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The Cheerleaders (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Champions (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Darkest Corners (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Little Monsters (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
That Weekend (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Out of the Ashes (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lost to Dune Road (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Kara Thomas is a renowned American writer of young adult, mystery, thriller, contemporary, and fiction novels. She has written several mind blowing standalone novels in her career and is highly popular for her work. Kara is also a well-known television producer and television writer. Her best-known works include the Prep School Confidential series, which she has written under the pen name of Kara Taylor. Author Kara was born as Kara Mustafa on March 21, 1990. She was brought up on Long Island, New York, where she attended the Stony Brook University and obtained an English degree. Kara wrote her first novel as Kara Taylor when she was in the final year of college. In 2013, she entered into a blind script contract with Warner Brothers TV for a TV pilot. The project is yet to be given a title. In the same year, it was announced that Will McCormack and Rashida Jones have been roped in for developing Kara’s dramedy series called The Revengers. In this CW production, Kara has been taken in as co-executive producer and writer.

Kara’s debut novel, Prep School Confidential, was awarded 5 stars by Romantic Times and was praised for shining with a puzzling plot and showcasing a grisly murder which speaks to the maturity of Kara’s audience. The journal also praised the adventuring spirit and no-nonsense personality of the protagonist. Likewise, several other literary magazines and journals have spoken highly of Kara’s book and her storytelling style. Currently, Kara resides on Long Island with her loving husband and a rescue cat. She likes to spend most of her daytime writing novels and takes breaks only to be with her family and friends. According to Kara, a great young adult thriller is the one which has submersive, inventive twists. She thinks a thrilling story must hold up and satisfy and surprise the readers from start to finish. One of her favorite authors of YA thriller is Tiffany Jackson as she sees all these elements in Tiffany’s books.

Coming up with exciting and crazy twists is something that Kara finds most fun about writing thriller stories. The hardest part for her in this regard is ensuring that the twists and turns hold up until the right time. Kara believes that a thriller or mystery plot resembles a Jenga tower, removing one piece from anywhere can bring the entire structure down. For Kara, there are a lot of differences in adult and teen thrillers. As teens do not have access to the numerous amounts of resources as compared to adults, their approach to investigate a case of mystery differs accordingly. Therefore, Kara finds teen thrillers as more compelling. She also likes the way protagonists in teen thrillers have to come up with creative ideas to deal with their schooling and similar other limitations.

Whenever Kara sits down to write a mystery, she establishes the end before the start. Author Kara gets inspiration for her books from numerous sources. She spends a lot of time reading online material on Reddit and also listens to podcasts. For character inspirations, she sometimes looks into her past relationships and mines them to develop compelling heroes and villains. Nowadays, Kara is looking forward to finishing the writing part of the novels that she is currently working on along with reading the upcoming books of her favorite novelists like Courtney Summers, Tiffany Jackson, Kimberly Reid, Amelia Brunskill, and Caleb Roehrig.

A popular novel written by author Kara Thomas is entitled ‘The Darkest Corners’. It was released by the Delacorte publication in 2016. This novel features the primary characters in the roles of Callie, Tessa, Wyatt Stokes, Lori Cawley, etc. Kara has set the story in Fayette, Pennsylvania. The book opens by showing that Fayette is filled with ghosts in every corner. Tessa and Callie are introduced as childhood friends. Tessa moved out of Fayette at the age of nine. From the time she left, she has been trying to forget what happened in Fayette last summer. Tessa is well aware that memories of dark things will burn her mind if she lets them come to her mind. Callie did not leave Fayette. She just moved to a different house. Now, she does not have to pass through the same halls again.

Callie has always been the stronger one among the two. She is brave enough to stare into the face of demons. Callie thinks that if she parties hard, the demons will disappear forever. Since the day Tessa and Callie saw a disturbing scene of a murder, they have not talked about it. Following the trial of Wyatt Stokes in the murder of Lori Cawley, Tessa relocated and Callie drifted. This way, the childhood friends lost touch. Tessa has always been bothered by questions about the murder and the subsequent trial. When things do not seem to add up, she decides to head back to Fayette to find out the truth. But, she is not aware that a killer is waiting for her to shut her mouth once and for all so as to not let the truth out. This book is a psychological thriller involving girls telling lies and those lies turning into deadly truths.

Another exciting novel penned by Kara is known as ‘Little Monsters’. It was also published by the Delacorte Press in 2017. The central characters featured in this book include Kacey Young, Bailey, Jade, Lauren, Andrew, etc. The setting takes place in Broken Falls, Wisconsin. Initially, it is depicted that Kacey Young arrives in Broken Falls. As she moves in with her dad, she encounters an entirely new life. Kacey is exposed to new relations, comprising of a stepmother, a stepbrother, and a loving half-sister. Kacey finds this new life quite charming as compared to the old with her mother that had many highs & lows. She feels that people in Broken Falls are very nice and also makes some new friends in the form of Jade and Bailey. They invite her to all the activities they do.

But, when Kacey’s new friends start distancing themselves from her, she finds it very odd. And when they do not invite her to their big party, she becomes sure that something is wrong. But, she doesn’t get answers to her questions because Bailey does not reach home after the party. All of a sudden, Kacey doesn’t find the new town welcoming at all. The people around her start blaming her for the terrible thing that happened with Bailey and expect answers from her. Kacey doesn’t appreciate this sudden change in the attitude of the people towards her. Later, she realizes that looks can be deceiving sometimes and being the new girl in town, she should have not trusted anyone in the first place.

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