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A War of Hearts (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Sea of Smoke (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Turn To Dust (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hearts Lost In Ashes (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Karen Lynn
Author Karen Lynn, who is a native New Yorker, has always enjoyed writing short stories with intense characters battling to find love and survive in a troubled world, and poetry.

After toiling for years in the legal field, she moved with her kid to Oregon. Inspired by the creative culture and rain in Portland, she has been able to follow her dream of penning novels.

While she loves writing, she always listens to alternative rock because when she sits down, it creates the proper mood for her. She molds and control them and they end up apart of her. Karen’s able to reveal each of her wildest emotions, fantasies, and dreams, live them all and hopefully bring them to life in the minds of her readers, too.

Her goal is to make relatable situations and characters that inspire, motivate, and heal everybody that has been in some toxic relationship, or struggled with emotional and mental instability, dealt with insecurities, fear,s and overcame them.

Karen likes getting inside the minds of all her main characters when she writes. It is a therapeutic, mind boggling out of body experience unlike any other.

Karen’s debut novel, called “A War of Hearts”, was released in the year 2019. Her work is from the suspense, romance, and thriller genres.

“A War of Hearts” is the first novel in the “Hearts in Torment” series and was released in the year 2019. Three troubled souls each tangled up in a web of obsessive love. Logan is poison, which Kristen knows too well. She’s developed a hatred for his decadent increasingly risque lifestyle. Every single time she tells herself she is finished, she never actually is. The hypnotic power he’s got over her pulls her back in like an addiction.

Logan’s weak grasp on reality crumbles. He thinks he’s reaching out for some elusive kind of fulfillment. At times he can find it in booze, deviant sex, and drugs. At other times, there is just darkness. Powerful, handsome, and rich, he could have anybody he wants. However he is obsessed with Kristen and will not let her go.

Jake is a struggling artist that has a powerful determination to follow his dream. However, he’s just another beautiful mess. Off on a journey to find some happiness and put his life back together, he longs to escape the shadows his past leaves. First, he has to defeat those unrelenting nightmares going on in his head.

Fate brings Jake and Kristen together, it rattles both of their worlds. Love’s not in their plans that day in Central Park, however there’s no returning. Kristen finds she is caught between Jake and Long, both of whom are wildfires. Explosive passion and jealousy erupt into dark obsession, all that remains is vengeance.

“A Sea of Smoke” is the second novel in the “Hearts in Torment” series and was released in the year 2019. Two men obsessed with a woman caught in the middle. Kristen wears a smile to survive. She spends her nights dreaming about Jake, that lover she left behind, while her days are spent with Logan in a nightmare, and is unsatisfied having won.

Jake doesn’t have the comfort of dreaming something pleasant. Shallow gratifications fail in quieting his raging mind. Haunted by his lover’s vanishing and the murder of his best friend, he becomes obsessed. With all of this on the line, she plays the game and only bends to the will of Logan, despite all of the pain it brings to her.

Without anything left he can lose, Jake lives on the edge. Consumed by his emptiness, he is never going to rest until he finds the woman that he loves. And hurt that guy that wrecked his entire world. The tables have turned, and the stakes are at all-time high. Now, it’s just a matter of time before the fine line between hate and love gets crossed.

“Turn to Dust” is the third novel in the “Hearts in Torment” series and was released in the year 2019. Too many lies and secrets. The demons have returned with a vengeance.

Kristen’s a survivor, only this time she has gone too far. She left behind a mess, one that is simply impossible to clean up. When Logan took all the heat, it appeared to be the perfect solution. Freedom for her, redemption for him. Karma betrays her, however.

Logan never does a single thing selflessly, and needs the ultimate reward for his sacrifice. A reward that’s going to destroy Jake, something she cannot let happen. Jake flies high. Karma fixed all of the broken pieces and caged up the beast. Crowned the underdog as the victor. Kristen is his. Jake is now the happiest guy on earth. No more giving in to temptation, jealousy, or lust for revenge. It’d ruin it all, and only a psycho would dare.

Logan’s plan backfired, and they think that he’s just a human punching bag. They don’t know, however suffering and pain just fuel this beast. Enter the twisted world of toxic love. If you dare.

“Hearts Lost in Ashes” is the fourth novel in the “Hearts in Torment” series and was released in the year 2020. Love is the most powerful emotion that’s ever existed. And then there is obsession. Close your eyes and count to ten. Time to love again.

Amazing just how badly people cannot live and let live. How everybody can be so driven by jealousy, greed, and vengeance. It is Logan’s turn to carry the burden of her guilt along with his own. He is the root of both her and Jake’s problems, however it isn’t the end all. Trouble follows them all just like the plague. Disastrous trouble. The sort that Logan taught her to recognize.

She’s earned her freedom and intends to collect, too. To begin again with her new family. Free and clear of Logan for good. No worries, however, Kristen’s got the perfect plan. She is determined, strong, and loyal. This time around, she is ready. Kristen Holder, about to be Wolf, isn’t a victim any longer. Nobody’s going to ruin her world. Or take what is rightfully hers. Two guys obsessed over the same woman. The tables have now turned. Now, she’s willing to die for just one of them.

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