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The “Karma” series is a set of novels by paranormal romance and urban fantasy fiction novelist Donna Augustine. She has said that growing up, she was not your normal child but this to some extent helped her in her career. As a young adult, she conformed for a brief moment before embracing her craziness over the years. She has said that part of what inspires her stories is her inner craziness. Augustine is partly a hypochondriac topped up with a sliver of uptight, a few drops of paranoia, and something of a relaxed flair. Things started working for her when she embraced her true self and started walking along the yellow brick road. She now makes her home in Neverland, where she lives with her two Siberian cats and can be reached by carrier pigeon.

Donna Augustine is known for jumping around the series before coming back to finish what she started earlier. She is always about following the strongest inspiration and when she feels it, she will usually move over immediately so as to tap the most of it. She usually writes every day of the week except for Sundays or when she is on vacation. However, her writing process is a mess as she only has vague outlines and several scenes when she starts writing. As a paranormal romance and urban fantasy author, she has said that she loves reading urban fantasy fiction. When she is not writing her novels or reading, she can be found watching “The Walking Dead” or “Game of Thrones.” If she had all the money in the world she has said that she would get a Corvette Stingray from 1969.

The “Karma” series of novels follows the life and times of Camilla, a woman who is killed and then turned into Karma. She had been recruited by Harold who asks that she work for one month as the justice bringer to the universe. But once she is karma, she embarks on a journey to find the man that took her life and on the journey she meets several cosmic characters. She had been a lawyer before her death but had stupidly signed a contract before reading it. As Karma and personification of comeuppance and justice in the universe, she is unhappy with her job but she cannot quit until the month is up. Over the course of the month, she starts to love what she does and soon she does not want to leave. Bringing justice seems like just what she died to do. The agency she works for is full of supernatural beings and powers. The most prominent among them include luck, fate and the more esoteric, weird and sometimes mundane elements. It is a fun series with sexual tension to sate romances and a thrilling urban fantasy feel.

The “Karma” series of novels debuts with “Karma” which asserts that the Universe needs balance. To keep this balance, some humans and other non-humans beings are hired to nudge things where they need to be and to embody universal concepts. When a lawyer named Camilla is killed, she is recruited to work as the new Karma by the Company. She takes the job believing she will be able to communicate with the family and friends she had left behind but soon finds out that she is not allowed to do that. At the agency’s office, she meets Fate, the Jinxes, Luck, Murphy’s Law and Death. None of her colleagues are very friendly since not many humans work for the company as most just want to go back into birthing rotation once their month-long internship is over. But Karma is different as she intends to take the job and become Karma even if no one will help train her. This is when Fate the Alpha Male comes into the picture offering to train her.

In “Jinxed” the second novel of the “Karma” series, the story just got darker as Camilla can now see all manner of deeds done by people with bad souls. She is always bumping into horrible humans and restraining herself is becoming harder with each passing day. But she has recently also started settling into her new workplace and has been getting along with most of her colleagues. She is best friends with Lady Luck and has also made friends with Kitty the cat Lady, and Murphy’s Law. As such, she is devastated when one of them goes missing. She soon learns that the company that she now works for is headed by horrible beings that have kidnapped her friend hoping to use her as a bargaining chip. However, even though she does give in to what they want, the tattooed and very sexy alpha male Fate that she had canoodled with when she was with Cupid is determined to protect her from herself. Karma is now being watched, blackmailed and bullied every time of day and the sexy alpha males’ efforts only help to make their lives even more complicated.

“Fated” , the third novel of the Karma series by Donna Augustine, sees Karma becoming more competent. She is an immortal ruling the universe as Karma but has so far clung to her human conscience. But the world has a huge problem as things are becoming very volatile with crime on the rise as safety seems to be becoming a rare thing in human society. Even the members of the Unknown Forces of the Universe colloquially known as UFU who have run the universe for eons seem at a loss on what to do. Karma believes the state of the universe could have something to do with Malokin. He had once upon a time forced her to do some despicable things and she had done it to save the life of her colleague. She hopes that she can now right those wrongs and hopefully bring balance back into the universe. The good thing is that she has Fate, the sexy alpha male that is her constant nemesis and sometimes lover. She had tried her best to resist him but her efforts had proved futile so far. The third novel in the Karma seriescontinues with the earth shattering action and dystopian nature from previous novels as it answers questions about cosmic and human relationships. It also comes with sizzling romance and laugh out loud humor.

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