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Karen Fenech is a bestselling author of suspense novels and other works. She has been on the USA Today bestsellers’ list and has written short suspense works, romance novels, and erotic romance novels as well. Her novels and short fiction have been translated into several languages and debuted to critical acclaim.

Fenech is the author of The Protectors series, a romantic suspense series with over five novels, and the erotic romance series Surrender. She loves spending time with her husband Andrew and her family or her daughter Pamela. She knows that writing is a pretty solitary gig and enjoys hearing from her writers through the use of her website. In her spare time, she likes to watch movies, shop, or kick back in a comfortable chair and read.

Karen Fenech is also the author of the Malice series, with the first book published in 2016 being titled Breath of Malice. She is also the composer of the novels Unholy Angels, Betrayal, and Gone. She has also written short fiction that appeared in the collection Three Short Stories of Suspense in 2011. She has also written the novellas Deadly Thoughts, Secrets, The Plan, and Watching the Waves.

She says that her book Unholy Angels was composed over a period of two years. Fenech admits that it was written in pieces in strange places like deli counters, cash registers, and in waiting rooms. She would put down scenes while out running errands in a notebook that she would carry in her purse and would type them up when she got back home. Fenech says that she has wanted to write novels ever since the age of ten years old, where she tried to write a book inspired by the mysteries of the girl detective Nancy Drew.

As Fenech got older, she still continued to read mystery novels and noticed that she enjoyed not only solving the puzzle put forth but loved when the characters had new developments in their romantic lives. So she knew that when she wrote Unholy Angels it would have to have at least a little bit of romance. She says that her love of suspense and mystery means that her characters would be looking for love and face danger at the same time!

The first book in the Protectors series is Impostor. It was published in 2011. It is about a group of people that are referred to as the protectors. While they are a team, they do work independently and physically far away on a regular basis. At times there are entire oceans between them but while they work. But even though they are far away, they still have strong ties to each other. Where they are not related by bond, they are related by blood.

No matter what, this team of men and women is seriously experienced. They work in the military, in government intelligence, and in law enforcement. They work to defend, serve, and protect. But this time, they may be in over their head. Just don’t tell this capable team that.

When Dr. Eve Collins figures out that she has been set up to be a scapegoat by someone who is trying to do their best to hide their guilt. She is a chemist and for some reason, the C.I.A. thinks that she has somehow been simultaneously marketing and developing a chemical weapon. Where did they get this idea? Probably from whoever wants her dead and to take the fall for something that she had nothing to do with.

At this point, there is no room for mistakes with this chemist. Every move counts, and she must make an effort to trust the agent of central intelligence that is assigned to the case. But when she starts to develop feelings for this agent, she must figure out whether it is safe to fall completely. Then again, the way things have been going, maybe this is the only chance she’ll have.

The only problem is that John Burke, the C.I.A. operative assigned to protect the chemist, doesn’t believe that she is innocent. And when there is an attempt on her life, he simply thinks that it’s just the person that she was working with turning on her. But things are not making sense with Eve and this whole situation. With the number of questions he has growing more numerous by the day, Burke must figure out whether he is having a change of heart due to his attraction to her or he really is starting to believe that she is being set up.

Regardless of what he believes, it’s John’s job to figure out who or where her assassin is and to protect her at any cost. He figures that the only way to get away is to go on the run and try and catch the fox as it goes after the chicken. While it’s a solution that will only work in the short term, he needs some way to get ahead of this and stop the killer once and for all. Pick up this book to see how John and Dr. Eve fare!

Snowbound is the second book in the Protectors series. It was published in 2013. The group of protectors is back, this time with Mallory Burke at the forefront. She is a Special Agent for the F.B.I. and when she gets into a car on her way to a mountain cabin, she has no idea that they are going there to be tortured and killed. But when a horrible snowstorm ends up killing everyone in the car except for her and she has now survived only to confront a blizzard on the mountain, things go from nightmare to an even worse survival nightmare. All of this because her cover was blown in a human trafficking criminal organization.

She has survived, but so has the Police Captain Gage Broderick. This mysterious cop is haunted by his past, and he doesn’t want to get involved in her investigation at all. But if they can catch a man that is out there, they may just save the lives of twelve women. Complicating it all is his attraction to her, and the fact that someone wants her dead. Can they stop him before it’s too late? Pick up this book to find out!

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