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Publication Order of This Poison Heart Books

This Poison Heart (2021)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of Six Points of Light Books

Hook's Origin (2015)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
The Lost Son (2016)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Cinderella Is Dead (2020)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Kalynn Bayron is a young adult fantasy author best known for her debut novel “Cinderella is Dead.” The author is a vocalist trained in the classic tradition who writes stories that appeal to readers of all ages. However, most of the novels which are reenactments of fairy tales are targeted to the young at heart. They are novels that feature mermaids, dragon tamers, members of a royal family with magical powers and vampires. She is a full time author but also has a partner, kids and interests outside of publishing. When she is not writing her novels, she can be found listening to Ella Fitzgerald, spending time with her children and husband, watching scary movies and going to the theater. Bayron currently makes her home in San Antonio Texas but was brought up in Portland, Alaska and Anchorage.

Bayron believes her passions which range from music to sports have had a great influence in her later career as a fiction author. Nonetheless, becoming a fiction author was something that she always wanted. As such, it became a common theme that runs through a lot of the things that she loves and indulges in. From the movies, literature, theatre and music she uses her passions to tell some very interesting stories. Just like many authors, she started out as a reader first and when she was a child she read pretty much everything she could get her hands on. Even though she was always reading, she never saw many characters that looked like her in the many novels she read. Kalynn Bayron decided that she would launch her career writing for people that were similar to a younger version of herself. She thus writes about colored girls in ball gowns being the heroines of her stories. “Cinderella is Dead,” her debut novel was first published in 2020.

Kalynn Bayron always loved reading fairy tales but it wasn’t until she was 26 that she saw a Black Disney princess. But it irked her that the princess spent much of the movie as a frog and set out to right the wrongs against black people. People are usually exposed to fairy tales from a very young age and these can have a significant impact on how we view the world and our role and place. The fact that colored people are not represented says they do not belong and that their existence doesn’t matter. It is from this perspective that she took the very popular Cinderella story and explored the way stories impact people. She did this while providing a new spin that reveals a new aspect about Cinderella. It took Kalynn Baron eight months to write the manuscript of her debut novel in 2016. It would take several rounds of edits and changes before it was bought by Bloomsbury who published it in 2020.

“Cinderella is Dead” by Kalynn Baron is set two centuries after Cinderella finally finds her prince. But the fairy tale is long over and teenage girls now have to attend the Annual Ball where they display their finery to allow the men of the kingdom to select the ones they like. If a girl does not attract the interest of a man, she will be gone and will never come back onto the scene. Sophia is a sixteen year old who would prefer to marry her best friend from childhood rather than be a peacock in front of arrogant men she barely knew. When she attends the annual ball but flees and hides in Cinderella’s mausoleum. It is there that she meets the supposed last descendant of Cinderella named Constance. Together with his sisters they make a vow to take down the king and in doing so learn that the Cinderella story had more to it than they had imagined. It is an interesting and unique take on a classical tale that comes with great twists and a relatable, well crafted and powerful lead character in Sophia.

“Hook’s Origin” by Kalyn Bayron is set in St Catherine, which is ground zero for the forgotten, misfits and the only place James Cook calls home. He had been abandoned there as a child and had been brought up by Sister Maddie who had been almost like the mother he never had. Growing up at the orphanage, he had battled a string of illnesses and spent much of his time in bed. One night, a distraught mother delivers a young boy to the orphanage. He is a mischievous boy named Peter who walks around with other boys with similar character that James wants nothing to do with. Peter’s charisma draws many of the younger boys at St Catherine but James who is wiser and older isn’t so easily impressed. Over time, the two boys come to know each other better and Peter tells him that he harbors a dark secret. It is a secret that could change James’ life and set both him and his new acquaintance on a path towards Neverland. It is a place only known to dreamers and children but not fate has it in James’ path.

Kalyn Bayron’s “The Lost Son” is the story of Finn Cook, a child taken into the care of Wendy, his aunt, after his father goes missing. His aunt lives in an upper class neighborhood in London and keeps a close eye on the boy as he grows into a young man. But as he grows up his aunt undergoes a mysterious and shocking transformation. In no time at all, she goes from a vivacious and vibrant woman to a shell of her former self. The end is ever closer on the horizon but just as he accepts that the grim reaper will rid him of the only person that has been family, something unexpected and strange happens. One evening while he is in his room, he overhears a man urgently asking Wendy to skip town with him. When he barges into her room to investigate, she discovers that she had already left without leaving any clues of where she had gone. He is now uncovering some secrets about his past when he is whisked off to Neverland by James Hook the swarthy captain. It is the place his aunt had always told him stories about and where he learns about the secrets that have been in his family for generations.

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