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Kat Falls is a noteworthy American writer of science fiction, urban fantasy, young adult, and adventure novels. She is particularly famous for writing the book Dark Life and its sequel called Rip Tide. Kat was born in 1964 in Silver Spring, Maryland. She completed her graduation from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and then obtained an MFA from Northwestern University in screenwriting. Author Kat began her writing career in 2010 with the novel Dark Life. It was released by Scholastic Corporation and has been sold in as many as 18 international markets. This novel received a number of nominations in the children’s category and won a Juvenile Library Award in 2011.

After the huge success of her debut novel, Kat wrote and published two more novels. She is expected to release the fourth book of her career in the second half of 2019. As of today, Kat resides in Evanston, Illinois. A popular theater director named Robert Falls is her husband with whom she has three children. Kat has a great fondness for pet animals and keeps several of them in her house. In addition to writing novels, Kat teaches screenwriting to the students of Northwestern University. Kat’s stories are categorized as middle-grade novels and are often described as underwater westerns. She has said that she got the idea for writing Dark Life at the time of a writing exercise. When Kat saw that her eleven-year-old son is interested in reading about the X-Men and Wild West pioneers, she decided to develop a story by keeping in mind the various interests of her son. After Kat came up with the initial idea, she stayed up for many nights to do the word-building and plotting.

The outcome was of her dedication was that Dark Life was not only liked by her children, but also appreciated by a large number of readers all over the world. The book was nominated for awards in 10 different states and was also translated into multiple foreign languages. When the book was featured on the Book Club of Al Roker, Kat got the change to appear on Today Show for the first time. Currently, the book is being adapted into a movie by the Gotham Group production company. Following the release of Rip Tide in 2011, Publishers Weekly praised Kat filling the novel with non-stop action, daring exploits, and intriguing sequences. Just like its predecessor, Rip Tide was also praised for having a tense and atmospheric plot with an expertly built post-apocalyptic setting. It appears to be a fun read throughout. With Inhuman, Kat began a new trilogy series of science fiction. So far, she has completed two books and has started work on the third installment. This new series is set in a distant future and shows men turning into feral beasts due to a plague. Author Kat is quite satisfied with the way her writing career has fared. She hopes to continue doing the work and entertain her fans with many more interesting books in the upcoming years.

The Dark Life series written by author Kat Falls is comprised of a total of two books released between 2010 and 2011. It revolves around a futuristic adventure that takes place in deep undersea. It features the characters in the form of the first subsea settlers, who defend their settlement against outlaws. In this apocalyptic world, all the land has been swallowed by rising oceans and people are forced to live in a deep-sea environment. At the center of the plot, the readers get to see Ty Townsend and Gemma. Throughout his life, Ty has lived on the homestead of his family. He dreams to claim his stake once he reaches the age of 18. In order to make his dreams come true, Ty is required to prove his worth. When the events of attacks by outlaws on the settlements and government supply ships increase widely, Ty decides to fight the outlaws and protect his people.

The pioneers of the Benthic Territory’s undersea community carry out farming on the ocean floor and send the harvests to the government. In exchange for the harvests, they get to keep their homesteads. This exchange system was taking place peacefully for many years until the outlaws decided to attack the community’s shipment to the government. Upon facing the danger of losing the only home known to him, Ty Townsend tries everything in his capacity to keep the outlaws away and ensure the safety of his community. While he continues his fight against the outlaws, he learns that a girl has come to the community in search of her brother. Identifying herself as Gemma, the girl claims that Ty is her brother and she has come to provide a helping hand to him. The two join hands and move ahead in their quest. They go on to discover several important secrets related to the Dark Life that were kept buried for many years. The setting of the book is well-developed and feels plausible. To add to the excitement of the story, there is nonstop action and interesting characters. All these factors make this story an exciting read. It entertained the readers from start to end and did not let them down.

The next installment of the series is the 2011 novel entitled ‘Rip Tide’. It continues from where the previous novel had ended and proceeds with the adventures of Gemma and Ty Townsend. The story opens by showing that the parents of Ty get abducted while selling their crops. As a result, Ty & Gemma set out to find them. They race against time to find Ty’s parents and their search leads them to the underworld under the sea. When nothing seemed to be going their way, they reluctantly form an alliance with the Seablite Gang outlaws. During the course of their search mission, Gemma and Ty come across many mysteries that they unravel and proceed further. They suspect something very sinister behind the disappearance of a whole township and the sudden increase in the aggressive nature of the local sea life. While working with the Seablite Gang, they keep wondering whether they are doing the right thing by trusting them. Soon, they realize that they have landed themselves in a much more dangerous situation than they were suspecting. The plus point of this book is its likable characters and interesting setup, which helped it to attract readers from all corners of the world.

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