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Publication Order of Jacklyn Wyatt Adventures Books

A Date with Danger (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mormon Girl Incognito (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Undercover Honeymoon (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Kari Iroz is the author of the Jacklyn Wyatt Adventures series. Before writing, she was just an ordinary Mormon girl searching for love who pursued creative writing at Utah Valley University. She is a devoted member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Kari lives with her husband and two daughters in Cedar City, Utah.

A Date with Danger is the first book in the Jacklyn Wyatt Adventures series by Kari Iroz. We meet Jacklyn, aka Jack, whose life hasn’t been good to her thanks to a string of bad dates. Always single for most of her life, she’s almost lost hope of ever getting a man to marry her, much to the dissatisfaction of her marriage-obsessed mother. Despite participating in a seminar for the young single in her church and attending many wedding receptions, Jacklyn is far from finding the ideal man to spend the rest of her life with.

Then, Jacklyn gets contacted by the FBI, and they explain that a woman has gone missing after going on a date with one of the men she met online. Jack’s sister signed up for the same dating website, and some of the same men contacted Jack. Despite hesitance, she agrees to cooperate with the cops and lure the possible suspect out in the open. All she is supposed to do is agree to several blind dates, and potentially one of them would be the suspected kidnapper.

For her safety and protection, she is assigned a 24-hour detail. Meet FBI Agent Damon Wade who is assigned to keep an eye on Jack around the clock. He takes his job seriously, but he disagrees regarding her dating tactics. But soon, this disagreement turns into an attraction, and Jack finds herself falling in love with the handler than she has ever had in any of her past or present dates.

A Date with Danger is such a fun read, and probably that’s not the best way to describe a narrative filled with romantic suspense, but it perfectly fits this novel. There is plenty of humor, sarcasm, Mormon cliches, danger, suspense, some bits of inspiration, a sexually attractive heroine, a charming hero, and interesting online dating situations right from the beginning to the end. The romance boasts swoon-worthy moments that will melt your heart with a climactic ending that concludes on a sweet note.

If you enjoy reading LDS romance books, Kari Iroz’s debut novel is highly recommended. Thanks to the sarcasm and other aspects mentioned above, the story will keep you hooked from the first page to the last. The lead character, Jack, is relatable in many ways. You will love her quirkiness, even in her dramatic moments. On the other hand, Damon doesn’t give the best impression to Jack when they first meet. But throughout the story, he grows into a knight in shining armor. The two are a perfect combination, and the steamy moments are truly sweet.

Kari Iroz has done a wonderful job crafting one crazy plot. At first, the author doesn’t make it clear what angle the plot will take, and the kidnapper isn’t immediately revealed, which helps build up the suspense and keep the reader hooked. The suspense is always lurking in the back of the story but does not overwhelm the overall story. The author writes with so much wit and hilarity, making this an enjoyable romp into a clean romance. Lastly, A Date with Danger has a clean romance that doesn’t go past kissing. The described violence is limited to just a few kicks/blows and kidnapping. This makes the book a target for a greater audience.

Undercover Honeymoon is the third novel in the Jacklyn Wyatt Adventures series by Kari Iroz, even though it’s not labeled as a series. While the author does a fantastic job of filling in details of the past allowing it to be read as a standalone, most readers have recommended reading the books in this series in order as they are a fun set of books, and you can’t go wrong reading the previous two.

Marriage is approaching for Jack and her Handler Special Agent Damon Wade. After their adventurous start in the first novel, the couple’s love boat is sailing on calm waters leading up to the big day of their marriage life. Unfortunately, the peace and quiet the two enjoyed were soon short-lived. As the two start a weeklong cruise honeymoon, Jack’s instincts tell her that something is off with her new husband. When she discovers a key covert plot in which her husband is a key player, she soon realizes things are about to get worse.

When she snoops around the shady happenings aboard the cruise ship, Jack discovers that her husband’s involvement is just the tip of the iceberg. She also discovers that she has become an unwilling player in a deadly conspiracy in which there is no escape. Jack has no other alternative than to work with her husband and find out the truth before their Honeymoon and happily ever after the trip is ended too soon.

Undercover Honeymoon is packed with plenty of humor and situations to which every reader will relate. From Jack’s planning about dieting, the wedding plans, and the fights she has with her fiancé are just but a few. The tale is written in the first-person point of view, with Jacklyn doing all the narration. You will enjoy the dynamics Kari Iroz has added between Damon and his wife, Jack. The two have a real relationship, one that experiences ups and downs, one in which the couple fights, disagrees, laughs, and cries together, not just a happy marriage that the readers can’t relate to. Both Damon and Jack share emotions that male and female readers have experienced or can relate to, enhancing the connection between the readers and the story.

Overall, the third novel in the Jacklyn Wyatt Adventures book series is a clean romance. There isn’t much “romance” but a lot of mystery, action, suspense, and crime solving.

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