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Kassandra Montag is an American author best known for her 2019 science fiction novel After the Flood. She was born and raised in rural Nebraska but now lives Omaha with her husband and their two sons. She has a master’s degree in English Literature, and some of her award-winning short fiction and poetry has appeared in anthologies and journals, including Mystery Weekly Magazine, Nebraska Poetry, Prairie Schooner, and Midwestern Gothic.
After the Flood

Like Waterworld, the 1995 post-apocalyptic science fiction movie, After the Flood, can be described as a remarkable read that will have you hooked from the first page to the last. It’s set in post-apocalyptic world where humans survive on the ocean and in the mountains and draw focus on one woman, her child, and the man they rescue and their adventures to save an important person.

The doomsday has descended slowly over the world in a series of floods caused by global warming. The tides have reached the middle of their country, and Myra has watched life wither away with the tides. Her mother was swept away by the floods, and now she is forced in horror as her beloved husband kidnaps their 7-year-old daughter, Row, and flees with her in the company of their neighbor.

Seven years later and the world is fully flooded. Pirates roam the world, and the humans survive on mountaintops colonies and large ships. Only humans, snakes, sharks and birds have survived this holocaust. Myra fishes from her large boat, dubbed, The Bird, the vessel which her grandfather had dreamed to spirit his whole family away. Accompanied by eight-year-old Pear, the daughter she was pregnant with when her father kidnaped her seven year old daughter, Row, they live a dangerous life off the coast of Nova Scotia. They sail from primitive town to another living hand to mouth. All the while, Myra never stopped searching for her missing daughter, and when a confrontation with a violent raider reveals to her that Row lives in a colony known as The Valley, held captive by a group of slave traders, Myra springs into action determined to save her daughter. It’s a race against time because Row is about to be shipped away to a breeding ship, and biological warfare has already been unleashed to bring the people in the colony to heel.

Along the way, Myra and her daughter meet Daniel, who considers himself bad luck. This is later proved when he is attacked by a shark, causing them to drift to shore. They find help from a large ship called Sedna where they join its crew and embark on their initial journey. The alcoholic captain, Abran has his eyes on Myra, but she is fascinated by the hard-luck Daniel. While romance is not Myra’s main drive, she works her way closer to the ship’s captain to try to talk him to sail north, and with winter approaching, it will be a suicidal sail. She knows that this is her only chance to save Row. Is Myra willing to risk crew lives for an opportunity to rescue her daughter?

After the Flood is an excellent novel to love, Myra is narcissistic, and the author isn’t ready to admit how self-centered she is. In a world where people send their children to be impregnated by cult members to increase human population and continue its existence, Myra is the kind of woman who willing to sacrifice other good people for the sake of her daughter. But isn’t that what any mother would do when their child’s life is in danger? Some choices require sacrifices, and Myra does what any other woman would do for their children.

Even though After the Flood is a dystopian survival novel, Kassandra Montag masters the art of investigating the complexities of everyday life. What will you risk? Who can you trust? Who’s family to you? How much will you sacrifice to protect the ones you love? To love After the Flood, you’ll have to first believe in the power of a mother’s love and discount it. It’s important to note that there are many strong themes discussed in this book, including rape, human trafficking, sexual slavery, child rape, and on-page suicide.

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