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Wrigley at the White House (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Karna Small Bodman is an American author of fiction. She started her career as a journalist and later got into politics and has used experience to inform her books.

While she worked in the White House as part of the NSC, Karna first started off in California as a television news reporter and anchor. She worked for a few different stations before moving to do the news for Channel 5 in Washington and also host a program that discussed economic as well as business issues. She also hosted a talk radio and news show that was 3 hours long.

She also got into politics where she has traveled extensively as well as been on the presidential plane and had daily meetings (or nearly anyway) with the President himself. She went to the East as well as South America giving speeches to groups about economic priorities on the President’s plate at the moment. She ending up departing from the White House in order to work at a public affairs firm as their senior V.P.

Bodman is the creator and author of the exciting and popular Cameron Talbot series of fiction. The series debuted in 2007 with the release of the first book in the series, which his titled Checkmate. In 2008, she quickly followed that up with a sequel titled Gambit.

Checkmate is the first novel in the Cameron Talbot fiction series. If you love thriller or action novels that keep you turning the page to find out what happens next, then you have come to the right place!

Here readers get to meet Doctor Cameron for the first time. She’s a brilliant mind in her field, and now she has come up with a revolutionary technology that could help defend the nation and provide an extra layer of protection when it comes to cruise missiles.

She wants to put it into practice, but she is also going to need a lot of official support if she is going to do that as well. With Congress needing to give her funding as well as getting support from company officers and the White House to further her project, it’s clear that the doctor has a lot of work to do. Talbot needs to get a lot of people on board if this life saving device is going to be put into practice.

There is someone who does seem interested in supporting her when it comes to this invention. Hunt Daniels has been sent to check out her work and finds that it’s actually quite solid. There could be something to her work, and he’s also reluctant to admit it– but he also thinks that he might be attracted to Dr. Talbot too.

Things might be going well for the two of them, but when it comes to things abroad, the sailing may be nowhere near as smooth. Militants in India are in the middle of taking missiles from the Pakistani military sympathizers and in the process set one off at India. They’re also involved in the process of Cameron’s design, which is of great interest to them.

Little do Daniels or Doctor Talbot know that the rebels have sent their agents. One of them is already on their way to the D.C. area in order to try and infiltrate and steal her technology design. They want to be able to have the protection that her missile tech provides in case the people that they are targeting ever decide that they may want to throw a little firepower back.

The scientist and the new person on the scene may not know what they are in the middle of, but they do know that whether it’s a threat on their lives or a terrorist attack, they will face whatever comes head on. When it comes to politics, the stakes are higher than ever.

With tensions rising between countries and the tension getting so thick that you could cut it with a knife, can Talbot work with her new partner to take on the threats that they are both concurrently facing? Two countries risk going to war with each other, so the consequences have never been higher.

They’ve got to get it right this time. Read this debut novel from Bodman in the series to find out what happens and whether the two can defeat whatever comes their way– or are more in danger than they ever thought!

Gambit is the exciting sequel in the fun Cameron Talbot series starring everyone’s favorite female main character. Cameron is back in yet another authentic thriller from a writer that is no stranger to politics or a fast-paced suspense story. If you love these types of books, then you might really enjoy this second book in the series!

There’s usually something going on around the world. Not a day goes by where someone or some group isn’t plotting something. Whether it’s a hostile takeover or just an attack to make their mark, someone can always be counted on to be doing something.

American planes are reportedly being taken out– shot right out of the air and coming down out of the sky. No one is able to explain how it is happening. Now three jets will never make another commercial flight ever again and the strange thing is that every crash has something in common.

They all had witnesses, but every witness said the same thing: they didn’t see anything. Nothing was on the radar. They didn’t see missiles or planes. So of course, they decide to call in the famous Dr. Talbot to consult on the issue.

She’s an expert on missile defense tech systems and thinks that there may be an innovative stealth tech that they are using to attack these jets. Meanwhile, the public is concerned about what’s going on and even the economy is being affected. As a result, Cameron is given the task of protecting the air space by figuring out what’s going on.

Little does she know that this will draw assassins to her. Can this scientist develop a defense against a weapon that no one has even seen? Read this exciting book to find out!

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