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Karen Hattrup is a renowned American writer of young adult, contemporary, new adult, romance, LGBT, coming of age, and realistic fiction stories. She made her debut in the field of writing with her 2016 novel called Frannie and Tru. This book helped her achieve a lot of success and fame. In October 2019, Hattrup came up with the second book of her career with the hope of making it big once again. In her books, Hattrup mostly describes the stories of gay and queer couples and/or lovers. She has developed a huge fan-following in the LGBT community because of her work. Many critics believe that she is among the very few authors of today’s generation who helps to fight for the rights of the LGBT, queer, and gay people by telling their stories and helping others understand their struggles. Author Hattrup was brought up in the Washington, DC suburbs. She has one brother.

Under the guidance of her parents, Hattrup got indulged in books at an early age and developed a keen interest in reading different genres of books. Author Hattrup studied at Loyola University, Maryland and obtained a degree in Journalism. Following her graduation, she started working as a newspaper reporter. Initially, she was employed in Maryland and then moved to Indiana in relation to her reporting work. Hattrup’s work in the field of journalism, mainly required writing features. Sometimes, she also served as an arts critic and has won several awards for it. A few years later, Hattrup joined the University of John Hopkins and studied creative & nonfiction writing. This course helped her write and publish 2 young adult books, which were bought by HarperCollins for publishing. As of today, Hattrup resides on the outskirts of Baltimore along with her family, which consists of her loving husband, a son, and a daughter.

In her debut book, Hattrup has described the story of two cousins, Truman and Frannie Little. Frannie discovers that Truman is a queer when she overhears her parents fighting. She also learns that Truman’s parents are sending him to stay with her family for the upcoming summer. When Truman arrives at her home, Frannie befriends him. She discovers that Truman is confident, rich, sophisticated, and cynical, everything that she is not. Together, they undergo a journey of unraveling secrets and magic. Author Hattrup received a lot of praise for her unique work in her debut novel. While growing up, Hattrup was a big fan of Lois Lowry and Louis Sachar’s books. She used to read them all day. During her childhood, she aspired to become a writer or a zookeeper.

In her spare time, Hattrup likes to spend time with her children and husband, read as many books as she can, explore the different corners of Baltimore, and try her hand at learning how to cook. The Baltimore Ravens are her favorite team. While pursuing her college degree, Hattrup had spent a whole semester touring Thailand. She finds it quite surprising for a person like herself. Hattrup likes to interact with people and connect with other writers to share knowledge. She can be found on Twitter most of the time, giving out updates about the latest happenings in her writing career or the exciting things that she looks forward to doing. Hattrup hopes to receive lots of support and love from her fans in the years to come and become a much more successful author.

The debut book written by author Karen Hattrup is entitled ‘Frannie and Tru’. It was released by HarperTeen publication in 2016. This electrifying achingly relatable, and absorbing novel revolves around the lives of the main characters named Frannie Little and Truman. It depicts a dazzling young adult story based on a transformative summer in a girl’s life, who discovers that her idol is totally different from what she thought he was. Initially, Frannie Little is introduced as the cousin of Truman. She is fifteen and Truman is seventeen. Truman is rich, charismatic, and charming. Frannie idolizes him and wishes to wear his lifestyle someday. Frannie is desperate to be with Truman and observe him closely.

One day, she eavesdrops her parents having a quarrel about Truman and learns that he is coming to her house to spend the summer. This news fills Frannie with excitement. She starts making plans to impress Truman. Their first meeting goes smoothly and slowly many secrets begin to come out. Frannie is swept up in the worldly life of Truman and begins to worry that he may be wearing a mask to keep his real identity hidden. She even worries that if Truman does not turn out to be the person that she thought he was, then what will happen to the hopes of a new life that she has always dreamed of him. This novel deals with the issues of class, sexuality, and race. Hattrup has woven a powerful story that appears to be immediate and timeless, recognizable, and sharply observed.

Another wonderful book penned by Hattrup is called ‘Our Year in Love and Parties’. It was also published by HarperTeen in October 2019. The lead characters of this novel include Tucker Campanelli, Bobby, and Erika Green. Initially, Tucker Campanelli is introduced as a simple man, who is aware that some relationships require time and effort to blossom. His life seems to be steady and simple with his mother and his best friend named Bobby. Tucker’s father only shows himself when he wants to bring him down. Erika Green is Tucker’s old girlfriend, whose arrival into his life after a certain gap stirs up old attachments. A part of Tucker wants to hold himself and not get indulged with Erika again, but another part of him does not want to lose her again. Erika used to be a happy girl, who loved to surprise people. But, after experiencing some hardships in life, she just wants to focus on her college studies and leave her past behind. Coming across Tucker Campanelli doesn’t make things easy for her. She finds that there is still an undeniable attraction between them that both of them find too hard to hide.

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