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Publication Order of A Dog Squad Story Books

Kalvin Thane is a published author.

Thane was born in 1976. He spent his childhood growing up in Montana in Billings. He was very excited as an adult when he found that Amazon lets writers self-publish their work.

This author has always had a love of the science fiction genre. He admits that this is a big reason why he ended up choosing to write books that fall into that genre. The book Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card was a huge influence on his life and what would end up being his career.

Even though he liked reading, it was not until later in his life that he began to read on a level that could be described as voracious. He borrowed the X-Wing Legends series (Star Wars) from one of his friends while he was in college and got really into it. Ever since then, he has not stopped reading.

Kalvin Thane is the creator and the author of the A Dog Squad fictional series. The series kicked off in 2017. This is when the debut novel became available for readers to enjoy for the first time. A sequel to the fun first story came out shortly after, The sequel is titled A Hard Place and it came out in 2017 as well. If you are looking for an original science fiction story or series to enjoy, check this one out and see what you think.

Cytress Vee is the debut story in the Dog Squad fictional series of novels by author Kalvin Thane. If you’re looking for something totally new, check out this unique story to find out what happens for yourself!

As the novel opens up, the reader finds that they are in space. Two spiral arms of a galaxy also have a voice between them. Across this void, vast forces are getting ready to face off against each other. A fight is about to go down.

On one side is the Alliance. This is a tenuous group that has formed out of the various sixty civilizations. They have aligned together because they are afraid to be invaded and thus have formed their Alliance in an attempt to stay safe through safety in numbers.

The Alliance is getting ready for something that they have reason to fear. The enemy is coming, and they are as of yet unseen. Getting ready to repel their invasion and encroachment, the individuals that make up the Alliance refer to the enemy as the Creeps.

Now the area known as the Void has turned into a battleground for this conflict. The void happens to span 3,000 light years all the way across and is not as empty as its name would imply. It has its own dark worlds scattered throughout it, around ten thousand worlds in total.

It is also going to be the last chance for the Alliance when it comes to protecting the way that they live and keeping it from being changed and lost forever. As the amount of robotic self-destructive drones come across that Void continues to grow, the Alliance will find that the fleets are being brought to their breaking point.

The tide of war has now come to the front door of the Alliance. In the middle of all of this, one cruiser is carrying a team between the void and the various dark worlds. It continues to try and strike at the enemy as they advance and attempt to establish their various footholds. The team is doing their best to try and find a weakness in the enemy that they can use and can be exploited for their own advantage. This is crucial as they must find that edge before the odds stack up against them.

Now it is up to Commander Trenn along with her group of misfit marines to try and make a dent in what is going on. Can their actions make the difference that the Alliance needs in order to come out on top? Can they figure out how the enemy is planning to take over the galaxy and stop it before their Alliance ends up falling for good?

They may be able to do it if they can just stop fighting each other and unite to take on the enemy together. Can this unlikely group of misfits be the difference maker when it comes to winning the war against the Creeps? With multiple planets and millions of lives hanging in the balance, they are going to have to do their best or fail trying.

What will happen in the end? You will have to pick up your very own copy of Cytress Vee and read to the last page in order to find out!

A Hard Place is the second book in the Dog Squad series. The reader last entered this world of space and galactic conflict with the debut novel. If you enjoyed that story, then check out this exciting follow up to find out what happens in the next!

The space that is located between two spiral arms goes 3,000 light years across and now the Creeps and the forces that belong to the Alliance are fighting in it, with the winner looking to take all.

It is the civilized alliance of planets trying to fend off the advances of the Creeps and doing their best to try and maintain their independence. Bulwark is a naval cruiser that patrols the void and is carrying not just an incursion team but specialist technicians as well.

When they happen to discover an enemy vessel floating derelict in space, they become hopeful that they can get something out of this wreck. The technicians and the marines immediately start working on the ship to try and salvage some alien technology that could help them out a lot.

The Captain of the Bulwark wants to do whatever it takes to get rid of the threat the enemy poses. Even if this means that marines will sacrifice their lives. The techs quickly work to try and save the ship and tech so they can be examined. But does this ship still harbor surprises? Read this sequel to find out!

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