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The American author Karen Kijewski is a mystery writer of much acclaimed suspense novels, with a whole string of books to her name, primarily focusing on her long-running and highly regarded Kat Colorado series of books. Respected by her many peers and contemporaries alike, along with being a success amongst the general public as well, she has garnered much success over the years with her unique and ever distinctive voice. With a life-long affinity for the written word and literature in general, her much beloved character has left a strong impression on the industry for many years to come, both nationally and internationally. Not only that, but she is at the forefront of her genre, having become one of the most prolific voices to date, with her ability to weave both suspense and intrigue together in one intoxicating mix.

Early and Personal Life

Born in 1943 in Berkeley, California in the United States, the author Karen Kijewski was born and raised in the area. With the University of California professor Clarence Glacken as her father, she always had a strong academic background to her upbringing. Nurturing her passion for both reading and writing from a very young age, she went on to develop her writing talents as a fully fledged novelist in her adult career.

Going on to follow in her father’s footsteps, she went on to gain an M.A., preceded by a B.A., from the University of Berkeley herself. These degrees helped her to build the foundations she needed to carve herself a successful career as an author, giving her the tools she needed to follow her chosen profession. They would also enable her to hone and refine her voice in the years to come, creating the style and tone for which she’d come to be revered for.

Working in Massachusetts for some time prior to becoming a full-time novelist, the author Karen Kijewski was also an English teacher. Taking this position for over a decade, she was able to harness her skills as a writer, allowing her to full understand the craft as a whole. Then, moving to Sacramento in California, she undertook bartending in order to support herself whilst she became a fully fledged author.

Continuing to write to this day, with a well established brand behind her, she lives with her husband and their two daughters. Building upon her success as a novelist, there’s a lot more to come from her as a writer, as she continues on with her passion, something which is clearly reflected within her work. As more books are expected to be released in the near future, this looks like something that’s set to continue for some time to come.

Writing Career

Although Karen Kijewski’s first book, Katwalk, received somewhat mixed reviews from the critics, it still went onto win awards. Initially released in 1989, it managed to build traction for her career as a writer, establishing her name as one to watch for the years to come. The general public responded well to it and she won both the Anthony Award and Shamus Award in 1990 for her effort.

This was also the title that helped spawn her long-running and highly popular Kat Colorado series, which both critics and readers alike have warmed to. Running for over nine titles so far and counting, they’ve charted the case files of the eponymous Sacramento based private investigator. Over the course of the series she’s also worked well at establishing her character, creating an in-depth and charismatic lead.

Writing in a clear and highly accessible style, Karen Kijewski has managed to capture a wide audience over the duration of her career. Creating characters that are engaging and plot-lines that are involving, she’s been able to tap into something that’s different, whilst still respecting the conventions of the genre. This is something that will carry on into the foreseeable future, as her writing career grows from strength-to-strength for years to come.


Originally published in 1988 on the 1st of September, this was to be the first novel from Karen Kijewski as an author. It was also to be the first main book that introduced the character of Kat Colorado as a protagonist to the world. Setting up the style and the tone of what was to follow, it works at establishing what was to come in the forthcoming franchise as a whole.

What starts out as a seemingly routine assignment, soon spills over into something much much more as the eponymous private investigator Kat Colorado finds that she may be over her head. Supposedly investigating a man’s finances, she finds that she is soon sent into a darkened underworld that is filled with both suspense and intrigue. With a madman out there as well, she finds herself tangled in his web of scheming, which is illegal, elaborate and dangerous all the way. Will she be able to get to the bottom of it all? Can she make it out alive? What will become of Kat Colorado as she takes a step on the Katwalk?

Stray Kat Waltz

The ninth and most recent book in the ongoing Kat Colorado franchise, this was initially published in 1998 on the first of August. Brought out through the Berkeley publishing label, it continues the the story in much the same vein as the previous novels, giving the readers more of what they want. That’s not to say that it doesn’t offer some surprising twists and turns along the way as well, as it further develops the character arcs and story overall.

This time Kat Colorado is found still reeling from the events of the previous novels, as she’s attempting to come to terms with the loss of Hank. That’s when Sara Bernard gives her a case whereby she informs Kat that her husband could be trying to kill her and he must be stopped. The problem doesn’t end there though, as the husband is a well respected policeman in the community, whilst Sarah herself is becoming increasingly erratic as time goes on. Who is telling the truth? Where could the killer strike? What will become of a stray Kat waltz?

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  1. Chandra Hauptman: 8 months ago

    Missing the continuation of this series. Will we ever see another Kat Colorado book? What happened?

  2. kat newkirk: 2 years ago

    I tried to track Ms.Kijewski down via the California chapter of Mystery Writers of America.They couldn’t (or wouldn’t) put me in contact, but they said the publisher cut her loose because they were disappointed with sales. So ends the Kat Colorado series, killed by greed.I can only hope there are more Kat books yet to be published, and that someday a new publisher will release them.

  3. Peggy DOWLING: 2 years ago

    I am starting to read the Kat Colorado for the third time! I love this series! But I find myself wondering why you ended the series at nine books? Did you lose your Hank?


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