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Karin Brynard

Karin Brynard is an acclaimed South African author. Her books are published in Afrikaans, German, English, and Dutch, which can only mean that they enjoy a wide readership. Among the prizes that Brynard’s writing has won in the past include two M-NET awards, the University of Johannesburg Debut Prize, and an ATKV award, to mention but a few. Brynard worked as a journalist and political correspondent for Rapport. She currently writes fulltime and enjoys exploring the Stellenbosch outdoors in her free time.


Homeland features Captain Albertus Beeslaar, a man who is fed up with the Kalahari and is getting ready to hand his resignation. Beeslaar is planning to move to Johannesburg, where the mother of his child lives. Just before he resigns, Beeslaar is sent to the San community. An elder in this community has just died under mysterious conditions. The elder who was in police custody dies immediately after he is released. Understandably, people blame the police for the death. How can a man who was fit as a fiddle drop dead shortly after coming out of prison?

Beeslaar is quick to note the cowboy tactics used by Captain Kappes De Vos when it comes to dealing with prisoners’ issues. Witdraai is a small town that borders the renowned Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. It is in this town that the last of the San of Kalahari eke a living. In the recent past, a violent attack on a German tourist has left the city unsettled. This case is rubbing Colonel Koekoes Mentoor, Beeslaar’s new colleague the wrong way. Since Mentoor holds nothing but bad memories from Witdraai, she wants to turn against the town. Mentoor takes charge of the station when De Vos is taken to hospital after the hunt for the murder suspect starts.

All hell breaks loose when a policeman is murdered. Evidence also shows that there is a mysterious killer who is taking out his victims one after another. The Sans are dying at an alarming rate, and the tension in this small community continues to rise. It does not help that the deep-seated corruption in the administration is threatening the land restitution plan.

Amid all this controversy is Kytie Rooi, a luxury guesthouse cleaner who takes it upon himself to protect a strange street child. While everything in the town is going crazy, Rooi is fleeing through the desert. Aside from the heat, there are many other dangers that the cleaner will encounter on this voyage she takes with a child who can only speak gibberish. Despite the risks, Rooi has no choice but to flee. She is responsible for committing murder when she walks in on a monstrous act. Rooi knows that she will lose her job and may suffer other consequences as well if she chooses to stay in this small town.

Homeland is a fascinating story filled with numerous twists and turns. Originally written in Afrikaans, it is incredible that the story reads so well in English. Get to meet the interesting characters in this story as you accompany Captain Beeslaar in his journey to the truth. You will also learn a thing or two about the San of Kalahari and the community’s way of life.

Weeping Waters

Weeping Waters is a thriller piece set in Bushmanland, South Africa. The story stars Inspector Albertus Beeslaar, a policeman who has had his fair share of challenges. In this story, it is clear that Beeslaar is traumatized by events that have happened in the past. When he is sent from Johannesburg to the Northern Cape, he expects to enjoy some quiet in the middle of nowhere. Well, things do not go as planned as trouble seems to follow Beeslaar everywhere he goes.

This book takes on the modern politics of South Africa and highlights some of the effects of racial tension between blacks and white and the Bushmen and farm owners. There has been a series of stock thefts from farms, and this has only aggravated the problem. Some extremists are keen to develop the Boer republic. There are the town dwellers who do not think much of the rural folks. Lastly, there is a brutal murder. The death of the landowner has shaken many in the rural township where Beeslaar is stationed to the core.

Weeping Waters starts with the death of Freddie, a farm owner who is murdered in horrific circumstances. Freddie’s sister Sara meets up with Beeslaar and other two local police officers who are investigating the murder. Rumour has it that Freddie was in a relationship with De Kok, her farm manager. This makes the farm manager the primary suspect for the crime. Is it indeed true that Freddie was murdered by her lover, or is there more than meets the eye? Who benefits from Freddie’s death and to what extent are people willing to go to get what they want? Can the locals expect more deaths now that tension seems to be rising with every coming day? Get all these answers and so much more in this exciting book.

Aside from being highly entertaining, this piece will take you to the world of vigilante groups, black magic, and witchcraft. While the story is centered on a nasty crime, it also highlights the story of two civilizations that are going into conflict after living side by side for many years. Readers who have an idea about apartheid can get a deeper understanding of the tension that was experienced in the Apartheid era.

This is a thrilling story filled with numerous twists and turns. For TripFiction lovers, the story is set out of the typical tourist areas making it perfect for those looking for new places to explore. The pace is consistent throughout the story, not to mention the exciting cast featured here. If you are looking for an exciting story that also comes with an essential lesson on apartheid, Weeping Waters is ideal. The story is beautifully written, and you can be sure that you will enjoy the book to the end.

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