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Kasey Krane is an American author of romance books and a tattoo artist based in Texas’s sunny and hot state. She loves drawing but recently discovered the beauty in writing and hence penned more than a dozen books in collaboration with Savannah Rylan.

In the first book in the Iron Thunder MC series, Bolt, the duo authors present a story full of drama, suspense, betrayal, violence, and lots of steamy moments. Cassie sets out on a mission to find her brother Chip, who always finds himself in trouble thanks to his poor choices in life. So, when Chip goes missing, Cassie doesn’t hesitate to visit the Iron Thunder MC clubhouse in search of him. Unbeknown to her, she is about to find herself in trouble when she discovers that her brother is a prospect and has stolen from the motorcycle club and hence is in deep trouble when the club captures him.

Cassie is confronted by Bolt, the Sgt at arms, and the two have a not-so-good encounter as she fears for her brother’s life and is determined to do whatever it takes to help him. But Bolt can’t resist his attraction toward this charming woman who is nothing but trouble. The MC president orders him to keep an eye on Cassie and her brother as they investigate why Chip sold out his fellow brothers and determine whether Cassie was involved in the treason. When Cassie confronts her brother, she is mad that he would be so stupid to betray his brothers, and now he will have to pay for his betrayal.

Brace on as Kasey Krane takes you on a ride as you tag along the powerful exchange between Cassie and Bolt that will ultimately end in a passionate relationship. But the trouble is again seeking Cassie as the rival motorcycle club puts her in the crosshairs looking for revenge when the Iron Thunder MC invades them to retrieve their missing merchandise. Will Bolt step up and save the woman he’s come to love?

Bolt is a fantastic series debut novel and a great kick-off to a new MC series. You will enjoy reading this suspenseful novel with a well-crafted plot, vividly described scenes and intriguing world-building. The main and supporting cast characters are well-developed, likable, and strong-willed with various trials and a determination to succeed. The book has everything from lust, romance, love, violence, mystery, danger, and plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader engaged from the first page to the last.

Ace is the first novel in the High Rollers MC series collaboration between Kasey Krane and Savannah Rylan. We are immediately introduced to Ace, who has just reconnected with his younger brother after a decade of separation and a threat against his club by Mr. Money and the gaming commission. Sienna is assigned to investigate the High Rollers club and find whether they are conducting illegal gambling, but what she discovers is nothing gambling but Ace.

Ace has Sienna figured out in a few minutes after arriving at their garage, and he immediately sends her on her way. However, Sienna doesn’t give up easily and decides to rewind at a local bar where the High Rollers spend most of their time. Sienna and Ace get drunk together and hook up for one unforgettable night of hot sex, only for them to wake up the next morning, not sure of what happened. Sienna doesn’t remember anything and can’t believe she’s married. The couple part ways until one day when Ace discovers that Sienna wants to serve him divorce papers. But once these two realize working together is better, things start looking better for them. Ace struggles with keeping Mr. Money from causing any more harm to the motorcycle club, and Sienna is on his side. Ace and Sienna’s story is characterized by drama, tragedy, and steamy connection with each family standing up to protect themselves. You will enjoy reading how Ace and Sienna find the strength to move forward with one thing in mind- unleash revenge against anyone who deserves it.

Ace is an exciting and engaging series debut novel featuring intricate, strong, and intriguing characters. The story is filled with twists and turns, tragedy, drama, suspense, danger, passion, steamy connection, and standing up to protect those you love the most. It’s an addicting story that hooks you to the last page.

Rogue is the first book in The Black Cobra MC series by Savannah Rylan and Kasey Crane. We meet Rogue, who’s brought back to the MC that he left as his brother, Grim, the president of the Black Cobras MC, requests that if anything should happen to him, Rogue should take over as the MC President. Grim believes that his brother is the only person who can trace him if he goes missing.

Rogue is informed that his brother has been kidnapped and soon finds himself racing against time to find his whereabouts while at the same time dealing with the MC matters. One factor comes into the equation when a charming girl visits the MC looking for Grim and ends up in the arms of alpha Rogue. Carli informs Rogue she needs help as the Sons of Satan kidnap her niece, which is Grim’s daughter. Rogue is hesitant and doesn’t trust any word she says and hence resolves to keep an eye on Carli. But the more Carli stays, the more Rogue finds himself attracted to the curvy beauty, and once the two give in to their lustful desires, the steamy sex brings them closer than they ever anticipated.

Will Black Cobra’s MC involvement in the search for the missing girl put Carli’s life in danger? Will Rogue protect the woman he loves when she needs him the most? This tale will grab and take you on an epic ride with all of the suspense, danger, drama, and action that unfolds. It is an intense, enthralling, and gripping love story with plenty of twists and turns you never see coming. It’s filled with unconditional love based on a shared experience, one that has shattered their hearts and souls and only one that they can mend and heal each other.

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