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Kat Ellis
Author Kat Ellis is from North Wales and is an active tweeter and blogger. People can usually find her sneaking around cemeteries taking photographs, up to no good on Twitter, or watching scary movies with her husband and feral cat. She speaks French poorly and Welsh fluently.

Kat’s debut novel, called “Blackfin Sky” was released in the year 2014. Her work is from the young adult genre, and features elements of horror, thriller, fantasy, and science fiction.

“Blackfin Sky” is the first stand alone novel and was released in the year 2014. Like most mornings, Skylar Rousseau is late for school. However when she is greeted by a blanket of silent stares when she enters Blackfin High, she learns the whole town believed she fell off the pier and drowned the day she turned sixteen, three months prior.

Sky remembers living the previous three months normally, and since she is a living breathing human, she doesn’t have any idea whose body is buried under her tombstone. Everybody appears hesitant to help her out. Except for Sean, her steadfast friend and crush, and a secretive guy that draws her to a mysterious circus in the woods.

Sky has to wade through impossibilities and lies in order to discover the truth about what really happened to her. This ends up being pretty difficult when somebody follows every move she makes and is intent on harming her. Sky’s one hope of finding answers might have already been turned into ashes.

Kat, with convincing logic and a thrilling pace, is able to spin out an eloquent and vivid story where the borders between memory and experience, past and present, even life and death are porous things. Each of the well-rounded and brilliant characters, even the mysterious adults, contributes smartly to the plot. This one is sure to immediately hook readers with its intriguing premise.

“Breaker” is the second stand alone novel and was released in the year 2016. Kyle Henry has a new school, a new name, and a new life. It is a life without the shadow of the Bonebreaker hanging over him. It has been a whole year since his serial killer dad was executed, and it finally appears that things are turning around for Kyle. Until he recognizes the girl that sits in the back row during homeroom.

Naomi Steadman is quickly intrigued by Killdeer Academy’s new student. She doesn’t know that he is the son of the guy that killed her mom. What she does know is that she and Kyle have got a strong link with one another. As well as a spark that Kyle continues to back away from.

Right after Kyle’s arrival, the death toll on campus begins to increase. Somebody is set on finishing what the Bonebreaker began, and killing ghosts from the past might be the one thing that is able to stop the spree.

Told in alternating perspectives, Kat’s tale of horror and mystery is filled with new beginnings and broken bonds.

With this novel, Kat delivers propulsive storytelling, strong characterization, and a blood-chilling serial killer mystery. It is packed with red herrings, suspense, and some creepy taxidermy; this one is sure to hook you in right from the very first page. The novel is sure to hook readers right from the first page, with its genre-perfect stormy night denouement, spine-chilling moments, and how gory it is throughout.

“Purge” is the third stand alone novel and was released in the year 2016. Noah and Mason exist in two different worlds, however their lives with soon collide. Mason has a habit of getting in trouble. He has been kicked out of every single place he has ever lived in. Moving to Alteria, a cult-like community, is certainly a last resort, even if it is better than braving the wastelands outside. Following their strict rules is much more difficult when he meets Eden, whose wicked streak matches his own.

Eden, who is caught with contraband, is forced to go into a programme to purge all of her bad behavior. Mason has seen up close what will happen to people that get purged, and knows that he will lose Eden if he is unable to help her figure a way out.

Out in the wastelands, Noah has zero memory of what happened before he was abandoned in the war zone. All he would like to know is who he is, and if he is able to trust those strangers that rescued him out of the rubble. With nothing but lies surrounding them on every side, Noah and Mason have to put together the truth if they want out. Failure isn’t an option when it means being purged out of existence.

The novel is gritty, smart, and dark with a deeply compelling narrative voice. Readers found this to be an intricate and fast paced read through which invention and technology like some pulsing veins. Kat deals with challenging and adult themes with ease in this one, and does a fantastic job of world-building. Her world-building in this made readers want to know more about how things work and how things are different from ours.

“Harrow Lake” is the fourth stand alone novel and was released in the year 2020. Lola Nox is a celebrated horror filmmaker’s daughter, and believes that nothing can scare her. When her dad gets savagely attacked in their New York apartment, she is swiftly sent off to live with a grandma that she has never met before in Harrow Lake, the spooky town where her dad’s most iconic horror film was shot.

The locals in the town are oddly obsessed with the movie that put their town on the map. There are some odd disappearances, which the cops appear determined to just explain away. There is somebody, or something, that is stalking every move that Lola makes.

The more she finds out about this town, the more horrifying it becomes. Lola’s got secrets of her own. If she is unable to figure a way to get out of Harrow Lake, they could be the death of her.

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