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Kali Argent is an American author of paranormal romance books. She spends her days crafting romances full of flawed heroes and heroines. When not writing, you will find her reading and drinking a cup of coffee. Kali is a self-proclaimed introvert, selectively social and lives in North Texas with her family, their two lazy dogs and an often-misunderstood cat.

Shadow Solder is the first in The Revenant series by Kali Argent. The novel is set in a future world where the world as we know it is gone, everything changed, and it’s now run, kill, or be killed. We meet Roux Jennings, who’s on the run in the company of a small group of survivors. They are ragtag humans left in a world where the humans are very few of those left with vampires, shifters, and Gemini ruling with the toughest and the strongest surviving. This event is known as the Purge. Soon enough, the Allied Races Coalition is established with everyone on top of the humans. North America is split into territories where paranormal family heads each territory, and nothing is ever the same.

Neva, Roux, Cade and her group are trying to flee Trinity Grove, where they were attacked. During this time, Roux comes across Capt: Deke Collins, a member of one of the groups that patrolled the area. Deke is a member of the peacekeepers, and his kindness surprises Roux as she is allowed to eat, shower and sleep rather than being sent to Bastille, where the rest were taken. Even more surprising, Deke takes care of Roux, protects her and introduces her to another human named Abby. But Roux and Deke have some antagonistic relationship. He tries to protect her, but Roux tries to escape, and eventually, she starts to care. As life goes on, people begin vanishing, and everyone is immediately on the edge. Mysterious things start happening as well.

Who’s the person responsible? Is the town safe or a hazard? What secret is Deke keeping? To answer these questions and more that arise throughout the chapters, getting a copy of Kali Argent’s novel is highly recommended. Remember, never get caught in the dark, or you might disappear too. Shadow Soldier is a fast-paced novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat from the first page to the last. The author has crafted unique, likeable and easy-to-connect characters. Each character has a past that you will be eager to know about in a dark and gloomy world. The tension between the main characters, Deke and Roux, can be nail-biting on several occasions, but it’s overall well-fleshed out. Deke is quite patient and tries to gain Roux’s trust and affection. There are surprising twists and turns that you won’t see coming, making this realm a little gory and darker. In addition, this isn’t your standard paranormal romance, and you will be eager to know what happens next.
Mended is the sixth novel in the 3013 Series. The series is set in the year 3013, and the world as we know it has barely survived an Alien Invasion that has torn it apart, and a mysterious virus almost ended the human population. As we face the brink of extinction, humans struggle to rekindle their civilizations, but nothing will ever be the same again. A new age of humanity is born through martial enforcement, where warrior rule and women serve as the ultimate prize.

The wealthy elites are the only people with breeding rights and the right to claim a woman in pairs. The rest of the men only dream of a day when they can claim the women they love. However, for the chosen, being claimed means the end of their freedom and the start of a lifelong journey with two strangers. While the warriors may have a choice in all these, the battle for the women they love hearts has only started.

As Mended begins, the readers learn of a scroll with supernatural abilities. We also meet Camile Brighton, a woman in the elite class, until a tragedy strikes and changes everything forever. The unique magic that once made her feel so special have become something to be feared, and she ends up finding herself a captive in her home with a world of possibilities beyond her reach. When the darkness from the past returns, forcing her to flee her home to the outer rim of the Alliance territory, she soon discovers that freedom isn’t exactly what she anticipated.

On the other hand, we meet Tariq running from his past on Helix. He has spent almost the last decade working on Beta Station 4 as a mechanical engineer. Life has clearly shown him that the person he can truly depend on is himself and no one else. He has erected an impenetrable wall around his heart and is always distrusting and suspecting anyone around him. But then, a glance at a woman carrying the scent of lavender and rain sends his world in a spiral with just a simple smile. He has never wanted more or someone, and he’s willing to travel to the end of the world to keep Cami safe. With danger looming around the corner, Tariq may be forced to say he will do anything to protect her. Can the two betrayed souls be mended by the love they share?

Kali Argent has done a fantastic job creating a world only seen in science fiction movies. The details are so vivid that you can see yourself exploring this dystopic realm. Despite their broken souls, the characters are unique, likeable, and easy to connect with. For instance, Cami is funny, quirky, and lovable. She is somehow naïve, but that also forms part of her charm. Her powerful abilities sometimes hurt her; despite this, she is always brave and strong when needed.

On the other hand, Tariq is an overly protective man. He is willing to go to extreme lengths to ensure he protects the woman he loves, even though he initially thinks of Cami as a pretty spoiled woman. He is a man who knows trouble when he sees it. The book is also filled with supporting secondary characters that you will love to connect with as they play a significant role in helping you connect with the main characters.

It’s important to note that Mended is part of the 3013 series that should be read in order and cannot be read as a standalone, as many things and people from previous books appear in this book.

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