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Apparently unwilling to disclose her age, and therefore her birthdate, it is difficult to say exactly how old Kat Richardson is; but this cannot be an important factor in her eyes, which must be the motivation for doing so. Regardless of this, Richardson went on from being born at some point, to attending California State University in her home state, obtaining a degree in magazine journalism. Before starting her writing career, Richardson was able to gain experience from varied jobs such as in Role Playing Games, films and computer games; she has worked as a reader of the “Sunday Funnies” for the radio, and pursued a degree in vocal music. Her most long running commitment before writing was acting; a hobby she enjoyed from a young age, spending 13 years as a renaissance faire actor. Coming out of these varied jobs, and having tried her hand at other types of fiction, Richardson gained attention as the author of the 9 book series Greywalker, spanning from 2006, which like other young adult literature, contains elements of fantasy fused into a recognisable reality. Her current residence is near the city of Seattle in an old boat, which allegedly is haunted by the ghosts of ferrets. This may be a personal perception, but it gives insight the mind and mentality of the author behind this supernatural series, and may explain why she is an advocate and member of Legalise Ferrets California, a group dedicated to exactly that – legalising ferrets.

The Greywalker Series

The Greywalker series is a detective story blended with supernaturalism, and follows the series’ heroine Harper Blaine, a private investigator living in Seattle (the city where Kat Richardson currently resides) who is killed during an investigation. Harper dies for a short period of time after being revived by medical intervention. Though, she returns from this experience with a noticeably new ability to recognise witches and vampires, ghouls and ghosts, while at the same time being able to perceive various other features of the supernatural world. As time passes, Harper realises that after returning from her experience of death, she had become a greywalker, a human that is able to walk back and forth from and to the “Grey”, a world that exists between our world of the living and the next world. Throughout the course of the series, Harper adjusts to this new ability and perception, to become involved in some paranormal cases.


The first instalment in the 9 book long series that brought Kat Richardson some recognition, Greywalker introduces the reader to Harper Blaine and her new predicament of being able to see, hear and come under the dangerous focus of supernatural characters, as she tries to adjust.


The sequel to the first book of Richardson’s series, Poltergeist introduces the reader to a Harper Blaine that is altogether more adept at dealing with her new found ability; and more than simply just that, but using it as an aid in her crime solver. The case that requires all Harper Blaine’s attention in this book, comes about when a university research group asks her to check whether their attempt at creating a poltergeist proved successful, or someone simply faked it. After an inexplicable, bizarre and brutal murder, Blaine must use her ability to move from this realm to the next to determine whether the killer is human or not, demonstrating that she is still a more than capable private detective.


Following in the same fashion, Harper Blaine is asked by her friend to investigate some murders that he believes he is implicated in. Upon further investigation, Blaine discovers that the homeless of Seattle have turned into zombies under the servitude of an ancient and legendary monster from the supernatural realm.


Delving again into the world of Harper Blaine, this time Richardson takes us to London, where Blaine takes an investigation forced upon her by some vampires. Though in this case it is personal; her answers to wondering why she became a greywalker, and nobody else who had been through the same experience, are answered here when she uproots her past and unearths some unpleasant mysteries surrounding the death of her father.


Navigating her way through a labyrinthine mystery that only deepens when her would be killer is himself found dead, Blaine must keep vigilant while she simultaneously tries to avoid his ghost and the potential danger he poses, and seek him out for answers surrounding her and her father’s deaths.


After being killed, again, this time only to a loss of powers rather than life, or as in her previous experience the gaining of powers, Richardson places Blaine in the Olympic Peninsula west of Seattle, out in the woods and dark, where she is exposed again to dangerous paranormal beings, again, only this time in a slightly different fashion. She must discover why the locals ominously call the nearby lake ‘blood lake’.


Returning this time with Seattle Police Detective Rey Solis, Harper investigates the mysterious reappearance of the boat the Seawitch, 25 years after it inexplicably vanished with all that were on board. Hired by an insurance company to find out what happened, Harper and Solis explore deeper and deeper into the vessel until they come across a cabin with walls covered in symbols drawn with human blood – no doubt indicative of the fate of the doomed passengers. While Solis focuses on the possible murder of one of the wives of the passengers on board, Harper’s investigation leads her in her very own direction to a powerful being that may or may not have been responsible for the seemingly inexplicable mystery. The only way to get to the bottom of it is if Harper and Solis work together to close the lid on a case that has been unsolvable for 25 years.

Kat Richardson continues her series in much the same way, exposing her heroine to many life threatening and enthralling situations in different settings, all with a different case that only she can solve. Richardson has earned a loyal and appreciative fan base, that return again and again to delve into her books that contain a rare fusion of the supernatural and detective works. Harper Blaine is a rare heroine, appealing to many readers with her unique skills.

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    I enjoy your books but am saddened by the fact that you don’t seem to be writing anymore. I hope that is not true and look forward to many more stories from you P.O.V. I also hope you and yours have a good holiday and are living well. Thanks from a true fan,


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