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Publication Order of One of Us Books

One of Us Is Lying (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
One of Us Is Next (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
One of Us Is Back (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Two Can Keep a Secret (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Cousins (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
You'll Be the Death of Me (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Nothing More to Tell (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Such Charming Liars (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Karen M. McManus is a young adult writer and a New York Bestselling author. The award-winning author is a holder of a master’s degree in journalism graduating from the Northern University of Massachusetts. She uses the skills learned from her studies in coming up with fake news to create her novels.

Karen McManus’s book One Of Us Is Lying has been translated into over thirty-eight languages. She also has othered other books, and all of them received great recognition from different authors and readers for their high level of originality and creativity.

One of Us is Lying

One of Us is Lying gives an account of five students who walked into detention, but only four manage to leave alive. The mysterious killing leaves a lot of questions unanswered meaning that someone among the group was responsible for the murder.

At Bayview high walk, five students walk into detention on a Monday afternoon. Their characters and lives are different where Addy is a beauty and also a homecoming princess, Nate is on probation for dealing drugs.

Brown is a brain bound for Yale and is never seen with any account of breaking the rules. Simon is considered an outcast and the creator of a renowned gossip app at their school while cooper is an athlete and an all-star baseball pitcher. It is only Simon that never walks out of detention, and a more in-depth look into his death seems to raise significant questions classifying his death as a murder.

The investigations reveal that he had scheduled to disclose a number of secrets for all the four students that were with him in detention. These facts make the four of those that walked out suspects to the murder but pointing out who was responsible becomes the hustle. However, there is a possibility in which the killer could have come from outside. It seems that the motive of the murder could be connected to secrets that Simon was about to release the next day. The students who were together with the slain victim were considered high profile, and each seemed to have heard secrets that would ruin their reputation.
The big task, however, lies in uncovering who would have gone to the extent of killing to protect the same from being revealed. The four who were considered suspects with the death of Simon are all over sudden made to come together as each of them tries to prove their innocence. The events become more complicated as the four-try hiding secrets of which even Simon never heard a clue yet is believed to have known as per his post.

The murder mystery secrets, be they big or small, follows a path that makes the lead suspects closer than they thought individual secrets would drive them. This murder brings a lot to attention concerning the lives of these students. As they try solving the case and clear their names, they learn the value of making those decisions that not only favor themselves but those around.

As the story gets old, the title keeps the reader guessing as the characters are developed with additions of suspense while trust dwindles as the real picture of each is painted. The mystery is filled with suspense creating an urge in the reader to read on and solve them making it a perfect thriller beautiful story with great characterization.

Two Can Keep a Secret

Karen presents another fascinating thriller Two Can Keep a Secret. Down in echo ridge, Ellery’s aunt went missing some years ago at the age of seventeen years. She goes to visit her grandmother who she barely knows, and that’s when she experiences the tales told about echo ridge.

In the eyes of a stranger, the town is a perfect place but buried within are dark secrets. Almost everyone seems to be hiding something deep inside that could cause some extent of harm. Five years ago the town was put on the map with the murder of a homecoming queen. Just as the arrival of Ellery, the town is set on the spotlight with the disappearance of a girl. Many questions are raised in connection to these happenings with most of the residents choosing to keep quiet though they seem to know a lot. Ellery is not new to secrets since her mother and grandmother has the same.

Secrets have always been a dangerous thing and the longer she stays in the town, the more dangerous it becomes for Ellery. A leak is likely to bring the secrets to an end since many people cannot keep a secret.

Since moving to the town, a lot seems untold as Ellery and her brother leave California and embrace the culture and occurrences that hold a bitter past for their maternal grandmother. Their mother is in rehab leaving the two to spend time in a place that they barely know yet already scarcely with past occurrences. The disappearance of their aunt and some similar incidences seem to hold a number of things that the residents of this town seem to prefer to keep in the dark.

Ellery is a person who is always after touching those things that people prefer to keep in the dark. She embarks on a journey where she prefers to keep to themselves such the multiple disappearances. Her mission is, however, dangerous since it will end up putting her life in grave danger, but she has already set her mind to bring everything to light. Someone seems to be doing everything within their reach to ensure that what they have hidden since it is likely to create a substantial amount of damage.

Karen M. McManus is a genius in crafting captivating stories that keep her avid readers hooked right from the first page to the last. She can strike a balance between respect and irreverence, seriousness and levity and of course dark and light. Karen is an expert at drawing her readers and leaving them glued to piece. She has some good twists put occasionally in the story.

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  1. Jessica Iafrate: 2 years ago

    Hi there, I hope you doing well as I am. I am really into murder mysteries and I came across you books on amazon. So I decided to order 5 of your books, but I was just wonder what order I should read all of you books in that are on amazon. I am very excited for them to come in. I’m planning on ordering more!

    • Graeme: 2 years ago

      Hi Jessica – as per the lsit above, One Of Us Is Lying should be read prior to One Of Us Is Next. The others can be read in any order as they are all standalone 🙂


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