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Karin Alvtegen is a Swedish author of fiction. She was born on June 8, 1965, in Sweden. She became a published author for the first time with her Swedish language novel Skuld in 1998. Her books are usually set in Sweden and are usually set in the crime genre.

Her first novel published in the English language was Missing in 2003, which earned her a nomination for an Edgar Award for best novel. She has written novels but also written a screenplay and for a Swedish soap opera on television. Each novel she has composed has sold several hundred thousand copies and the rights to translate them have been sold to 30 countries and counting.

In Scandinavia, Karen Alvtegen is known as The Queen of Crime. She is well-known for her work writing Scandinavian crime fiction and psychological thriller novels. Alvtegen also happens to be related to Astrid Lindgren, children’s novelist and the author of the extremely popular Pippi Longstocking series.

She has also been recognized for her work with many awards and recognition. She was awarded the Glass Key Scandinavian Crime Fiction Award in 2001. She was nominated for the Best Crime Novel and Poloni Award in Sweden.

Her work has also been shortlisted for awards like the Duncan Lawrie International Dagger Award from the Crime Writers’ Association. Karin Alvtegen currently resides in Stockholm. Her novel Missing was made into a miniseries for television for British television. Film rights have been sold to a Scandinavian film production company for Missing as well. The film rights to Betrayal were sold to Glasshouse Pictures, an American production company.

Missing was her first novel and focuses on a young female drifter. While not explicitly in a series knitted together like many American authors are, the series shares a genre and a tone that is uniquely put forth by this incredible Swedish author. Betrayal was her second novel, followed by Shame, Guilt, and Shadow.

Missing is the debut novel in English from author Karin Alvtegen. The main character in this novel is Sybilla Forsenstrom. She is a young woman that is 32 years old and currently homeless and a drifter. Technically she does not exist in the traditional sense as part of society, as she has been on the outskirts of it for so long. She grew up in a home with an obsessive mother and now is one of the many homeless wandering around Stockholm.

Sybilla takes each day one at a time in order to survive. She keeps everything that she owns wrapped up in her rucksack. The only things she has that she does not keep in that pack are a knife and one salami. These she protects by storing them in a suitcase. Despite not having anywhere to live, she makes sure that she is always dressed well and always has the best manners and etiquette.

One night Sybilla charms a businessman into buying her a dinner and a room in the Grand Hotel. It seems like a good idea, and she is always trying to line up temporary rooming or bedding and this guy seems like someone that could provide that. She successfully gets him to pay for her to eat a little and then getting her a room for the night. But when he will not wake up in the morning, Sybilla is dealing with a dead body with a guy that she doesn’t know and it doesn’t look good.

All of a sudden, she is the prime suspect by the police and the death is not just being ruled accidental. It’s been ruled to be thought a murder. Now Sybilla is the number one person that they think is involved, and she hasn’t done anything. When another individual is killed under circumstances that seem to the police to be the same, Sybilla finds herself suddenly to be Sweden’s most wanted person.

She has committed neither of these murders and it is up to her to prove that she has been wrongly accused. If her mother could see that her daughter was being suspected of murder now, she would die of shame! What is going to happen, and can Sybilla clear her name and go free? Or will she be found guilty of a killing or two that had nothing to do with her? Read Missing to find out for yourself!

Betrayal is the second novel from the Queen of Crime, Karin Alvtegen. A young mother is successful and dynamic, but she has to reassess her marriage completely when she can no longer ignore the apathy of her husband. But then she finds out the reason why he is being so distant. It’s the classic age-old story, but it’s one that you think will never happen to you. Her husband is being so apathetic and acts like he doesn’t care because he’s actively having an affair.

When this wife finds out that her hubby has been getting it on with someone else, she sees red. Eva doesn’t know whether she’s more sad or angry. To make matters worse, it’s someone that they both know and is totally inappropriate. It’s their son’s daycare teacher. So not only do they have a young son, but her husband only knows her because they needed someone to care for their son while they work. The daycare teacher knows that he’s married too, so they’re both more focused on being together than her feelings or what’s right.

The young mother gets driven into a rage and wants revenge. When she comes upon a young man named Jonas who has been isolated for some time, she is interested. He has been sitting by the side of his girlfriend for the better part of two years while she lays in a coma.

With his own baggage from the past regarding betrayal and Jonas desperately wanting acceptance, he sees a potential chance to start again with Eva. Can Jonas and Eva come together to try and make up for what went wrong, or will the act of coming together prove to be their demise? Check out the thrilling suspense novel Betrayal by celebrated Swedish author Karin Alvtegen to find out!

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