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Karen Kiwejeski is the daughter of Clarence Glackens, who is a university professor. She received her bachelor’s and master’s degree from the University of UC-Berkeley. Karen served as a high school teacher for more than 10 years before, dedicating her entire life to writing. Currently, Karen resides in Sacramento, California where she worked as a bartender before becoming a writer.

Kat’s Cradle

This is one of the best read in the Kat Colorado book series. Just when you think, you have things figured out; the author introduces new twists and turns. Kat Colorado is faced with extremely dreadful personal tests and exceedingly deep traumas. Apart from Kat, everyone else in this installment this faced with his or her personal tests. However, Kat discovers the solution exceedingly late so that she could prevent numerous disasters. There are several characters who are messed up and Kat Colorado is exceedingly overwhelmed. As this installment begins, Kat gets a new dog and cat.

However, Kat is slowly losing her boyfriend who resides in Las Vegas. Hank had previously proposed to Kat but she declined the proposal. She was deeply afraid of being loved or to love. This appeared to be exceedingly dangerous, thus she needed a distraction. Apart from Kat, the author introduces another character, Paige, who seeks the Kat’s services in locating her mother’s death certificate. Florence Edna, Paige’s grandmother had also died recently. Florence had left behind an exceedingly big house, money and a huge chunk of land for Paige. The only problem is that the probate was going to take more than 6 months.

Florence family was full of cruelties; Florence did not love children at all and was a martinet, while Paige’s mother had, ran away very many years ago and is believed to have drowned. All that Paige has is rumors and stories; she has no certificates or paperwork. Now, Paige is required to provide all the relevant documents and present it as soon as possible. Florence had tried extremely hard to ensure that everything concerning Paige’s mother had been suppressed. She did not care how far she could go to ensure that everything was deeply hidden.

Kat eventually finds people who knew what had happened and now that Florence was pronounced dead, they now want to talk. With the hope of combining the facts that she had uncovered, Kat heads for a meeting at the house of Morrell’s house. One person who has agreed to reveal what he knows is Herb Senderson, who has arranged for a meeting where he could speak the truth. However, one fine morning, Herb’s body is found slumped under his desk while his Morrell’s family files had been removed. After learning about the death, Kat is astounded.

Copy Kat

Kat Colorado mind is completely destroyed. She is not only having nightmares but her dreams are filled with death and blood. Kat is unsure of anything in this world. Hank who is her boyfriend has asked Kat to get some exceedingly serious professional assistance. He believes that if everything goes as expected, she is going to be okay. However, Kat Colorado does not see herself getting any assistance. As all this is happening an exceedingly interesting case pops up, one, which is going to let her be a different person. This job involves getting a new name and working as an undercover agent. Her new name is going to be Kate Collins who will be a bartender.

We are also introduced to one Tobias McAlister who is an exceedingly old man who wants to know who had killed his godchild, Dierde. Dierde had been shot as she was living her job around 2.39 a.m. She was walking towards the parking lot when someone came out of nowhere and shot her. Dierde had married Matt, who was one of the owners of the restaurant and a bar located in Nevada, The Pioneer. She was the mother to a 3-year-old daughter. Kat had previously worked as a bartender for more than 8 years.

So far, Kat has had an exceedingly great 32 years and from the look of things, Kat Colorado is only getting started. Kat Colorado is born to an alcoholic prostitute who neither wanted her or her sister. As if that is not enough, Kat is not even sure whether her little sister had an official name, since their mother was a little bit careless when it came to naming the girls. After working more than 8 years as a bar attender and five years as an investigative journalist for a local newspapers, Kat is now a private investigator. Currently, Kat Colorado resides in a two-bedroom apartment that is located in Sacramento and is enjoying her life after she attained financial stability.

The beginning of the book sounded a little bit cozy but as the story continues, it began to harden. The first case in the book leads Kat Colorado to one Hank Parker, a police detective who has been a recurring in the series. From the first book in the series, Hank Parker is a definite love interest and many at times rescues Kat Colorado. However, the only challenge is that Hank resides in Las Vegas while Kat resides in Sacramento. Kat has some extremely great friends, however after losing her sister and mother, Kat is more than okay by her own. Kat Colorado demonstrates in the book that she loves solving her own problems; however, Colorado is not a loner. Colorado prefers the safety and comfort of friendship when her friends are available to her. Apart from Kat, Hank is also running away from some exceedingly dark memories; he lost his wife in a car bombing. The two characters are foolhardy and courageous, thus bleeding is extremely common in this installment. Kat is astounded when her good friend, pounds on her door and immediately goes straight to the refrigerator to look for chocolate.

Charity works as an advice columnist for a local newspaper, Sacramento Bee, however she has an extremely big problem. While talking to her personal accountant one fine day, Charity is informed that her husband had robbed her an estimated 200,000 dollars, which, he stole from their property and then invested the amount secretly in real estate. Kate understands that working for her friends has never ended well, however she still takes the case. Las Vegas has become an extremely risky place for Kat especially as she is investigating the real estate deals to find dirty deals and corruption. It does not take long before blood and bodies are everywhere. Furthermore, Kat finds herself on top of an assassin’s hit list.

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