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Karina Espinosa is a reputed American writer of urban fantasy and paranormal stories. She is particularly well known for writing the Mackenzie Grey series. Additionally, Espinosa has penned the Sins of the Fallen series and The Last Valkyrie series. Author Espinosa was born in New York City and has been an avid reader all her life. She was so much in reading that the Urban Fantasy world became an obsession for her easily. Later, it changed into a passion for creating strong leading characters. Her passion for writing also enabled her to create exciting stories with authentic storylines. When Espinosa is not busy with any of her writing projects, she can be found binge-watching her favorite shows on Netflix from the comfort of her home.

At times, she also likes to take up traveling to far and wide places. She has visited a number of exciting places that have served as inspiration for her novels. Espinosa is highly active on various social media platforms, which she uses to interact with her fans and give out updates regarding the recent happenings in her life and career. She takes great pride in knowing that all her books have performed very well in all the places of their release. The immense popularity that she has received through the worldwide success of her books is quite overwhelming for her.

Whenever author Espinosa experiences writer’s block, she tries to overcome it by taking up reading. Sometimes, Espinosa gets out in the open to go for a long walk or take a breath of fresh air. And if nothing helps in getting rid of writer’s block, there is always the option of visiting exciting places to get inspiration. As of today, Espinosa resides in South Florida. She is currently at work on her next novel is expected to release it soon. Readers from across the world have read and appreciated Espinosa’s work. They have become a fan of her writing style and love how she creates her characters and storylines. Most of her novels have received good reviews from various critics. Even her fellow writers have applauded her work and praised her efforts in coming up with exciting urban fantasy stories.

An excellent novel series written by author Karina Espinosa is known as the MacKenzie Grey series. It is divided into two parts, the Mackenzie Grey: Origins series and the Mackenzie Grey: Trials series. Every book is primarily set in Brooklyn and Downtown Manhattan. Author Espinosa has depicted the central characters in this series in the roles of Mackenzie Grey, Jonah, Sebastian, Cassidy Chang, Lieutenant Briggs, Luna Blu, Jackson, and several others. The debut book of this series is entitled ‘Shift’. It was released in 2015 as a Kindle book. Initially, Mackenzie Grey is introduced as a werewolf. She resides in Downtown Manhattan. Mackenzie is an undergraduate student and works as an intern at a police station in Downtown Manhattan.

In her spare time, Mackenzie works at a local bar as a bouncer to earn her living and make ends meet. She has been recently dumped by her boyfriend, who left her for the resident bimbo at school. But, the thing that worries her the most is that she is a werewolf. Mackenzie goes on to find her perfect match when the Brooklyn Pack kidnaps her. While she is held in captivity, Mackenzie is tossed between the Alpha and Beta of the pack called Sebastian and Jonah respectively. She is well aware of the fact that the city is quite dangerous for a lone-wolf like her. Now, having been found by the Brooklyn Pack has greatly increased Mackenzie’s problem. In such a situation, even her smart, sarcastic mouth cannot help her in getting out of the situation. Later, a series of kidnappings take place and cause Mackenzie Grey to get involved in supernatural politics. As she begins to question her new acquaintances, she discovers that she has found some unlikely allies. Now, Mackenzie wonders if she can succeed in escaping the Pack and achieve her freedom or she will have to walk the unwanted path forever.

Another exciting installment of the series is known as ‘Omega’. It was also published in the Kindle format in 2017. This novel opens by showing the discovery of dead bodies all over New York City. The absence of blood in every dead body makes it clear that the victims were killed by a vampire. And with a serial killer roaming freely in the city, Mackenzie Grey is not able to sleep at night. She is obsessed with finding the killer and solving the mysteries. Mackenzie Grey keeps herself busy with work at the police department in order to get rid of the memories of the events that took place a year ago and caused the dismantling of her Pack. But, when she finds herself as the next target of the killer, Mackenzie comes to know that she has much more to do with the murders than she thought. With her past causing more trouble than she realized, she decides to keep her pride aside and ask for help from old & new friends.

As the story comes to an end, it becomes clear that Mackenzie will finally take up the role of the wolf that destiny had planned for her. At the start of the story, Mackenzie appears to be in a bad form. She is carrying lots of guilt in her heart because of what happened to Luna Blu, her best friend. As she has been ignoring her Pack for some time, trying to transform into a werewolf causes her a lot of pain. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Briggs orders some new officers to be brought in to work at the Supernatural Investigative Unit (SIU). One of those officers is Cassidy Chang, whom Mackenzie does not like at all. The thing is Mackenzie cannot trust any other werewolf with whatever is going on between her and her wolf. As the story proceeds further, Mackenzie discovers that all the murders are somehow related to her. This makes her much more worried and over-obsessed with catching the killer. The readers get to see different aspects of Mackenzie Grey’s character as the plot develops further. Various twists & turns and revelations make this story much more interesting to read.

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