly difficult one. Alex gets hired by the police for consultation on a very strange investigation around Nekros City’s nature preserve. What seems strange to her is that there is no dead body, but several fragments are found here and there. This makes it certain that there is a serial killer roaming freely in the city. Just like always, Alex depends on others’ magic to get closer to leads. As soon as she begins to work on the case, a dark creature starts chasing her. It becomes certain that someone is trying to stop her from moving forward with the investigation and probably wants her dead. But, she is not the one who would back down easily. Alex seems determined to fight till the end and complete the task given to her.

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