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Kandi Steiner is a bestselling romance author from Tampa Florida who loves to style herself a whiskey connoisseur.
She has made a name for herself writing emotional rollercoaster novels that are all about raw and real romance in all its forms and bringing to life flawed characters. The best thing about her novels is that even though they are all inspirational, emotional and angsty reads no two novels are the same.

Steiner is originally from Cleveland in Oklahoma, a small town just outside Tulsa even though she has lived in Florida for more than sixteen years now. Both of these places have made it into her novels, even though much of her small town romances are inspired by her time living in Cleveland.

Outside of her writing, she calls herself a results driven and passionate professional that dedicates her life to making her mark in the fast evolving and ever growing field of communication.

Before she became a full time author, she was a social media specialist and also did content creation and copywriting focusing on creative direction. Steiner has a lot of experience in public relations, advertising, account and project management. She published “Tag Chaser,” her debut novel, in 2013.

Steiner went to the University of Central Florida, from where she earned her degree in advertising/public relations and creative writing double major and minored in Women’s Studies.

She knew she was destined to be an author from a very young age when she read the first installment of “Harry Potter” in the 4th grade. When Kandi was in the 6th grade she penned the articles, and edited her own newspaper, after which she proceeded to distribute copies to her classmates.

It was not long before the school principal got wind of her exploits and put a stop to the paper, even though she fought tooth and nail for freedom of the press for herself.

During her college years, she would become interested in becoming a romance author. But work would get in the way as she went on to work in advertising PR and corporate social media management.

When Kandi is not writing her novels, she can be found devouring all manner of books though romance is her favorite genre. She also loves to spend time with family and friends, her very vocal cat, and also enjoys sweet wine, craft beer, live music, movie marathons, traveling, beach days and anything heavy in carbs.

As for why she got into romance, Kandi Steiner has said that she always thought romance was one of the most powerful emotions humans felt. Scientists have tried to break down every emotion but have yet to decode love.

She thinks that while love comes with scientific components such as brain chemicals, the fact that it transcends so many survival instincts makes it an enigma. This means that it is one of the most powerful things in the universe that we are yet to understand.

Steiner likes to write about what it feels to have your heart broken and to fall in love in addition to everything that comes in between those two states. She loves writing new adult romances, as she believes that much self discovery when it comes to romance comes during the ages of 18-30.

It is at this age that we come to determine how we love, who we love and whether or not the love we have will survive. Her favorite kind of writing is flawed, messy immature kind, which is what many love adventures are anyway.

Kandi Steiner’s novel “On the Rocks” is a steamy romance that introduces two lovebirds that could not be any more different.
Ruby Grace Barnett had always been told from when she was a child that Noah Becker was a troublesome person. He used to giggle at the games she played, kicked his pew in church and did about everything they were told not to do. The Beckers are wild and this notion is on repeat in her mind as Ruby walks into the whisky distillery to buy a wedding gift for her finance knowing very well Noah works there.

He is rude, sweaty and dirty but she cannot escape the man, given that she lives in a small town. Every time she runs into the man, she only gets more infuriated as he sees her like no one else does – the real person she is.

Ruby is a mayor’s daughter that has never been allowed to be what she wants to be. She is now engaged and is soon to be married to a politician just like her father and mother always wanted, so that she could fulfil the family legacy.

But then Noah gets her questioning everything including whether she really wants to get married. She had been told he was trouble but she never listened.

In “Neat” by Kandi Steiner we continue to follow another brilliant love story of another of the wild Becker boys.
Mallory Scooter had sworn that she would never work in a distillery in her life. She is a member of the Cooter family, which has been rivals with the Becker family for years but she refuses to be part of her father’s legacy. But when she graduated and could not find a job with her art degree, she decided to give in to her fathers wishes.

Moreover, he had promised to get her the studio she always wanted. But when she starts work, she finds that Logan Becker is her new boss. The reputation of the wild Becker brothers has always preceded them.

But since she has always loved trouble it is not surprising that she starts falling hard for Logan from the moment she sees him. However, the Cooters and Beckers are like the Capulets and Montagues, and she is not surprised that the handsome lean and whiskey eyed Logan hates her.
If she is Juliet then he is Romeo and she does not want to die and tells herself that she will steer clear of him. If her father learned that she was fraternising with the enemy both of their lives would be forfeit.

“Manhattan,” the third novel of the “Becker Brothers” series of novels by Kandi Steiner, is the story of Michael Becker. Everyone knows that falling in love with your best friend is the worst thing one could ever do but Michael Becker makes this impossible for Kylie Nelson not to.

He is a charming thief, devastatingly handsome and sentimental musician that goes everywhere with his guitar. Kylie has convinced herself that she is hers since they have a bond forged in elementary school.

This has been strengthened over the years by circumstance and they have since pledged to be there for each other no matter what. Kylie lives her life for Mike until the worst happens and watches helplessly as he falls in love with someone else and comes back crying to her when she dumps him.
But the worst is yet to come as he announces that he will be leaving for New York. She has to tell him that she loves him before he leaves. It is only one chance she has of reminding him that there was more to the small town he wants to leave behind than the girl that had left him. She dreams that he too feels what she feels for him.

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