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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Like Normal People (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Town of Empty Rooms (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

Anything for Money (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Publication Order of Anthologies

Ploughshares Spring 2005 Guest-Edited by Martin Espada(2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Granta 91: Wish You Were Here(2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
It's a Boy: Women Writers on Raising Sons(2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ploughshares Fall 2007(2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Astoria to Zion(2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Goodbye to All That(2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
27 Views of Wilmington(2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Love in the Time of Time's Up: A Short Fiction Anthology(2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Karen E. Bender is one of the prolific American female novelist, who has shown top excellent performance in her career as a novelist. This is by writing the best novels that have greatly attracted the attention of her reader world-wide. She attended the University of Lowa and has won several nominees like the National Book Award for Fiction. Currently, she is the distinguished visiting professor of creative writing at the University of Hollins. Besides this, she is also the coordinator of the nonfiction anthology choice. Karen E. Bender taught fiction writing at various universities, hence she is one of the most prominent fiction writing lecturers recognized in some of the big universities world-wide. She taught at the Writer’s Voice program that is based in New York. She also taught the MFA programs in various universities like in the university of North Carolina Wilmington, Chatham University, and Tunghai University in Taiwan.

Due to her excellent work, she has got different grants from the National Endowment and Rona Jaffe Foundation for the arts. She always writes short stories and most of her books have appeared in the magazines like the Granta, The New Yoker, The Kenyon Review, Narrative and Zoetrope among others. One of her fiction has also been anthologized in the Best American Short Stories, New Stories from the South, Best American Mystery stories. The Pushcart Prize series, which is one of her best series has been read at the Symphony Space in New York as part of the top selected stories. Read her books today and you will definitely love her stories.

Karen E. Bender has done several books in her writing career and her pioneer book was published in 1993. This was known as the Atlas of Clinical Neonatology. Don’t Squat with Yer Spurs On! this is her second book that was published in 1997. After this, she has done other smart novels that you will find very fantastic.

Her two books known as Like Normal People and A Town of Empty Room are some of her top rated books. The two books were published on 15th April 2001 and 15th January 2013 respectively. The books are available online where you can always get to purchase your own copy or even read online. They are also available locally both at the bookshops and libraries. Get a copy of any of the books and you will definitely love the story.

Like Normal People

This is one of the best novels that has been done by Karen E. Bender. The book was published on 15th April 2001 and has about 288 pages. It is her one bestselling books that have greatly attracted the attention of her readers world-wide. The main character in the book is known as Lena. The story revolves about a given family that is based on an off-kilter center. Lena, who is about 48 years old is not behaving maturely and this is the reason why she is locked in her childhood. She lives with her widowed mother and a cousin. Lena decides to escape with the 12-years old cousin and this is something that leaves the mothers in a critical state. She is very caring and takes a step of looking for her daughter and niece.

In the book, we find out that Karen E. Bender has tried to create scene of both the past and present. This is because we find the three characters in the book are in search of love in the world where normalcy is elusive and at the same time, the three entire lifetime is just shown in a single day. This is therefore a very heartbreaking, hilarious and unforgettable family drama that has just recently resonates after a long past that was turned. It is therefore one of the best fiction books that you will love reading. This small summary of the book is just to give you an urge to go on with the reading. By so doing, you will find out whether the three really found love and acceptance in the world of where normalcy is elusive.

The book is available at your local library and bookshop where you can always grab a copy of the book and enjoy the smart fiction story written by Karen E. Bender. They are also available online at pocket friendly prices.

A Town of Empty Rooms

This is the other smart fiction book written by Karen E. Bender. The book was published on 15th January 2013 and has about 352 pages. This, therefore, implies that you can read it just in a couple of days to follow the fantastic story. The two protagonist characters in the book are known as Serena and Dan Shine. The two experience the same challenge in their lives as Dan lost his elder brother while at the same time, Serana’s father passes away. Due to the actions of Serena, a family and their two small children have just been sent off from New York. This desperate family therefore decides to go Waring, North Carolina. This is the town that can offer Dan a job. On the other hand, Serena has just been enmeshed with the small Jewish congregation in a certain town that is ruled by an esoteric rabbi. This happens in the Bible belt of America and the behaviors of the rabbi are very awkward and continues to threaten the future of his flock. A neighbor, who is very vigilant and mysterious has decided to draw them into the Boy Scouts. Dan does not know the intentions of their neighbor, but accepts the offer. When the matters of identity, faith, family and community fall into the crosshairs of the contemporary, a lot of tension is felt within the small town of America.

This is just but a small summary of the novel that gives you the how Serana and Dan finds life after losing their close family members. Did Serena find a way out to calm the rising tension? Was Dan able to know the intentions of their mystery neighbor? These are some of the questions that you can only answer by reading this smart fiction book. Get a copy today for an advanced reading and you will really love it.

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