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Publication Order of Inspector Corravan Books

Down a Dark River (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Under a Veiled Moon (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

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A Lady in the Smoke (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Dangerous Duet (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Trace of Deceit (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Karen Odden is an American published author.

Odden has long sustained an interest when it comes to the historical era of the Victorian age. She also has an interest of railway crashes in particular. This goes all the way back to when she was writing her doctoral dissertation at New York University. This was where she explored through writing how representations (parliamentary, medical, and literary) of various railway disasters sparked a discourse. Odden argues that it was this ensuing discourse that allowed Freud and similar professionals to come up with and shape their idea of trauma.

The author resides in Arizona in the Scottsdale area. She is married to her husband. They have two children together and share a beagle dog that they have named Rosy.

A Lady in the Smoke is the debut fictional novel to be released from Karen Odden. It came out in 2016 to high praise from book reviewers as well as fellow authors. Stefanie Pintoff (writer of the novel Hostage Taker) calls the historical book a great read, noting the integration of mystery and railroads and romance into what is ‘a masterful tale’. If you are a fan of Anne Perry or the Victorian times of England, then this is definitely a novel worth checking out for you.

Full of conspiracy, drama, trains, historical detail and more, this is a novel that kicks off with a bang. Suspenseful and engaging, this is the book where readers get to meet main character of Lady Elizabeth Fraser for the first time. This headstrong young woman calls England her home, but before she knows it, she may be swept up in a conspiracy that goes right up the top among the most powerful individuals in the nation.

There’s no question that London is one of the most difficult societies to break into and be a part of when it comes to belonging to the upper echelons. After a fourth season in the city that has been nothing short of humiliating, Lady Elizabeth is taking a break. She has decided to return to the ancestral country estate and find some reprieve.

She is on her way there when all of a sudden, disaster strikes. The train that she is riding on goes off the rails, bursting into deadly flames. Elizabeth is hurt by the wreck. Even still, she does what she can to get herself out of the terribly wrecked train, pulling her unconscious mother out as well. The scene is absolute chaos right after the crash.

However, Elizabeth does get lucky when a young and smart surgeon is able to save her mother from dying. The man’s name is Paul Wilcox, and even though they have never met before, Lady Fraser would be lying if she said that she did not feel anything for him. The two have what appears to be a natural connection.

Though Paul is a trained medical man, the fact of the matter is that they will most likely not get together. In the eyes of society, a man of his status would never be considered a worthy suitor for an earl’s daughter such as Elizabeth. It seems that any ideas of their being together are simply a mere passing fantasy.

Elizabeth finds out from Paul that the train crash she was a part of appears not to be an accident after all. He also informs her that there was a railway inspector that was supposedly trying to prevent the wreck from happening at all, but he has since passed away thanks to strange circumstances. Could it have been foul play? The two are left to wonder.

Elizabeth decides to start her own investigation, something that could end up dredging family secrets that were long supposed to stay hidden. She is risking all kinds of things by doing so– her reputation in society and even her dowry. But the stakes get even higher when she finds out that Paul has been arrested. The charge is manslaughter, and now the same man that saved her mother has his life in danger of being ruined forever.

On top of that, she’s finding that her feelings for Paul run deeper than she would have thought. Could he have made it into her heart? The trial for Paul is coming ever closer. As Parliament is getting ready to consider a vote that could have effects of England for a long time to come, this young woman starts to track the threads of a conspiracy that has been building for years.

Elizabeth has to hurry if she wants to bring this case to a close. When it comes to justice being served, the window is rapidly closing. Can she discover what she needs to before it’s too late and Paul finds himself in a situation that cannot be reversed? Pick up the thrilling debut novel by Karen Odden to find out!

A Dangerous Duet is another gripping mystery story set in the Victorian age from Karen Odden. If you liked the first book or just love historical mystery stories, this is a story for you!

Readers get to meet Nell Hallam for the first time in this 2018 book. Hallam is studying as a pianist and loves music. But the young woman may find out that she is in the wrong place at the wrong time as she accidentally finds herself bursting upon a crime ring’s operations in a music hall.

The 19 year old woman resides with Matthew, her brother, in Mayfair. He’s a Scotland Yard inspector and she’s a pianist. She wants to go to the expensive Royal Academy, dressing up as a man and playing piano to earn the money. This unique world is full of performances, energy, loud customers and even secrets.

When she finds the crime ring, she’s part of a conspiracy that could reach throughout the city. Worse, she is developing feelings for the son of the hall owner, Jack. The Octavian is full of secrets. Will the dark goings-on there swallow Nell whole and erase her future? When a performer is killed, possibly as a warning, she realizes it’s all at risk. What will happen? Read this book to find out!

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