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Shadows In The Heart(2007)Description / Buy at Amazon

Karen Woods is an English author of mystery and general fiction books. She was born and raised in Manchester, which inspired her to take an unconventional and positively accepted approach to her writing.
Surprisingly, Karen never completed her formal education as she quit school without any formal qualifications. However, she obtained her inspiration in writing by attending a literacy course for adults, which was offered to her by her previous employers.

It was a job she did with the Manchester City Council that led to the adult literacy course and the desire to write novels. In an interview, Karen said that there are four things that she wants people to do when they read her books- to cry, laugh, think and also change their lives for the better.

Karen Woods believes that everyone in this world has the power to change their lives, and it only takes determination and self-belief to achieve that. “Life does not give, and so we have to take what we can.” She says that she writes from the heart and ensures to keep her writing real to life as she writes about things that everyone can relate to. Her parents split up when she was a child, and she uses her colorful life experiences (the time she spent raising children suffering from domestic abuse) to write her books and her fan base grows every day.

Tease is the story of power, lust, and revenge. Brace yourself ready as Karen Woods takes you through this thrilling story showing you the dark side of Manchester.

Karen introduces us to two women- one innocent and one who knows too much. The two women have secrets, but none of them is as lethal as the secrets they unraveled when they find themselves entangled in turf wars between nightclub owners in the underworld of Manchester.

We are introduced to Elsa Bradshaw, an 18-year-old who grew up never knowing her father and barely getting time to spend with her mother, who was always after men. Elsa was raised by her grandmother, and so she inherited her granny’s values- to always build a better life for herself. But will falling in love with a local bad boy name Clayton send her world spiraling down?

On the other hand is Pamela Maylett, a woman who seems to have everything she’s ever desired in her life. She is the wife of a local strip club owner, Jordan. She’s a woman in power with money, influence, and all luxuries that she’s ever dreamed of. But could her beautiful home also be her prison?

She too well understands that her husband is ever surrounded by women at work- but that doesn’t worry her much after all; they too met in the club. But Jordan won’t allow her onto the stage even though she misses the lusts, dances, and the power of the nightlife.

When Pamela and Elsa cross paths, Elsa is grateful to find someone to take her under her wing as she is shown a world she never knew existed. Elsa’s got a lot to learn about what she wants, about the clubs, and above all, about what she will do to get what she wants.

As the owners of the local nightclubs spark a turf war, it’s time for Elsa and Pamela to step up.

Tease is a well-written novel with some fantastic characters that will chew you up and then spit you out. The reader is taken on an epic journey to the seedy pole dancing nightclubs operated by greedy men, visited by perverts whose only desire is to interact with the young girls. The girls in these clubs have only one mission, to get as much money as they can by teasing and tempting these men. But some of these girls are too young. Through her book, Karen Woods explores the themes of lies, corruption, betrayal, violence, and sadness as the reader explores the underworld of Manchester’s nightlife.

The Thirty-Five-Year-Old Secret

What would you do if you discovered that you’ve been living with a serial killer for the last five years? Nightmare?

Even worse, what would you do if the serial killer was your stepfather? Karen Woods narrates a true story of a 50-something-year-old woman who woke up to this nightmare and discovered how she reacted to such a discovery.

At the age of 8 years, her mother fell in love and married a man named Willie Roy Jenkins, a man who in 2013 was tried and found guilty of a 35 years old cold case rape and murder. Enduring both physical and emotional abuse from her mother and stepdad, the abuse traumatized Karen such that she suppressed reality for more than three decades.

Testifying at her father’s trial brought that memory back, sending her into a raging depression that grew into a full-blown post-traumatic

stress disorder when she later came to learn of his other victims.

In this vivid narration of her life, Karen shares her tremulous journey of healing through the love of God. She tells her story with the hope that other people out there suffering similar trauma will find healing and salvation through God’s love because it’s only through God everything is possible.

Susan Knight is a woman who has everything in her life working out fine. So she turns blind her to all the gambling behaviors of her husband, Donny; after all, he is a man and needs to unwind.
Donny is the head teacher at Second Chance, a school for kids who have nowhere else to go. As the head teacher, Donny gets respect, charm, and money. But in a second, money can be stolen, respect lost, and charm can end.

The kids at school have a secret to tell about Donny, and once that secret is out, his world might come crashing down on him. While Susan knows Donny treads on a fine line, will she be able to stand by him when she stumbles too far on the opposite side of the tracks?

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